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    Viewsonic VX2025wm 20" widescreen LCD $383 shipped @ J&R after $100 rebate

    VX2025wm Sales tax in NYS
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    Battlefield 2 (PC): $27.49 @ BestBuy after coupon

    Regular Price $47.49 $20 in-store coupon Expires Apr 8 Thanks to enzyme @ FatWallet EDIT: Just picked up a copy. Coupon wouldn't scan but it is in the system if the cashier types it. Regular in-store price (at least at my BB) was actually $49.99 not the Web price of $47.49.
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    TFT Technology Breakdown and Model/Panel Index

    LCD Panel Technology Type and Characteristics TN film (Twisted Nematic) - low manufacturing/retail costs - restrictive viewing angles - fast pixel response times - dead pixels display white. Stuck pixels display RGB colors - lower contrast levels means blacks are not as dark as VA...
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    Inexpensive but good LCD stand replacement

    This really applies in the "HotDeals" forum but it may be more useful here. You can get the same stand that teh Gate-way 21" monitor has for $35.99 shipped. Gateway images Good stand and very adjustable.
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    ATI wants you to overclock. Really, it's OK

    This is officially the first time ATI has openly sanctioned overclocking any current generation board. However... ATI claims thermal damage is strictly not covered by RMA and that blown internal fuses in the GPU will notify RMA teams if the GPU has been stressed too hard. Expect more...
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    Westinghouse UPDATED 37" 1080p LVM-37w3

    Large Image (dial-up beware) Link to Westinghouse website Press Release MSRP $1899 Changes: HDMI and 2 DVI (all HDCP), 8ms vs 12ms response, longer lamp life, styling Westinghouse’s LVM 37w3 is a stunning 37" 1080p monitor that enhances the decor of any entertainment...
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    Holographic drives in 2006?

    Maybe. "First Holographic Drives and Media to Ship in 2006" Daily Tech
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    HDCP not being adopted by Studios ... yet

    Engadget First was Sony Studios and now Universal. "Add Universal to the list of studios that won't downsample content for owners of non-HDMI HD sets." Studios are NOT embracing HDCP or resolution downsampling over analog connections for HD content for now. If you're considering a...
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    Check out this soon to be released Hiper 730W Quad Ready PSU

    This is different. Hiper 730W PDF
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    Dual 12V rails causing Crossfire (and SLI?) problems

    I thought dual-rails were preferable for stability. :( Seems there is more confirmation that a single powerful 12V rail helps in some Crossfire and possibly GTX 512 SLI problems. Powerstream anyone? Inquirer
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    ATI releasing HDCP / HDMI video card

    We're not sure if this should be seen as ATI mending their dodgy ways, or as them cashing in on the suddenly discovered lack of HDCP-compliant cards, but it looks like ATI has a HDMI-HDCP card on the way. engadget
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    More HDCP back-pedalling from ATI

    "In an interesting turn of events, today ATI has begun to silently remove references to HDCP-ready on its consumer products." "The image to the right is a screenshot that shows a Google cache of ATI's X1900 specifications page compared to what the specifications page is today. Google's cache...
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    Dell's 1907FP and 1707FP released in Europe

    8ms and DVI / VGA but no mention of HDCP. Meh 1907FP and 1707FP
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    Thermaltake ToughPower 550: Where and when?

    Does anyone have any information on this PSU? Here's a post from the Thermaltake rep way back in Sept: There are a lot of reviews but I'm not sure they are trustworthy or thorough enough. Thermatake's last reviewed PSU, TWV500, seemed to do very well in contrast to their earlier attempts...
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    Confused about dual channel

    Isn't all memory dual channel? I mean isn't it really a function of the memory controller and not the RAM? I see memory sold as 'dual channel'. Does this just mean that it's a two DIMM kit that has been tested to ensure that it works in dual channel? Has anyone had any problems running in...
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    Pix of MSI's upcoming AM2 socket MB

    SLI marchitecture, six S-ATA drives, has for DDR 2 dim slots, two PCIe 16X slots, two PCIe 4X slots, two PCI and MSI's special CNR like slot. MSI AM2 ImageShack: 1, 2, 3, 4
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    Sharp's new Aquos HD LCDs : 1080p HDMI/HDCP 6ms 1200:1

    Sharp Displays 1920x1080 goodness available March 1. US? Good luck reading the translated article Japanese 2 English
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    3700 Sandy OR 3800 X2 Man?

    Which would be a better deal for a gaming rig with a modest OC: $190 for a 3700 San Diego with 1MB cache @ 2.2 OR $241 for a 3800 X2 Manchester with 2 X 512 cache @ 2.0 Is there a big problem with games on the X2 or is it easily solved? I know there is an AMD patch but is that all...
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    Ultra X-finity ver. 2 OR Sunbean Nuuo?

    I'm looking for an inexpensive SLI PSU with either modular or sleeved cables. Good reviews on the Sunbean but not many on the new X-finity. X-finity has those ribbon-like cables which are not sleeved but are tidy looking. Also, if Ultra, then which one? 500 or 600. They are substantially...
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    Trusted Reviews and the Hiper Type-R 580

    This PSU seems to get a lot of good reviews. But Trusted reviews had a problem with it: The +12V connector is removable and this is where things are starting to look slightly odd. On a normal PSU the +12V connector is wired up with two 12V and two ground wires. On the Type R, the connector...
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    ATX12V 2.0 ---- ATX12V 2.2 specifications?

    I've noticed that most PSUs are ATX12V 2.0 but a few new PSUs like the liberty and the NeoHE are ATX12V 2.2. I've tried to find the differences (summarized below) but I still don't know :confused: 2.0 February, 2003 • Added Terminology section • Updated power and...
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    Fortron FX600-GLN 600w

    I can't find any decent reviews on this PSU. By the specs it seems very good. It's also on Nvidia SLI approved list. FX600-GLN Cables are fully sleeved and it seems to have 4 12V rails at 15A each. One 120 fan. >85% efficiency. Anyone familiar with this? How do these specs at the link...
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    PSU for AMD AM2 Socket???

    I'm buying a new PSU for my 939 board but I wanted to ask if anyone knew if the upcoming AM2 motherboards will be using the 24 pin ATX 2.2 connector. I would assume all other connections (PCI-e) will be the same. I'm thinking about getting the OCZ Powerstream 520 but I don't want to spend...
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    Frankenspeakers: Question about combining sets

    I am the not-so-proud owner of a set of Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 with an apparent blown amp. They lasted 2 years and a week. :( So now I have several options: 1. Repair for $80 plus shipping 2. Buy the Logitech z-5500 and set the whole system up 3. Buy the Logitech z-5500 but use...