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    Battlefield 4 @ - $46.37 (REGION FREE!!)

    Will definitely be using these guys again. Even though I cancelled my order because of the greenman gaming deal, they refunded my money almost instantly no questions asked Solid site and company
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    BF4 North American Version- $48 GMG

    Worked here. Thanks
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    So what was the consensus for bf4?

    Yea my 6950 is unlocked to 6970 + overclock
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    So what was the consensus for bf4?

    Currently at q9550@3.9 and a 6950. Get like 20-40 with medium. Is a better CPU the move here or is it a mixture of both, a complete overhaul for me
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    is that farcry steam or uplay?

    is that farcry steam or uplay?
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Because Galaxy makes the BEST cards!
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    MC 2500k $60 off combo price with certain Z68 Gen3 MB

    by Friday 11/13 do you mean Sunday 11/13 or Friday 11/11?? :confused::D
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    MC 2500k $60 off combo price with certain Z68 Gen3 MB

    does anyone know how long this deal goes for?
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    Need new GPU for BF3, Skyrim and other games in the near future

    sapphire dirt 3 just bought from teh egg unlocked with teh a flip of the swtich and clocked to 6970 at 1.175
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    Screen shifting problem with BF3.

    Happens to me on my dirt 3 6950 on bf3. Bring down the o'clock to remedy
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    Sapphire Dirt 3 Edition or Toxic HD 6950?

    Ordered dirt 3 from newegg on Thursday. Chose 3 day guaranteed ups and it arrived Friday. Gotta love the multiple warehouse shipping with the egg. Immediately flipped the switch and it was unlocked. I'm at 880/1375@1.175 stable. Go dirt 3.
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    Sapphire 6950 Toxic Edition in stock @ Newegg

    just wanted to confirm that my 6950 dirt 3 edition ordered off of newegg unlocked by just flipping the bios switch to the 2nd slot.. 1536 unified!
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    Bf3: q9550@3.9 ati 5850

    thanks for the input my 5850 is at 875/1130 oclocked to the max for it right now.. its a workhorse and has served me well the past 2 years.. I think im gonna hold off for the 7 series cards.
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    Bf3: q9550@3.9 ati 5850

    Gaming at 1080p Settings all high, Both AA off, AO off Game was running great on metro but jumping into caspian was showing the true age of my card. With Fps around 50s with dips in the 30s and spikes to 60s. Is it worth upgrading to a 6970 or 570?
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    Red Orchestra 2 , $24 at Getgames (Requires/Activates on Steam)

    well i hope this is legit, i went out on a limb and bought it but just got an email saying they will email me when its released.. we shall see..
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    New i7 930 Build, No POST, could use some opinions

    sounds like power supply or video card..
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    "Diamonds" awesome timely support...

    Id take powercolor off that list, they are good IMHO
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    Powercolor PCS++ v Sapphire Vapor-X

    have the pcs+ 5850 version, cant believe how quiet and cool it runs.. either way i think you are good
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    PowerColor PCS+ HD5870 & HD5850 Video Card Review

    just got the 5850, thing overclocks like a beast.. and is cool as a cuke at full load.. and very quiet.. i love this card
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    Galaxy's Name That Fan Contest

    "Perfect Storm"
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    New 5850 - strange bfbc2 issue

    I just installed my new PowerColor 5850 pcs+ with the 10.4s I uninstalled my nvidia drivers, rebooted into safemode used driver sweeper.. uninstalled the 8800gtx, etc...that all went fine.. mw2 runs fine, 3dmark2006 is fine but in bfbc2 the game runs smooth as butter all max, hbao on...
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    Windows 7 and ATI Catalyst drivers, can't force Vsync?

    lol, the vsync option in bfbc2 doesnt work in windows 7... we will have to say it again.. we need to force it in the nvidia cp to work in bfbc2 for windows 7
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    Windows 7 and ATI Catalyst drivers, can't force Vsync?

    I have no reason to spread false information here.. I have to force vsync in the Nvidia control panel for bfbc2... bottom line.. why would i lie lol and fyi, i plan on getting a 5850 this week and this thread sparked my interest because my monitor NEEDS vsync...
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    Windows 7 and ATI Catalyst drivers, can't force Vsync?

    Yep nvidia cp works great for forcing vsync in bf
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    Video Card for BC2

    That is all online. I haven't even fired up sp yet
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    Video Card for BC2

    as already posted in this thread but its all about cpu.. i went from a e6600@3.6 to a q9550@3.9 I have a 8800gtx I went from 35-60 fps with mostly low or medium settings to 50-75 fps with all max besides shadows, 2x AA.. with the same old 8800gtx.. now once I get my 5850 im sure ill...
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    WOOT! new i7 930 rig RUNNING!

    please let us know how bc2 fairs with your new rig. I just upgraded from a e6600 to a q9550 with a 8800gtx and play bc2.. the difference is pretty damn good from the old cpu. the 8800gtx is still a bottleneck tho as i still cant run any AA or shadows
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    Asus p5b-e e6600 wont post oclock

    Well i had my e6600@3.6 and it has been running fine for the past month. Last night bfbc2 hung while i was shutting down so i had to ctrl alt del to kill it, that worked fine.. i then tried rebooting. The pc came down fine but on reboot it would not post. Lights come on and fans spin but...
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    Microcenter question

    thanks for the input guys, it looks like its definitley at least worth a trip to check it out
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    Microcenter question

    thanks for the info, they have a strange site, I can never search for cpu's
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    Microcenter question

    I am planning on buying some new components (mobo/cpu/memory) and was wondering how MIcrocenters in-store selection and prices compare to major sites like Newegg,etc? Im looking to possibly get an i7 and didnt want to make a 1 hr trip to the store without knowing what im getting into.. thanks...
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    Video Card advice appreciated

    right i think i have a ocz 6 or 700 watt extreme gamer 1680x1050 e6600 @3.2 with 2 gigs of ram
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    Video Card advice appreciated

    Hi, Ive been out of the PC video card business for about 3 years.. my last purchase and current card is a evga 8800gtx. Now that Im playing BF BC2 id like to upgrade. What would be the absolute best card i can get for 200 or less (ati 5770??) im so lost these days with all the models...
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    COD4 Smoke lags my GTX

    same issue here 8800 GTX 625/1000 1680x1050 everything maxed 4xAA If i disable the "soften smoke eges" then i dont get slow down, but if i enable that setting my system gets whored anytime there is smoke
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    so rivatuner 2.04 causes my pc to hang

    during CoD4. When I play the game, after about 20 minutes my screen will freeze and I need to reboot. Ive pinpointed it to rivatuner. If i turn off rivatuner it never happens. Even if i have rivatuner running but no overclock it happens? Anyone else experience this? 8800 GTX e6600
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    ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT how does it performs in the real world?

    the 2900 might be fine.. but try bumping up the AA and then you start to see its true colors... some pretty drab ones mind you
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    GRAW 2 MP demo - hows it run for you

    well since this is a MP demo only... your teammates are as smart as harry homeowner on the otherside of the interweb
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    GRAW 2 MP demo - hows it run for you

    just wondering what kinda frames people are getting with their rigs for this new demo.. if you havent played it yet, go get it, its a great game and much improved over graw1
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    ATI 2900

    LOL, if that score is fine for you, then you wasted alot of money
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    Odd DX10 Performance with 8800 GTX

    LOL, way to write off a hardware based off of benchmarks on the VERY first DX10 demo available...