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    Will AMD ever get their act together once again?

    Will AMD ever get their act together once again, when it comes to their CPU's? For a short period of time, AMD CPU's were ahead of Intel, when it came to affordable overall performance, w/multi-core CPU's, supporting 64 bit software, and memory performance w/an on chip memory controller...
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    Recommended PS Wattage for Dual 9800 GX2's

    Hi, I'm installing a pair of GF 9800 GX2's into a new system I'm building. I plan to use them for Folding@Home. I have an Antec TPQ-850 (850 watt) power supply. Will that be able to handle both those two (2) GX2's, four (4) WD Raptor 74 gb HD's, and an Intel Q9650 cpu? What about three...
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    Best Quad Core Supported DDR2 motherboard?

    Hi, I've got 8 gb of DDR2 memory sitting around, w/an Intel Q9450 quad core (1333 MHz FSB) cpu. What motherboard and chipset would people recommend for it? I haven't made up my mind to go Crossfire or SLI? Thx.
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    Compaq CQ50-130US

    I just picked up a Compaq CQ50-130US laptop this weekend for $449.99, w/$130.00 off at the register, and a $30 mail-in rebate, from Staples. Circuit City had the same exact laptop for $429.99, but w/$150.00 and $30.00 mail-in rebates only. I don't like rebates, so I try to avoid them when I can...
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    AMD Fusion for Gaming Utility I haven't tried it myself, because I don't have an AMD system running at the moment, but it sounds cool. It would be neat if someone could run some game benchmarks to see if it works. .
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    Another example of not throwing that Ageia PhysX Card out just yet.

    According to this article, the very latest ATI and Nvidia cards still benefit from the Ageia PhysX card. :D .
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    Comparison of Running PhysX w/a CPU, the PPU, and the GPU

    Here's a comparison of running PhysX w/a CPU, the PPU, and the GPU. From the benchmarks in the article, it doesn't look like those PhysX cards that some of us purchased are obsolete. In fact the cards help in the...
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    Nvidia (Ageia) PhysX Card XP and Vista (x32, x64) WHQL Driver

    I just found this .
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    Intel Turbo Memory Controller: This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    Hi, I just installed an Intel Turbo Memory Card, together w/Intels very latest driver, on my Gateway P-6831 FX laptop w/the Vista Home Premium OS. It appears not to be working. Under the Device Manager, under the Storage Controllers, The Intel Turbo Memory Controller, has a Yellow...
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    It's official: Gateway P-6831 FX on sale for $1199.99 at BB.

    It's official, starting Sunday February 17th. :D...
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    Gateway P-6831FX Review

    Browsing the Best Buy website the other day, the 17" Gateway P-6831FX, or FX for short, caught my eye, w/its Nvidia 8800M GTS video, and for $1349.99. I had been just checking out everyone's 17" laptops for under $2000, just to see what's out there. Most had the Nvidia Go 8600M, and just one...
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    Problems w/Internet Explorer

    I don't know if this is the right place for this.I've been having problems w/my Internet Explorer, in that mouse clicked on commands won't work, as well as my typing here gives me problems, where spaces won't show up, as you can see. I tried loading up version 7 from 6, to see if that would...
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    My Q6600, physically it say's it is a G0 Stepping, some ultilities say it is a B3?

    Hi, I just purchased a Q6600. On both the physical cpu, as well as on the box, it says it is an sSpec SLACR, which when looked up on Intel's website, says that it is a G0 Stepping. Using the CPU-Z Utility, version...
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    For people who keep asking whether they have a B3 or G0 Q6600

    Instead of asking people all the time, please look it up here using the sSpec number: Your sSpec number is either an SL9UM or an SLACR, at the moment, and that is noted both on the physical cpu, as well as on the box...
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    Using a Compact Flash as a Hard Drive.

    Hi, For anyone interested, I'm testing a new piece of hardware that people who run laptops may be interested in, when it comes to extending the battery charge. I came across this CF (Compact Flash) to hard drive adapter on the net that I bought. The adapter is available in both an IDE and...
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    Installing an Opteron dual core in place of a regular A64 dual core.

    My system presently can support up to a dual core 3800+ x2 (2.0 GHz) (AM2 socket). Is there any reason why I can't install a dual core Opteron 1212 HE x2 (2.0 GHz) (AM2 Socket) instead? Does the BIOS need to support it? Thx .
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    A64's w/HT of 2000 MHz vs. the Opteron w/an HT of 1000 GHz

    Hi, I noticed that the A64's have an HT of 2000 MHz, while the Opterons have an HT of 1000 MHz. Why the smaller HT on the Opteron's? Would that make the standard A64's faster than the Opteron's? Thx
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    BIOS upgrade for Brisbane core, dual core A64's?

    Do the Brisbane core A64 dual cores require a BIOS upgrade on the motherboards in order to run? Thx
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    Upgrading a Single Core 3800+ to a Dual Core ??00+

    Hi, I've got an Acer Aspire Desktop PC (ASL-100UA380A) (small profile style). It gets quit hot under load, running Folding@Home. It's got a small power supply, that is not upgradeable. It's presently got a single core, 90nm, 3800+ (2.4 GHz) (Orleans Core), F2 Stepping, Socket AM2 processor...
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    Designing the Ultimate F@H Machine?

