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  1. Insula Gilliganis

    Fry's Electronics permanently closing Feb 24, 2021

    I remembered this article from Maximum PC and while looking for it ran across Gordon Mah Ung's post (the guy on the left/first pic) about Fry's closing which let me know it was from the October 2007 issue.
  2. Insula Gilliganis

    Gamers Red Hot with Fury over Intel Core i7-7700 Temperature Spikes

    Thanks Zarathustra[H] for the message as your comments spurred me on to do some more "investigating".. and interesting about the "forum failure" which I never heard of. Not to doubt your memories in any way as info on the Web certainly isn't always accurate, I decided to delve in a bit deeper...
  3. Insula Gilliganis

    Gamers Red Hot with Fury over Intel Core i7-7700 Temperature Spikes

    This "Principal Engineer (I Do not Represent my Employer on Twitter)" at Intel doesn't seem to have a problem of overclocking the 7700K.. especially when it is done with LN2.. He is the Intel "principal engineer" who had a problem with Kyle's 7700K overclocking attempts back in January and...
  4. Insula Gilliganis

    Stephen Hawking Wants Us to Leave Earth within the Next 100 Years

    Stevie.. here is the deal.. you go on ahead, taking all the climate change, overpopulation, asteroid strikes, and robots who want to kill us with you.. and whenever you got things all set up perfectly for me to follow, I'll fill out a USPS change-of-address form and book passage on the next...
  5. Insula Gilliganis

    Apple Pledges $1 Billion on Manufacturing Jobs in the US

    MISSED opportunity by Apple.. it should have been "jobs created.. or saved"!!
  6. Insula Gilliganis

    Place your bets on Vega

    My guess is it will be cheaper and slightly faster but more power hungry than a 1070
  7. Insula Gilliganis

    Apple Pledges $1 Billion on Manufacturing Jobs in the US

    Hey mon, I would post more but I have to go to 1 of my 8 jobs I have with Apple!! Problem is.. which one am I suppose to go to?? I figured you would do something evil like fixing your post Megalith:mad: ;)
  8. Insula Gilliganis

    Ryzen 1600X Vs i7-7700K for CAD/CAE (FEA in Solidworks & CFD)

    Here are some links that hopefully will help with your search.. Solidworks 2016 Multi Core Performance Does SolidWorks Use Multiple Cores? Maximizing SolidWorks Performance Configuring SOLIDWORKS Workstations with the Best ROI HP Workstations and ANSYS ANSYS Mechanical & Fluent Benchmark Analysis
  9. Insula Gilliganis

    [Album] Finished my NCASE M1 build yesterday..

    I believe Kyle wanted something a bit more color coordinated.. perhaps like this..
  10. Insula Gilliganis

    Netflix Gives Controversial "13 Reasons Why" Series More Viewer Warnings

    THANKS Netflix for the "betrayal five".. you just canceled SCRUBS today!!
  11. Insula Gilliganis

    Largest-ever 3D Map of the Cosmos

    Random [H] sighting!! Proof of intelligent life in the Universe!!
  12. Insula Gilliganis

    Dictionary Definition of "Sheeple"

    So this makes Kyle..
  13. Insula Gilliganis

    New update options for Windows 10, version 1703

    Riddle me this Batman.. What belongs to you, but is used by others? Your data.. and your ass!!
  14. Insula Gilliganis

    Amazon Puts a Camera and Microphone into Your Bedroom with “Echo Look”

    Very interesting that two stories (this and the Uber engineer) pop up the day before THIS movie hits the theaters.. a movie about a HUGE Internet company, the Circle, which develops a range of sophisticated technologies, including SeeChange: light, portable cameras that can provide real-time...
  15. Insula Gilliganis

    Uber Engineer Who Made $170K per Year Commits Suicide Due to Job Stress

    Perhaps I have my "NoAgenda" thinking cap on too tight but when I read this story and especially this line.. I immediately thought that somehow this is a tie-in to a movie coming out TOMORROW.. which is a story about a tech worker joining a powerful Internet company which starts out as an...
  16. Insula Gilliganis

    Disney Will Never Alter or Restore Original Star Wars Trilogy

    I agree with Gordon Mah Ung that Lucas died during "Revenge of the Jedi" and the fake Lucas is responsible for the Ewoks.. "suddenly you get the Ewoks.. what the hell is that?", for Episodes 1-3, as well as changing the original Star Wars. That is why Shatner has no respect for the Lucas...
  17. Insula Gilliganis

