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    Recommend Me a Coolant

    I have been water-cooling for over 10 years. In that time, the only coolant I've ever used is distilled water with the appropriate amount of PTN Nuke biocide. This is the Benzalkonium chloride version, not the copper sulfate stuff. It's supposed to be safe for nickel. I prefer using non-plated...
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    RTX 3080 FTW3 EK Vector Waterblock Install & Results

    Installed a EK Vector Waterblock on my 3080 FTW3 a few days ago. There's lots of discussion on the EVGA forum about people bricking their 3080/3090's while installing the EK Waterblock, so I decided to document my install and share the results. The EVGA card is a pain to disassemble. The...
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    EVGA Queue Finally Came Through

    Just got my email for the EVGA Queue 3080 ftw ultra. I had a midday 9/19 queue spot. Keep an eye out for that email if have a spot near then.
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    Scored a MSI 3080 Ventus, some regrets...

    Scored a MSI 3080 Ventus today, I should be thrilled but after reading up on it I'm worried. 320w hard power limit. PL slider is maxed out at 100%, no headroom to increase it. Anyone with more knowledge on Ampere know how badly this will effect performance? I enjoy overclocking, getting the...
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    Best 27-32" Gsync Monitor?

    There's a lot more options these days for a GSync gaming monitor then there was a few years ago when I looked last. What's your opinion on the best monitor in this category? I do play competitive fps games along with rts and rpg games, so good response times are a must. Would probably prefer...
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    Xeon E5 1660v3 Overclocking

    Thought I'd post this for anyone interested, replaced my 6 core 5930k with an eight core xeon 1660v3. Processor is unlocked and overclocks well, can do 4.6ghz @ 1.36v & 4.5ghz @ 1.28v. 32gb @ 3200mhz case 14. Basically a 5960x, these xeons are coming down to the $150 range on eBay. 1650v3(6...
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    RTX 2070 Super Overclock Results

    Interested in seeing everyone else's results on these cards. On water I got mine stable at 2040mhz, or so I thought. 2040mhz was stable at pretty much everything I threw at it, 3dmark, battlefield 5, Witcher 3, ect. But then tried out Control that came with the card, and had to bump down the...
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    Post Your pfSense Setup/pfSense Sugestions

    I've been running pfSense for years now, the last few I've been running it on a Dell T20 that I had collecting dust. It's been super reliable, went almost a year without any down time. I would like to repurpose the Dell as a blueiris server, so I'm looking for ideas on what to replace it with...
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    Pfsense Home Router VM in ESXi

    Over the last year I've been slowly condensing all my individual PC's into my ESXi box. Pretty much the last one I have left to do is my pfsense router. Setup seems straight forward, plenty of guides to follow but I do have one question. Originally I was planning to passthrough one NIC directly...
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    Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

    Finally a good Battlestar Galactica game! I've really been enjoying it so far, a few bugs to still work out but it's a solid strategy game set in one of my favorite universes. Only complaint I have is the price, I feel like it would of been a must buy at say $24.99 but it's a little steep at $40...
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    Open Mesh Access Points OM5P-AN & OM2P-HS V2

    Don't know if there's any interest in these here, I've got 11 OM5P-AN & 6 OM2P-HS V2 Open Mesh access points for sale on ebay. Quite the bargain on these business class ap's. OM5P-AN: OM2P-HS...
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    Space Engineers

    Anyone here play Space Engineers? Picked it up over the weekend for $5, game is seriously addicting. Its got a steep learning curve but once you figure the out the basics it becomes really fun. I'd like to get a few people to join me on a survival server to see what we can build!
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    If the G-SYNC Monitor of Your Choice Goes on Sale...