    Hi, With tax returns on the horizon, I'm thinking about building a new F@H system. What would be the ultimate hardware be for doing F@H? For the cpu(s)- Intel Quad Core, multi-dual core (Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron)? Motherboard/chipset? Memory- 2048 or 4096? 4x WD Raptor HD's (RAID...
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    CPU ID's on multiple computers

    Hi, Question, as I add more computers online, running F@H, should each machine's CPU ID be different. In other words, for my first machine, the ID for the two processors were, 1 and 2, accordingly, in the Client Software? With my second machine, should the two CPU's on it have ID's of 3 and...
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    Setting up a Dual Processor Workstation w/an X1950XTX to run F@H?

    Hi, I just upgraded my Dell Precision 470 Dual Xeon Processor Workstation video card w/an ATI X1950XTX. I loaded the 6.11 driver. I purchased the X1950XTX in order to run Folding@Home. How do I set up, not only the single X1950XT to run Folding@Home, but the 4 processors, 2 Physical...
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    ATI X1950XTX stock clock settings?

    Hi, I just got an ATI X1950XTX and loaded up driver 6.11. I plan to run Folding@Home w/it on my Dell 470 multiprocessor Workstation. Boy this is one big video card. Anyway, as soon as I got everything up and running, I went to change the video settings and found that the card's Core Clock...
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    Running a single x1950xtx Crossfire card only?

    Can I run just a single x1950xtx Crossfire card, or does it need to be the non-Crossfire card? I don't plan on running a Crossfire setup. The x1950xtx Crossfire card is cheaper than the non-Crossfire. Thx .
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    Intel Quad Core for Laptops???

    Intel is releasing a Quad Core cpu next month for desktops. Has anyone heard yet if a Quad Core will be available for laptops? Thx
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    Entropia Universe will be supporting the AGEIA PhysX engine.

    The online game Entropia Universe will be supporting AGEIA PhysX engine. I just received this note in my email. Quote: "New Physics Engine MindArk have implemented the 'Physx' physics engine from Ageia into the Entropia Universe. Not without teething problems, the AGEIA PhysX engine...
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    For us non-Folding DCer's, does the GPU support work?

    For us non-Folding DCer's, does GPU support really indeed work as advertised on the Folding@Home? If it does work, I'd like to see it utilized on other DC projects. I wish other DC projects put as much effort in utilizing our computer hardware as Folding@Home does. Thx
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    The Increasing Interest in Laptops, your thoughts?

    Looking, and reading the posts here on the Mobil Computing section of [H]Forum, and seeing the increasing interest in them here, as well as other places, I suspect that the desktop will be replaced evenually by laptops. Of course the reason mainly is due to the dropping prices, due to the...
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    Just upgraded my Celeron M to a Pentium M on my Toshiba A105-S209, but have questions

    Hi, I just upgraded my Toshiba A105-S2091, w/it's 1.7 GHz Celeron M 390, ATI Xtreme 200m Chipset, to a 1.7 GHz Pentium M 735. I'll wait w/the o/cing until later. I've got 2 gb of memory, w/2x 1 gb sticks. Using the Sandra 2007 benchmark: My 390 cpu memory: 2039 int 2044 flt...
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    Toshiba A105-S2091 Info (BB $399.99 Sale)

    For those who may be interested. Toshiba A105-S2091 Specs: - 1.70 GHz Intel Celeron M, 400 MHz FSB - 15.4" WXGA Widescreen TFT-LCD w/TruBrite Technology (1280x800) - 256 mb PC4200 DDR2 memory, expandable to 2 gb - 40 gb, 5400 RPM SATA HD - 8x DVD-ROM/CD-RW - ATI 200M Radeon Xpress...
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    Toshiba Laptop on sale for $399.99 @ BestBuy

    Toshiba Satellite Notebook with Intel® Celeron® M Processor 390 for $399.99, w/no rebate. :D 2 day special, in store or online. .
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    Toshiba Laptop on sale for $399 @ BestBuy

    Toshiba Satellite Notebook with Intel® Celeron® M Processor 390 for $399.99, w/no rebate. :D 2 day special, in store or online.
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    Instead of Vista why not push the 64 bit version of XP?

    You know we've aleady got the next generation OS over XP available now. That's the 64 bit version of XP, or simple x64 for short. Granted, only people w/64 bit processors can use it, but figure, Vista is going to require a system upgrade anyway, at least w/the graphics. Granted Vista is going...
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    Asus vs. BFG?

    I noticed that the Asus card has 256 mb of onboard memory vs. 128 on the BFG. Is there any advantage to the extra memory?
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    Vista: Why all the bells and whistles? How about efficiency and speed?

    Instead of putting in all kinds of bells and whistles into Vista, why can't M$ concentrate on a true, very efficient, w/little to no bugs at all in it, operating system. Remember the BEOS operating system? No more memory wasting dead end code and other junk. No more pre-loading drivers...
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    20% Off Dell Refurbished Lat., Opi., Dim., Insp., and XPS Systems

    20% off any refurbished Latitude™, OpiPlex™, Dimension™, Inspiron™ or XPS™ computer system! Coupon Code: 3Q?RRNPJ02VXM5 Expires 03/22/06 Also, for those interested, 25% off any refurbished PowerEdge™ server or PowerVault™ storage. Coupon Code: NDVP9S$6VJ37CK Expires 03/22/06
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    20% off Dell Outlet Special

    20% off Dell Outlet Special Hi, Just got this, for anyone interested. 20% off coupon on a Dell "Refurbished" Dimension desktop or Inspiron notebook. Expires 03/19/06 Coupon Code: 409LK$H$VQKC2J
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    New Dual Core Turion article.

    For those who might be interested, here's an article on the new dual core Turion (1.6 GHz) in a laptop. Unfortuniately, it's in German, but has pictures and comparison charts.
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    For Those Interested: Overclocking a Pentium M Laptop Info