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    FireFox Really Slow

    Recently has anyone been experiencing extreme slowness when using Firefox? It's been so bad and, with the number of tabs I keep open (20-30), it's been consuming ~3GB of memory regularly. I keep FireFox on auto-update, so assume this is with the latest versions over the last couple months. I...
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    Ting - Pay for What You Use Service

    I saved a good amount of money by switching to Ting, so I thought I would spread the word to all of you. If you use a large amount of data / minutes / texts, then you may not save money, but checking is worthwhile. I am on wifi nearly all day (at home and at work) so it works for me. Data gets...
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    SandForce Wins $25 Million in Funding

    Heres some great news out of Silicon Valley. SandForce is going to receive $25 million in venture capital funding. I cant wait for better/cheaper SSDs.
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    Logitech G9 $42.11 AR

    Had been looking at buying one all week, then went back to Amazon and the price had dropped. Will be a good upgrade from my MX510! $42.11 after $20 rebate....! Rebate ends 6/30...
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    Clean Install with Demo Version of Vista?

    Is it possible to do a clean install on a new machine of Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, or do you have to have XP installed to be able to do that? I am expecting my free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate from the Windows Feedback Program in 3-5 weeks, but want to start a build this weekend. Was...
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    9800GTX Specs Confirmed - Leaked Slides

    I did not see any posts about this article I found over on X-bit labs, so I thought I would share it with you guys. States that they have leaked slides from an nVidia presentation about the 9800GTX. The SLi scaling with the 9800GTX looks solid...