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    HOT! Ryzen 7 2700 8 Core Processor $135 @ Newegg

    Says Blitz deal subscribers only. I don't know if that's paid or free to subscribe, but this is a hot deal. Normally sells for $180, but it's discounted to $150. If you use code EMCDEGD22 at checkout, you save an additional $15. Link...
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    100GB DDR2 Desktop RAM (70 Modules)

    Big lot of DDR2 up for auction if anyone's interested.
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    Is there an app to measure battery capacity?

    I just picked up a new Moto g7. My last phone was a ZTE Blade Z Max, and I had it for 2 years until the battery lost charge. I'm looking to measure how quickly the battery capacity on my new phone diminishes. Is there an app I can use for that?
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    HOT! Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire ($9.93/83% off)

    This deal is available at Walmart in-store only using Brickseek. Brickseek is a site that checks local retailers for clearance items. Use SKU 640065776. The box contains a key to redeem on steam. has the...
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    Should I swap my laptop GPU for a FirePro MXM card?

    I am considering whether to buy a Dell Precision M4600 laptop from another forum member and swap the factory GPU with a FirePro M4000. However I'm concerned about thermals. My experience with AMD cards is that they are somewhat finicky with cooling. Also, I'm less than knowledgeable about...
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    [Newegg] Borderlands 1 GOTY + Borderlands 2 GOTY $11.61 w/ code PCDDSAVE15 (limited) The base games with no DLC sell for $4.99/ea on Steam at the lowest price so getting both GOTY editions for...
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    Got stiffed on a bad PSU. Need to repair it

    So I bought a PSU on Craigslist from a seller as part of a bundle deal, everything else worked but the PSU was bad. It's a Corsair TX750. I plugged it in and once or twice it makes a crackling noise, but won't turn on. Seller won't return phone calls, I think he's going to dodge me and pocket...
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    [Dead] Zalman T5 black ATX tower $13.98 (34.99-25 + 3.99 ship)

    Won't last long. Edit: Sale price is finished
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    I want to benchmark PCSX2, what's the best way?

    I know how to read CPU benchmarks but I don't know how to set them up. I want to benchmark CPU performance in PCSX2 (PS2 emulator). What do I need to do to test multiple CPUs on various platforms? Googling "PCSX2 benchmark" brings up with this thread, which uses a cutscene from FFX-2. Any...
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    I don't get this motherboard. Someone explain please.

    ASRock has an interesting motherboard for sale. OK, there's actually two: Link - It's categorized by Newegg and Amazon as Micro ATX, but it's actually Mini-DTX - It's an H110 motherboard but has an 8-pin EPS 12V power connector I have two questions. What was ASRock's intent when creating this...
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    M3-ATX PicoPSU: enough power?

    EDIT: Ignore this.
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    Corsair Hydro H5 SF (low-profile liquid AIO cooler)

    Did a quick forum search and didn't find anything. Hope this isn't a repost:
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    Sid Meier's Pirates! 1.99 on Steam (80% off)

    I remember playing this game way back when it first came out, I added it to my Steam wishlist. Got the notification it was on sale, for $1.99 I had to pick it up. Thought other people might appreciate this! :)
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    Best card for 900p?

    I have a small apartment and a 21" 1600x900 monitor. I currently have a GTX 650 and it's decent for old games, but I want a smooth experience on new games like The Witcher 3. Pretty sure I need an upgrade, any recommendations on what card is best for me?
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    Why do other online classifieds resize Imgur thumbs but Hard Forum doesn't?

    I can never get my Imgur thumbs to resize here, even though it works using the exact same BBCode on other forums. Why doesn't it work here?
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    BIOS "tweaks" to get memory working?

    I have one of these motherboards: The problem is it doesn't boot when I have a stick of RAM installed in DIMM_A1 slot. I know the RAM works, it's Kingston value RAM pulled from a working system. I'm wondering if it just isn't...
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    Using PSU fan for cooling in SFF: is less efficient better?

    I am looking to build a SFF system using the new Sugo SG13. I'll be using a non-K, air-cooled i5-2500 and a 140mm ATX PSU. The maximum height allowed for the cooler is 61mm. I plan on using the stock cooler, so I'd like to have hot air around the CPU exhausted out for better case temps. My...
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    Looking for an ITX case

    I need a case for a picoPSU and low profile GPU, nothing else. A slim media bay which sits directly above the mono would be nice but not mandatory. I've checked Newegg and found nothing. I wish Silverstone had such a case but they are all SFX except one. PicoPSU cases didn't have a low profile...
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    Q67 mini-ITX motherboard

    Embedded Q67 mini-ITX motherboard, no reserve. Link
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    mITX mobo, PicoPSU, and flexible PCIe riser - do I need a powered riser?