    If the gsync monitor of your choice goes on sale over the holidays, which one would it be and at what price? (please include why and lets keep the price reasonable) I've been gaming on a Korean 27" IPS that can do 86hz before frame skipping. It has worked great for several years but I've been...
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    IP Camera DVR Software

    I just bought two Dlink DCS-932l IP cameras at a garage sale today for a solid price. Both work as expected, but I'm having trouble finding good software to control recording. The included Dlink software is a mess, program randomly crashes. I'm looking for something simple that can allow me to...
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    EVGA DG-8 Gaming Case Series

    EVGA DG-8 Gaming Case Series: "Introducing the EVGA DG-8 line of full-tower cases. These cases are built for the enthusiast with an optimized airflow path that gives you dedicated cooling fans for your graphics cards, a K-Boost button that automatically boosts fanspeed and CPU/GPU, a built in...
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    Why now is the time to play Planetside 2

    This guy does a descent job explaining why now is a great time to play Planetside 2. Probably one of the best "Free to Play" games out there in the sense that even brand new players can be every competitive. It's free, there is nothing like it, come try it out!
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    HGST/Hitachi 7K4000 2TB

    I thought I would post this for anyone looking for affordable enterprise class drives and for peoples opinion on these drives. I recently purchased 2 2TB 7K4000 drives from Amazon: I was skeptical...
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    What Do You Use To Watch TV On Your PC?

    I recently got rid of my cable tv and sense then have been looking into getting a TV tuner card for a HTPC to watch live TV through an outdoor antenna. I've been looking into how I would set it up, which tuner card, antenna, software, OS, etc to go with. I thought I would ask here what you...
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    Fractal Design Fan Controller Bricked HDD's

    As the title says using the built in fan controller that came with a R5 I recently purchased resulted in both an SSD and HDD being fried. Here's what I sent to their CS that explains what happened: Further testing using old components and a different power supply shows that the problem is with...
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    X99 Motherboard Availability

    Like a few others here I have my new shinny 5930k here from retail edge. I have been researching and shopping for a X99 motherboard for my new processor, ready to buy but all the boards I'm interested in are either sold out or priced much higher then they were just 2 weeks ago. Newegg has 14 X99...
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    Warm- G.SKILL TridentZ 16GB 2x8GB DDR4 3000 $89

    Just thought I would post this for anyone upgrading to X99/Z107 over the holidays. GSKILL TridentZ DDR4 3000 cas15 $89 after $10 promo code. Code: NAF48HRSL42 ends 12/17. Seems to be one of Gskills most premium DDR4...
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    Suggestions for X99 Board

    I'm considering purchasing a 5930k tomorrow from retail edge. I'm unfamiliar with the x99 lineup and was hoping to get some suggestions on possible board choices. From the limited research I've done it seems a lot of people end up having issues with their x99 boards, issues I'd like to avoid if...
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    X58 Combo

    Selling off my x58 system, X5660, Asus Gene II, Noctua D14, and 4GB RAM. Take a look, thanks!
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    4690k Bus Speed Stuck

    I noticed today my PC was running a little sluggish. Opened up CPUZ and noticed the bus speed was at 95MHz instead of the normal 99.98 or whatever it normally is. Had BLCK set to auto in the bios so I manually set it to 100mhz, still stuck at 95mhz. Disabled all c-states, same thing. Tried...
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    New Case Help

    I'm currently looking to upgrade my case, specifically one that can fit my thick ut60 280mm rad. So far I've been looking at the Enthoo Pro and Rosewill Rise. The Rise has caught my interest because of how much room the top of the case has, should fit the thick rad and fans no problem, and still...
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    Looking for a Reference R9 290(X) Cooler

    Has anyone seen a Reference cooler for a r9 290 for sale anywhere? I want to test out a naked card before buying a waterblock for it. Thanks!
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    Asus Rampage Gene II Xeon Compatibility

    I just picked up a gene II from a yard sale of all places. Guy got it off eBay awhile back but never got around to using. Sold it as is for $40, great deal either way. Will these boards run a Xeon 6 core? Does it need a bios update? Sold my 1366 setup years ago, no way to tell whAt bios version...