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    Sandisk Ultra II 960GB $183 @ zon

    I was like "zon" huh, must be a new web site with tech deals
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    alienware I3 + 860 htpc gaming or steam os box. $330 AR

    I've enjoyed mine. Plays games well. I'm getting 50 fps in FC3 on a mix of Ultra and High settings.
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    VPN Unlimited 100 years for $39

    I think profit comes after step one. lol
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    Far Cry 4 - 40% Off On Steam

    Have you tried FC2? I loved that one. Played after FC3 actually and still loved it.
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    I gamed on it for a few hours Saturday night and didn't hear any noise. But admittedly I was playing L4D2, not the most taxing on modern systems, especially with v-sync enabled.
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    received mine, spent some time trying to figure out how to swap in an SSD, abandoned my attemps at using the AlienRespawn and Windows Recovery and ended up simply cloning the HDD with third party software. Booted up like a charm. Overall gaming experience is definitely satisfactory, even at...
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    Hahah yeah Duc is alienware's greatest salesman at this point
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    Alienware Alpha Compact Desktop i3/GTX860 = $399

    How's the gaming performance? Did you keep the stock HDD?
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    50" Panasonic LED 1080P TV $400 free shipping today only

    If only my 50" Panasonic from 2008 would die already.
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    ASUS GTX TITAN - Refurbished [WARM] $499

    More like Assus
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Complete Bundle - $9.99 (-75%)

    stalker series is so so good.
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    Page File & Gaming Performance w/ SSD

    Resolution for anyone whose search turns up this thread, my CPU heatsink was loose, heat was causing my processor to throttle down. Finally noticed it by monitoring temps. Go figure.
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    Lenovo Helix Convertible Ultrabook - msrp $1549 - on sale $699 !!

    these must have not been very popular to sink so far in price. Still, a pretty interesting form factor at a good price point.
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    TakeOn Helicopters 2$ (Steam)

    I actually had my eye on this for a long time, but when i found out it uses the Arma engine I was like omg wtf bbq. I had enough of that nonsense in DayZ thank you very much :-) I have no doubt the first person mode for GTA V will be a reasonable facsimile.
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    AntLion ModMic 4.0 - $34.99 + $5 shipping

    I ran this setup for quite some time, although depending on your sound input settings the zalmann can be very mediocre as a mic. It needs software noise cancellation maxed to be at all useful.
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    AMD Gold Game Bundle collection is so outdated!

    As you can see from personal experiences related by people in this thread, that's not always the case.
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    [Rumor] Steam Summer Sale starts on 19th and lasts 8 days?

    It's not just you: One third of installed steam games remain unplayed Just imagine the statistics for purchased but not-installed games.
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    State of Decay. Coming to PC.

    Played SoD yesterday for a couple hours. Definitely entertaining, definitely a direct console port. Overall 6/10. Worth the steam sale price, but co-op is the only thing that could have convinced me to pay full price.
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    Planetary Annihilation new RTS like total annihilation and supreme commander

    resurrected PA thread! Finally got around to downloading the beta from my kickstarter donation in 2012 (OMG almost two years have passed?!?!) and it was way fun! Definitely a more polished game.
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    Planetary Annihilation

    what's funny is they are still in early access. Guess that's just the style these days, develop a game as you go and take money along the way. I'm not arguing, the game is very playable and fun in its current state.
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    AMD Gold Game Bundle collection is so outdated!

    yeah I can echo the above, AMD generally refreshes it a couple times a year, just hold onto your keys, I doubt they expire. The same program's been going for several years now.
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    Which game to fill my void

    Saints Row. 3/4. More fun than any GTA game, and I've played all except 5.
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    Page File & Gaming Performance w/ SSD

    I'm wondering if it has anything to do with me running legacy BIOS rather than UEFI. Could the SSD running on legacy BIOS cause some issues?
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    Page File & Gaming Performance w/ SSD

    To be clear, it was system managed when the issue was occurring. After I manually set it as described above, the issue was resolved. Kinda confused as to why though. That's why I'm wondering if I have too little RAM.
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    Page File & Gaming Performance w/ SSD

    It was system managed prior to my changing it, when the problem was occurring. As to the pagefile size relation to gaming performance, it was definitely the last thing I would have guessed, so I'm also confused at the cause. I'll try monitoring SSD useage and see if anything looks weird.
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    Page File & Gaming Performance w/ SSD

    I recently started to see slowdowns in several games I play, where FPS would drop to the teens or even single digits. Lowering graphical settings alleviated the problem only somewhat. The games I noticed this in were Bioshock Infinite, Metro LL, and Sleeping Dogs. I also had this problem in DayZ...
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    Bringing Back Boxed Games - IndieBox

    I bought dozens of boxed games years ago and have none of them these days. But you know what I do still have? My steam account and the old games I purchased years back, like half-life, counter strike 1.6, etc. I can't imagine myself becoming a fan of boxed games again.
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    New Stalker Info

    maybe the situation is ripe for a kickstarter campaign with the devs as the project leads.
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    New Stalker Info

    I would do some pretty crazy stuff to be able to get a new STALKER game. loved that series.
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    Nvidia Shield: Portal and Half Life 3 Released in Google Play

    The NVDIA Shield is powered by the Tegra 3.....Half Life 3 confirmed!
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    Electronic Arts announcing that they are shutting down the servers for...

    Do any of these games have LAN multiplayer? I doubt most do....
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    Stalker Lost Alpha

    I LOVE S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
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    Surface RT 32GB - $169 + Free Shipping (eBay)

    Here's the linky, Goes without saying this does not run full windows, so perhaps we could preemptively stop bitching and complaining about that.
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    [HOT] NEW MSI R9 290 4GB - $439.99 @tigerdirect (email promotion)

    the larger diameter fans make more sense than the tri-fan from a purely technical standpoint. Move more air. Haven't had any issues with temps on my trixx though. <shrug>
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    Need a new PC game to play

    Just Cause 2 was probably the most fun I had for like $5. I probably put 60 hours into that game.