    Basically, I want to know if I need a powered pcie riser or not. I want the riser to lay a 75w. Gpu on it's side parallel to the motherboard, like the Silverstone Raven. The problem is that a 75W Gpu doesn't have a pcie connector. I'm not sure about this and wondering if it can be done.
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    Steam: Tomb Raider 75% off

    If you're looking to pick up this game, this is a nice bargain. I got the entire Tomb Raider collection for $17 (includes the most recent Tomb Raider).
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    Tapatalk 4 for Android $0.99 8/15-8/22

    The new Tapatalk is available for just $0.99 this week. Looks like it's compatible and made only for ICS and above. Oh well, still a great deal.
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    So some unimaginative tech bloggers are already hatin' on the Moto X

    Per here: Let me translate this article as bluntly as possible: If you are a computer illiterate, technical idiot, don't buy a Moto X phone, because you'll find it's innovative design confusing...
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    Thinnest cases that support a 2 slot low profile GPU?

    I haven't had my current SFF system for 2 weeks and I've already got the hardware itch again. I think I have problems. :p Anyways, I think my current system might be slightly overpowered for my needs. I'm looking to downgrade to a low profile GPU like the GTX 650 or perhaps 7750. My question...
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    Resize plug-in would be really nice

    I went back and searched the forums for threads on this. I understand that there are not many requests for this, but I thought I'd chime in and say it would be a great feature to have. I'm prepping to post a build thread, and I've run into the situation where I have some higher-res photos that...
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    $23 for two extra USB 3.0 ports?

    I'm looking at a couple of 1150 motherboards, and comparing the two, the only difference is two extra USB 3.0 ports. Is that the reason why it costs $23 more? I'm wondering if you guys think it's worth it...
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    FYI: Asus GTX 760 Mini in "production status"

    Aw HELL YEAH! Can we expect a $299 price tag? A two hundred seventy five dollar price tag? FWIW, Asus officially owns in my book, I'm loving them right now. Now all they have to do is release a backplate and I'm done, they are god. It was officially announced yesterday, so does anyone...
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    Asus GTX 760 Mini in the works

    Nearly creamed myself when I found this. Asus Gtx760-dcmoc-2gd5, aka the Mini, currently in production status, 6.7" PCB length, vapor chamber cooling etc. $250 price tag? $250 PRICE TAG? *Edit* Ok, so it's most...
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    Best way to do sound and network with ITX?

    How do you guys do sound and network on your ITX rig? If it's over USB, what hardware do you prefer?
  30. J

    Brainstorm: Is this PSU idea possible?

    Would it be possible to take a 300W ITX PSU and use it as a dedicated GPU supply? I'm pondering this question for an ultra SFF project. I know a 150W graphics card is rated for 75W power draw off the 6 pin 12V. The PSU in question has 2 12V rails, each rated at 14 amps. Theoretically, the...
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    Doing a wire shave mod on PSU for uSFF project

    I've been mulling the idea of a wire tuck for a while, but this is the first time I'm actually doing it. My goal is a super clean look that will be about the same as a modular, for much less money. Since this is my first PSU wire shave and since I currently don't have a desktop and am trying...
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    How exactly do you attach fasteners to thin sheet metal?

    For wood I just use wood screws. Thicker metal I would tap out the bolt hole. But I'm just wondering how you're supposed to attach screws to very thin metal? Am I just stupid? It's such a simple thing, yet I'm confused.
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    Is there a *common* AIO liquid cooler for GPUs

    Like the title says, I'm wondering if there is a common AIO liquid cooling for GPUs, like the Corsair H60 for CPUs. Common being the key word, since I don't want to spend over $100 on a rare or exotic product. Also don't need to spend the dollars for a custom loop job. I'm just sick of big...
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    Need something to tide me over until I get 7750

    What card was like the 7750, but two generations ago? I need something commonly available that I can pick up used for under $50, to be used primarily for SC2 (and Skyrim, maybe). All I know about video cards right now is the 9800GT (my old card) and the 7750. Can you fill in the gap? Thanks.
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    Does a 4c CPU use twice the power of a 2c?

    Under load? How does the power draw of a CPU with four cores compare to a CPU with two cores?