    Lyrebird Can Recreate Any Voice Using Just One Minute of Sample Audio

    Wow.. President Obama has commented on this!!
  18. Insula Gilliganis

    Video Games Are Better without Stories

    Can't the same also be said about PORN??
  19. Insula Gilliganis

    Marissa Mayer Will Make $186 Million on Yahoo’s Sale to Verizon

    The stunning collapse of Yahoo’s valuation What is Marissa Mayer's Net Worth? What is Marissa Mayer's Laugh Worth?? PRICELESS!!
  20. Insula Gilliganis

    First Footage of Larry Page’s "Flying Car"

    Definition of car 1: a vehicle moving on wheels Where are the wheels?? No wheels.. not a car!!
  21. Insula Gilliganis

    Google Will Build an Ad-Blocker into Chrome

    This is for the masses who will see that Chrome already has a built in ad-blocker so will think that installing an ad-blocking extension will be unnecessary, Somehow, Google ads will still magically make their way into Chrome as well as perhaps through other methods as well.. like...
  22. Insula Gilliganis

    Clean install Windows 10 and then using Windows 7/8.1 serial

    You don’t have to activate Windows 10 with a product key to actually keep using it During Christmas, I downloaded the Windows 10 ISO (files dated July 2016) and did fresh installs on my college son's gaming rig and another gaming PC at my house. Neither was activated and from what I remember...
  23. Insula Gilliganis

    Microsoft Blocks Windows Update from Being Used in Windows 7/8.1 on New CPUs

    User-Made Patch lets Owners of Next-Gen CPUs Install Updates on Windows 7 & 8.1
  24. Insula Gilliganis

    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    HEY.. that "other one" was KICKASS.. Kyle kicking MY ASS!! Congrats to sadsteve.. am sure he hasn't been quite so sad since getting Kyle's PM!!
  25. Insula Gilliganis

    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    THANKSSSSSSSS Kyle so much for the "AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit" you sent me!! Thought I would post an unboxing video for all to see what you and AMD sent my way!! Thanks again for "giving it to me" in more ways than I thought possible!!
  26. Insula Gilliganis

    Tesla Semi All-Electric Truck to Be Unveiled in September

    #chimpmascots&bigbreastedladytruckerslivesmatter I see a bleak future ahead for chimp mascots and big breasted lady truckers!! 10-4 good buddy!!
  27. Insula Gilliganis

    11 States Now Considering Bills to Protect Your Right to Repair

    Nice try keeping the [H]Witness news team honest.. you almost get a "Todd high five" for your efforts.. but.. giving you a "betrayal five" instead as Zarathustra[H] is correct. I have given the {H] news hounds grief in the past for reposting the same story within a short span of time...
  28. Insula Gilliganis

    Anybody regret their 7700k purchase?

    Kyle's cursing almost saved this thread for me.. but alas time for me to..
  29. Insula Gilliganis

    As Streaming Booms, Songs Are Getting Faster

    Spotify and other streaming sites must have also been influencing the top songs of 1964 since their average length before singing was 7.5 seconds.. 1 I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles (7 sec) 2 She Loves You - The Beatles (1 sec) 3 Hello, Dolly! - Louis Armstrong (12 sec) 4 Oh, Pretty...
  30. Insula Gilliganis

    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 & 1400 CPU Review @ [H]

    Kickass Kyle.. you have been on a tear yourself lately with all the videos and articles.. sacrificing your thumbnail and probably some sleep for us [H] peons!! THANKS for this article and all your [H] work and effort for keeping fake tech news away from our eyeballs and giving us all the fact...
  31. Insula Gilliganis

    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    HEY good buddy Kickass Kyle!! Not to influence you any but my birthday is on the 13th!! And if you want to find an extra $2.47 in your Paypal account, you know who to pick!! Look, I even saved you some work by making the shipping label for you. Just print it out and slap it on that bad boy...
  32. Insula Gilliganis

    $5,660 Mac Pro Crushed in Photoshop Test by $1,530 PC with AMD Ryzen

    Sugar free Sugar.. must be an empty bag!! Wow.. what a shocker, my mind is blown.. a 2017 Ryzen CPU with the IPC of a Haswell beats an Ivy-Bridge-EP CPU released in Sept, 2013. Say it ain't so!! I know most of you here think that the Mac Pro should now be (or always should have been)...
  33. Insula Gilliganis

    NVIDIA TITAN Xp Introduced as “World's Most Powerful Graphics Card”

    You should bet against me when it comes to my Nvdia predictions.. my last 2 have sucked!! On March 10, I predicted the next Titan would appear not until September 26.. and on January 10, I thought the card after the 1080 would be this.. I need to stop predicting things on the 10th!!