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    [H] New Year's Resolutions

    oh and 3840x2160 w/ a variety of AA simultaneously
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    [H] New Year's Resolutions

    finish my damn side game project and get the old diesel purring again
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    Twitter Diversity Pick Stirs Controversy

    what if im trans-race? can i qualify for affirmative action?
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    Twitter Hires Apple Exec To Be Its New Diversity Chief

    diversity sounds awesome. they should forcibly make every NBA team have 2 mentally handicapped southeast asian players. diversity. and why cant tards play non-tards in movies? discrimination. and why dont we have an "ugly" and "pretty" woman quota? we all know society treats the two...
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    Intel Launches 8 New Desktop And Mobile CPUs

    would be cool if they made one or two cores absolute beasts, then the rest just whatever. would help with games and many applications.
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    Rare Revealed: The Making of Perfect Dark

    goldeneye was crack in silicon form. people played the absolute hell out of it. perfect dark (n64) was fun, had a good atmosphere (esp. the first level), and built a pretty cool world (i liked all the high tech/espionage/cloak and tagger stuff... not so much the alien parts), but it was just...
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    The Best Video Game Women Of 2015
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    How Blizzard Turned A Costly Failure Into Overwatch

    its like blizzard is forever chasing that initial high it got during the first couple years of WoW. someone needs to send it to rehab.
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    Toshiba Cutting 7,800 Jobs

    Toshiba never made the best anything regarding TVs/monitors, ever. Ever. they had stiff competition from sony, mitsubishi, panasonic, etc. best CRT tube: sony trinitron best plasma: last gen panasonic, with 2nd place being last gen pioneer kuro best OLED: well, only LG makes em...
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    Any more Fury X2 news?

    people with a serious itch to upgrade i guess. with current games, a ~$200 card does 1080p very well and a ~$600 card does not do 4k very well. you can do 1080p cheaply and easily these days. so for 4k, you use 2x ~$600 GPUs in SLI/CFX or on a single PCB? no thanks. you dont get 2x the...
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    GeForce Game Ready Driver 361.43 WHQL

    yeah, im running a fairly heavy OC for a gtx770, and fallout4 is the only game to give me trouble. i'd get driver restarts too. lowered everything a smidge and it's been fine since. gonna try upping the mV one notch though with the old, higher settings.
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    Winamp Has New Owner, May Relaunch Again

    never went back to winamp after foobar.
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    Gamers Are Redefining What a Saturday Night Out Is About

    i dont tend to like people who call themselves "gamers", so id probably get in a fight after insulting portal or hl2 or anything else. or id be the one starting the fight if i had to hear "youre a gentleman and a scholar" more than once in one night. aint goin' to no pinky-out neckbeard...
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    Ken Levine's Take On System Shock 3

    ss2 was and still is supreme. bioshock was a dumbed down ss2, but the atmosphere is superb and the fps mechanics were pretty decent for the time. bioshock 2 was just a half assed cash grab. infinite didnt have anywhere near the atmosphere of bioshock 1, and the fps mechanics felt stale...
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    Nintendo Touchscreen Controller Patent

    loved the nes, loves the snes, loved to death the n64, loved the gamecube... never bought a wii, never bought a wii u. miyamoto is getting ancient... who's gonna replace him? id love to see a new IP that i actually care about. but maybe the current ones are so legendary there's an almost...
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    System Shock 3 announced.

    DO IT (and make it PC only please...)
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    Sega Cuts Full-Year Profit Estimate By 90 Percent

    id buy a dreamcast 2 no doubt if it had continuations of their dreamcast 1 game library. blue stinger 2, power stone 3, shenmue 3, more dynamite cop games, etc. make it a console of exclusives. maybe give it a weird custom CPU/GPU that does most stuff just ok, but a few things very very...
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    Corsair Launches H5 SF Low-Profile Liquid CPU Cooler

    the thing just looks cool. but that fan looks so anemic, and the airflow is 12 - 24 CFM. still cool though.
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    University: ‘Pirating’ Students Being Deliberately Targeted

