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    Ikea Galant Measurements Plz

    Hey, Could a galant owner chime in with the measurements labeled below? each line is to represent the nearest tables corner with number. Thanks! also image was posted by w1retap, I just flipped it and added the markings. hope you dont mind bud :)
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    Circuit Board Help

    This is a long shot... Ive got a Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector, as well as a smart cord to go with it. The smart cord has 2 Leds, and a Push button switch. One LED is power indicator, the other is an alert indicator. The push button switch muts the detector. The smart cord connects to the...
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    Could this be my PSU?

    On cold boots, I get the vocal error "System Failed CPU Test". It takes a few cycles to get the PC to start. It doesnt do it on warm reboots or boots, only after it has sat. Its definitly realated to the 9600XT somehow. It doesnt do it ever with a generic $10 card.Ive had this problem for a...
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    Something seriously wrong....

    I just did a fresh XP install on my C: drive. Everything works good. However on my D: drive, I have some music. Some songs, I click and they open up in winamp with the proper tag info and everything, however the song playing is something completly different. If I copy the song to C: drive and...
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    SATA Power connectors

    Im looking at upgrading to SATA II, getting 2 drives, upgrade to for later one. I was wondering if any retailer sells power connectors that go from drive to drive (like right angle connectors, then an inch or so of cable then another connector, another inch, another connector, like I had for...
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    Remote Backup Software?

    What I want to do is have a network backup, or more correctly mirror, on another computer of a drive on my desktop. Basically just dump information their on occaison and automatically. Anyone know of a program to do this?TIA, John
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    Adding more hard drives

    I have been reading, and havent found what I really am looking for. I have a P4P800-E Deluxe with a raid controller. I purchased 4 160GB ATA/100 hard drives a while back, but could only use two (one primary ide channel, as secondary is running optical drives). I do have the option to run the IDE...
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    FC4 - Load Desktop?

    I ran the install and picked server, So I boot to prompt. Im learning Linux (ive had a dedicated server, so im used to the ssh, but not GUI) and id like to test the graphical version. How do I load the graphical desktop from this server installation? GNOME, GTK, etc are all installed. Is there...
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    Looking for an App

    Someone on a forum linked me too it on a driver issue I have another need for it.It was a prog that lets you view all request to the harddisk and their status wheter it was file not found or what not. I have searched for everything I though it could be anyone know what the programs are called...
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    I cant play games!

    My card is a fairly new 9600XT. Playing battlefield 2, on medium settings has things disappearing and textures appearing on and off as well as this weirdness: Any ideas?
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    How Can I Do This?

    We have a basic workgroup type network right now buts its kinda messed like I can get files off my brothers c$ share but he cant mine and no one can get of my dads comp. But anyway, my dad is gonna be moving overseas possibly, but he would like to connect to the network liek his computer is in...
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    Quiet Cooler

    Hey all, Im looking for a quiet cooler. Im on a budget, and I dont plan on running a massive overcloock anytime soon. The Intel unit is way to loud, its by far the loudest thing in my case. Anyone have any suggestions? Remember cost IS a factor, im a broke ass college student. Socket 478.TIA
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    I found the link to add badge to your post, but whenever I use it it puts the badge on the current line, do you all just put a return and then submit so the badge goes onto the new line, or did I mess up somewhere? Ill show you what I mean in this post. Submitting:
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    PSU Fan Control

    My PSU (ThermalTake Silent Purepower) has a two wire plug to control speed. It came with a rear controller, I want to add it to my nexus controller, the problem though, the nexus controls the speed by adjsuting the power, on the PSU fan, its not getting its power off that 2 wire, its jsut...
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    3.0E Benchmark (Underperforming?)

    Can you all with 3.0Es post your benchmark, whatever it being, superpi, sandra etc? I think my proc. is underperforming. Motherboard Asus P4S800 512MB Ram 3.0GHz - 48second 1M SuperPi Motherboard Asus P4P800E-Deluxe 1GB Dual Channel Ram 3.0GHz - 46second 1M SuperPi As you can see Ive...
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    Whats the best way to go about rewiring a power supply and fans etc? Id assume it would be cut and splice with new connectors? Im just used to car audio, in which when you cut a wire, you solder it and either wrap it or heat shrink it. I have just a ton of fans with molex connectors and...
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    Folding for 33 Started a few days ago. Have my 3.0 running 2 threads, my 2.4 dell running, both 24/7, and a slow ass celeron 2.0 running on and off. All I need is a socket 478 processor to have another box. Anyone have any good deals to add a folder lol, later
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    New case ideas

    Hey I hope you all can give me some case ideas. Currently I have a cheap Aspire X-Dreamer II. I like how it looks, compared to the other budget cases, but I want to move up. I hav been thinkin I like the Tsunami case, but I know on the forums thermal take has a sevre hatred lol. I originally...
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    Tech Support Gurus.....

    Nothings gone right in my first build. Now that the computter is assembled and starts, Its not on the level I feel it should be. I have a Dell Dimesions 2400 (cheapo) with 512MB Crucial Pc2700 ram with a 2.4P4. My new computer is a Asus P4S800 with a 3.0P4 and 512MB Crucial PC3700 Ram. The dell...
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    First Comp....No go

    I finally got all the parts, and after reading the manual and setting up quadruple checking, go figue nothing happens. Its a P4S800 (Asus) Pentium 4 system.My flat panel is a Dell and has a light that tells it when it gets a signal. When I push the power button, the case comes on, processor fan...
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    Asus Motherboard

    Asus P4S800 Processor: Motherboard: The processor is a 3.0(E Prescott Core) HT qwith 1MB L2. The motherboard manual says it supports HT, as well as...
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    Wheres the HT? I got this processor and it says supporting hyper-threading technology, yet the box has the dualstripe that usually says HT, but the designation isnt there, as well as the included logo is just a pentium 4 logo (not the...
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    Case Selection

    Hey, I am a noob, allready obvious. I am building my first computer and have everything but a case. Its a 3.2HT Pentium 4, Asus mobo, WD 120GB, Radeon 9100 128 (cheap I know), Lite-on DVD, Liteon CD-RW. At first I wanted to get a cheap case. But now I know I want something good. I cant deceide...