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  1. DAOWAce

    iRST 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon removal?

    Just updated to the latest version of iRST (v14) released yesterday. Now after rebooting, the "safely remove hardware" icon is down in my notification area when it wasn't before. In it is an option to eject my internal RAID array; which is just asinine. Trying to look up ways to get rid of...
  2. DAOWAce

    Having a hard time finding a X99 and NAS case

    Edit: I have chosen to go with the Primo. Came to the realization that 140mm fans fit with water cooling setups natively (post #9). No side fan will be a bummer for my jam packed GPUs, but there's nothing I can do about it until I finally have enough funds to switch to a full custom loop...
  3. DAOWAce

    Where can I get ASUS support?

    Because their support system isn't, and has never in any way, been useful. The only support I've ever received from ASUS has been through Raja over the [H] forums. Every time I try to contact them through their support system I get copy/pasted answers and/or broken English, having my questions...
  4. DAOWAce

    Artifacts in dark scenes?

    Owner of a PB298Q. Former owner of a FG2421. In scenes that transition into blackness there's this horrible, blotchy/blocky artifacting at the edges of the transition, almost like the display mode changes to 8bit or something. Edit2: Better words from a friend: "it looks like an oil slick"...
  5. DAOWAce

    Bizarre frame skipping issue

    12/3/10 Edit: I have upgraded a GTX 460. I still experience frame skipping meaning it was not the video card. 12/15/10 Edit: I have added a second GTX 460 and went back to FFXIV. I am not experiencing frame skipping anymore. Wtf? You'd think that going multi-GPU would worsen problems like...
  6. DAOWAce

    Video card PCB component question

    Edit: I've added an album here: I want to know if I could repair this card, which is explained later in the thread. --- Pardon my stupidity, but what are these? Taking a guess and assuming power regulators. And...