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    What is the minimum reasonable packing protection for shipping a HDD?

    I'm curious what people have found to be the minimum padding required to have a HDD shipped to them and not develop immediate problems. I ask because I'm currently on my 2nd WD 4TB drive from Amazon, with the first developing issues within days and neither being packed what I would consider...
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    External volume control

    Anyone know a way to control speaker volume through an external device? I'd like it to work regardless of what OS I'm using and even if the processor is maxed out, so I think only a hardware-based solution is an option? Will probably be getting a Klipsch 2.1 setup soon where the volume knobs...
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    Recommendations for 2.1 setup with low noise

    Currently using an old Logitech 2.1 setup with onboard audio, and the subwoofer has some low-level static-like noise that is getting worse over time. The noise is always present even if it is not connected to the smaller speakers or PC. I'm looking for a nice 2.1 setup that has really low...
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    HDD backup software?

    I'm building a new system and need some advice on backup methods/software. I am planning to use an SSD for the Win7 OS drive (and at least basic programs), and would like to have the ability to copy the contents to another drive and have this backup drive be bootable if possible. This is so that...
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    Monitor backlight technology problems

    For those interested, I'd like to describe what I believe is a significant issue with backlights for current monitors, and what I've learned while investigating it: Nearly all monitors rely on pulse-width-modulation(PWM) to accomplish backlight dimming. This means the backlight is cycling on...
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    Backlight color problem? zr30w and others

    Has anyone ever seen color after-images on a LCD with cfl backlight? It looks like what you would see from a DLP projector, only not quite as obvious. A simple test it to view an entirely black screen with a small (5-10 pixel wide) vertical white line near the center. I can see what appear to...