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  1. jlbenedict

    Access Points - best practices?

    The Asus router appears to be on its way to being a POS, so i put together some spare parts for a OpenWRT router. Access point - patch it off the switch? Or should it be patched off one of the ports from the router? Build specs are light- Asrock qc5000m ( amd a4-5000 ) 2gb ecc unbuffered...
  2. jlbenedict

    Free - Hitman [Epic Store 08/27/2020 - 09/03/2020]

    Standard edition free on Epic
  3. jlbenedict

    Thinking of making the move to Ryzen

    Currently still gaming an FX-8350 , AM3+ based rig and really considering the option of picking up the R5 2600 + B450 combo. I know the benchmarks speak for themselves as the move would be worth it. One other primary concern is how is the power consumption compared to the 125W based FX-8350...
  4. jlbenedict

    AMD 970 Mosfet Cooling

    Wasn't sure what section of the forum to inquire about this, so I'll give it a shot here.. Still hanging on to my AM3+ platform and noticed I have that light silicone residue from the stock mosfet thermal pad behind the CPU socket. From my understanding, this is fairly common due to...
  5. jlbenedict

    Extended my system's life - RX 570

    Did something I couldn't imagine myself doing; purchased a used GPU off eBay. Grabbed an MSI RX 570 4gb Gaming X for $129 Been gaming on a budget build that I put together in 2016. (yes, I was aware AM3+ was a dying platorm back then) FX-6300 + MSI Gaming 970 Previously had a MSI GTX 950...
  6. jlbenedict

    Anyone use oVirt ??

    Been looking to possibly take the plunge to try oVirt out. Looks amazing for what it is and it's capabilities. Will CentOS minimal ISO be sufficient enough for the base OS, or is the full DVD ISO required?
  7. jlbenedict

    Building first computer in 10 years!

    Wow... Finally in position to be able to put together a complete, budget system capable of gaming after a 10 year absence from the component world. Last dedicated computer for any sort of gaming was a Cedar Mill based 651 system, with a 6800 GS for my GPU. (this was in 2006... the Cedar Mill...
  8. jlbenedict

    Web Development Forums

    Hopefully this is adequate enough of to get a positive response here.. What / where are some of the more popular web development (html, css, javascript) discussion forums out there on the internet? I took intro to web development this past semester and really enjoyed it. Would love to...
  9. jlbenedict

    W2K12 R2 Storage Spaces - Tiered Storage

    Hopefully this isn't too dumb of a question :) If I setup a storage pool consisting of 4 platter drives, and in the future want to add a couple of SSDS to implement tiered storage , does the entire pool have to be rebuilt?
  10. jlbenedict

    $1000 Lab Budget

    Looking to have about $1000 (+/- $50) to budget for some equipment to setup a lab. Primary purposes would be to lab for MCSA/MCSE exams, "production" file/media server, and would like minimum of two hosts, to set up a VMware HA cluster. My current hardware/lab isn't quite up to even modest...
  11. jlbenedict

    Warm - Lenovo ix2 (4TB , 2x2) NAS $159.69

    Kind of warm for a 4TB (2x2tb) two-bay basic NAS. I believe from the Lenovo documentation, it has Seagate ST2000DM001's .. Basically getting the NAS for free, based on pricing of those drives (or typical)..
  12. jlbenedict

    ESXi 5.5 USB Pass-Through

    Can usb devices be passed through to a VM, without the need for direct I/O?
  13. jlbenedict

    vbscript - creating multiple desktop shortcuts

    So, I've figured out how to create a desktop shortcut, with a little vbscript.. yippee Next goal is I need to create multiple desktop shortcuts, with shortcut properties being different.. such as different descriptions, target paths, working directories, etc.. on a network resource...
  14. jlbenedict

    LGA 771 Cooling / Heatsink Attaching

    I'm piecing together a dual LGA 771 system on the cheap, and the motherboard I have includes two CEK springs attached to the back of the motherboard. Are these the devices that are needed to attach the LGA 771 heatsinks to the motherboard? or will I also need the back plates.. such as...
  15. jlbenedict

    Corsair Carbide 300R - Will This Fit?

    I love the looks and features of this case. This case has the potentially to be great for cooling a hot workstation off... The specs look great as it has some interior size, for a mid-tower type case. I'm curious if a CEB form factor motherboard would fit. CEB is 10.5" wide, versus 9.5"...
  16. jlbenedict

    Boot Loaders

    Any recommended 3rd party boot loaders; preferably with a nice GUI. Reason being; needs to have the WAF :D
  17. jlbenedict

    Intel DC32171YE - Black Next Unit of Computing

    Now this is cool and would make one heck of a HTPC
  18. jlbenedict

    Lowest Resource OS For Virtualization Lab

    Going to try to prep to study for one of the exams in the MCITP track (70-640).. Currently trying to analyze a solution for a virtualization solution to run on my system, to aid in preparations for my studies.... Now, I am familiar with virtualization as far as ESX and VMware vSphere and...
  19. jlbenedict

    Using A Slim External optical drive in a laptop?

    Is it possible to disassemble a slim style external bluray drive and possibly use the drive in a laptop? Yeah.. I know the easier solution would be to purchase a compatible drive in the first place, but you know how that goes :) I have a Samsung SE-506AB external slim burner... hopefully...
  20. jlbenedict

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro - Improvising

    I have one of the original AC Freezer 7 Pro's that I just retired from my Intel rig. Just made the move to an AMD PII 555BE system and the stock retail heatsink looks like it could be a poor performer. From the looks of photos and from the specifications/dimensions.. the Freezer 7 and...
  21. jlbenedict

    Stop-Gap Mini Upgrade

    Wow... over 4 years since my last build :) Still sporting an original Intel 975 Bad Axe , running a Cedar Mill 651 (3.4 Ghz, single core, HT cpu) Got this back in early 2006 and its performed well, up until this year. Main reason now is I've started venturing into converting my DVD...
  22. jlbenedict

    FREE - Baseball Mogul 2007
  23. jlbenedict

    $1400 Intel Based Build - What To Do?

    I have $1400 to build an Intel based rig. I'll be carrying over my Plextor PX-740A, case/power supply and speakers to this build. Light gamer; stability top priority, with performance second.. Cedar Mill or 9x0 series?? Video card needs to drive a Dell 2005FPW as I'll be purchasing one of...
  24. jlbenedict

    X800GTO - Best Replacement GPU Cooler

    Got a Connect3D GTO successfully unlocked to 16 pipes, running like an X800 XT (500,500) I would like to keep the temps down somewhat.. even though the stock cooler does well with moderate overclocking.. I've had previously bad experiences with an Artic Silver cooler on a previous Sapphire...
  25. jlbenedict

    Upgrade Build Almost Complete - What Video Card??

    Just did a little upgrading... I do some gaming.. but I'm not a hardcore gamer.. I did just purchase an SLI board, just in case.. Abit AN8-SLI X2 3800+ 1 GB PQI PC3200 (2.5, 3, 3, 7) Fortron 400W Blue Storm PSU (12V1= 14A, 12V2=15A) Currently running an X700PRO, 256MB.. Would like...