    right, youre telling the OS you have a different MAC address which gets passed along to the network, so the network thinks its a new/different PC. the only way to truly change your MAC address is to use a different NIC (as far as i know)
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    University: ‘Pirating’ Students Being Deliberately Targeted

    just google 'mac spoofing' - real easy for win7 (and probably others)
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    University: ‘Pirating’ Students Being Deliberately Targeted

    while ISPs might say 'fuck off' fairly often, universities tend to comply with this stuff. i was cut off from university internet a number of times for suspected pirating, told i had to take classes on copyrights/other stuff, etc. in the end, i just kept changing my mac address to...
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    How Virtual Computing Is Advancing Troop Training

    uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... must be out of context. they cant be that retarded.
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    Amazing GTA V Image Quality Mod

    i mean used in a game where all lighting sources are rendered via ray tracing.
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    Amazing GTA V Image Quality Mod

    in real time? a metric fuck ton away.
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    Windows 7 PC users refusing to move to Windows 10

    i was excited to upgrade winxp to win7 due to the redesigned audio kernel n crap. the only thing i see exciting about win10 is dx12, but no games use it so far, so i aint upgrading/updating. im sure there're things win10 does that ill like/appreciate, but without dx12 games, it isnt worth...
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    Just Cause 3 Released With No Multi-GPU Support And Other Issues

    does the game at least have any dx12 juciness? JC2, when it was released, was one of the only games that was dx10-only. it was great. no dx9 lameness with a couple dx10 feature tacked on. anyone play JC2 with the bolo patch? JC3 looks like its just JC2 + bolo.
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    LG Display To Invest $8.7 Billion In OLED

    GIMME I still hate LCDs
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    Price Cuts On AMD And Nvidia GPUs

    hmmm... maybe pascal is going to crap so hard on the 980ti theyre selling em all off now. a man can hope.
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    Sony Might Have Unlocked The PS4’s 7th CPU Core

    the dude was 100% technically correct though. you guys just have your panties in a bunch. theyre just taking a cpu core away from the os and allowing devs to use it for games. game performance is not linearly affected by cpu cores, and allowing the use of an additional cpu core wont even...
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    Hands-On With PS4’s PlayStation 2 Emulation

    da fuck is this? im running PCSX2 at an internal res. well beyond 4k. youre telling me the PS2 emulator is going to run as resolutions lower than PS4 games? da. fuck. is. this.
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    The Five Biggest Problems With Fallout 4

    to be honest, it looks better than i thought it would (came in with low expectations and running it at 4k though). compared to FO3's launch, its virtually bug free. FO3 was such a shit fest. the only thing is, i played the crap out of FO3, and FO4 already feels pretty damn familiar with...
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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    SLI/CFX left such a bad taste in my mouth years ago I'll likely never go back. microstutter, huge fps deltas, poor driver support, extra mobo costs + heat + PSU requirements, decreased OC potential, etc. im interested in how dx12 handles multiple GPUs, but for me, i have cautious optimism at...
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    MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti SEA HAWK Video Card Review @ [H]

    :pthiiis is how we do itttt:p love me an AIO GPU cooler. nice to see it yielded a top max oc. this is how i want my pascal card.
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    Police Pulled Over Google's Self-Driving Car

    boys rule, girls drool.
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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    never understood the hate for vsync. screen tearing is so intrusive and distracting. enable vsync and triple buffering and be on your way. cant remember the last time vsync introduced noticeable lag in a game.
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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    Alright silly goose, here's my gta5 fly through benchy results (using compy in sig): Fps range 29-32 Dx11 3840x2160 VRAM 2987/4095 60hz Fxaa on Msaa off Vsync on Pop. Density max Pop. Variety max Distance scaling max Texture quality very high Shader quality very high Shadow quality very high...
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    Fallout 4 Performance and Image Quality Preview @ [H]

    Cmon 770 4gb, don't fail me now. Just want a bit over 30fps at 4K at high-ish settings + ultra textures + smaa. Handled gta5 no problem...