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    So what was the consensus for bf4?

    Currently at q9550@3.9 and a 6950. Get like 20-40 with medium. Is a better CPU the move here or is it a mixture of both, a complete overhaul for me
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    Bf3: q9550@3.9 ati 5850

    Gaming at 1080p Settings all high, Both AA off, AO off Game was running great on metro but jumping into caspian was showing the true age of my card. With Fps around 50s with dips in the 30s and spikes to 60s. Is it worth upgrading to a 6970 or 570?
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    New 5850 - strange bfbc2 issue

    I just installed my new PowerColor 5850 pcs+ with the 10.4s I uninstalled my nvidia drivers, rebooted into safemode used driver sweeper.. uninstalled the 8800gtx, etc...that all went fine.. mw2 runs fine, 3dmark2006 is fine but in bfbc2 the game runs smooth as butter all max, hbao on...
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    Asus p5b-e e6600 wont post oclock

    Well i had my e6600@3.6 and it has been running fine for the past month. Last night bfbc2 hung while i was shutting down so i had to ctrl alt del to kill it, that worked fine.. i then tried rebooting. The pc came down fine but on reboot it would not post. Lights come on and fans spin but...
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    Microcenter question

    I am planning on buying some new components (mobo/cpu/memory) and was wondering how MIcrocenters in-store selection and prices compare to major sites like Newegg,etc? Im looking to possibly get an i7 and didnt want to make a 1 hr trip to the store without knowing what im getting into.. thanks...
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    Video Card advice appreciated

    Hi, Ive been out of the PC video card business for about 3 years.. my last purchase and current card is a evga 8800gtx. Now that Im playing BF BC2 id like to upgrade. What would be the absolute best card i can get for 200 or less (ati 5770??) im so lost these days with all the models...
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    so rivatuner 2.04 causes my pc to hang

    during CoD4. When I play the game, after about 20 minutes my screen will freeze and I need to reboot. Ive pinpointed it to rivatuner. If i turn off rivatuner it never happens. Even if i have rivatuner running but no overclock it happens? Anyone else experience this? 8800 GTX e6600
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    GRAW 2 MP demo - hows it run for you

    just wondering what kinda frames people are getting with their rigs for this new demo.. if you havent played it yet, go get it, its a great game and much improved over graw1
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    anyone try the Lost Planet DX10 or DX9 demos

    they are out.. wondering what kind of performance people are getting in dx10 and if there is any huge visual differences between the 9 and 10 versions
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    Constant quick stuttering in DoD:S

    I just reinstalled this game with my 2 mo. old rig e660@3.2 8800GTX@615/2000 Asus p5b-e etc.. anyway when i was in game i get like 120 fps with everything on high AA, etc..., but when ever I move i get this constant stutter like ever other second where it feels like I am taking a...
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    Tips on stable e6600 at 3.4

    Hi, First off my specs e6600 p5b-e (old rev with no northbridge voltage chagnes) 2 gig of G-Skill DDR2 800 Im at 3.4 right now and failed Orthos at around the 3 hour mark on blend. My vcore is at 1.45, memory at 2.0, timings at 4,4,4,15 Temps are idle at 37c and load at 53c...
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    New Raptor - install question

    Ok, first time im using SATA.. my current HD is IDE so im a nuub with SATA. anyway, I have one new raptor, i plan on using as the boot drive.. Do i need to install anytype of drivers from a flopping during xp install or is that only for raid or older bios? thanks
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    74 gig Raptors at Best Buy for 119

    sorry if repost.. just picked up a brand new 74gig raptor for 119 at best buy, im assuming its a good deal..
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    how come my p5b-e bios ver 0706

    doesnt have an option to change the NB or SB core in the jumper free settings? also, max vdimm is 2.1.... (thats fine i guess i have 1.01) but what about NB/SB core volts.. i dont have those options.. anyone have any idea..
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    Case Question - need advice

    Looking for a case that will hold a Scythe Infinity and 8800GTX currently my Thermaltake Lanfire is too small for the Scythe and I cant put the side panel back on... the Scythe is huge! sticks out over 6 and half inches from the mobo. I was thinking Thermaltake Armour or Gigabyte Aurora...
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    r600 vs 8800 GTX benches

    sorry if repost
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    Scythe Infinity Users - help!

    Just built my new rig e6600 (p5b-e) with the scythe infinity and the darn Heatsink is too big for my case it sticks out over 1/2 inch and I cant fit my windowed side door back on my case, Thermaltake Lanfire So.. im looking for a new case that will have enough room to fit this thing and fit...
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    Rate my new build e6600

    Thanks for the input guys! I just want to OC to x6800 levels or 3.0 1 ASUS P5B-E Socket T (LGA 775) Intel P965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail Model #: P5B-E $150.99 $150.99 1 MSI NX8800GTX-T2D768E GeForce 8800GTX 768MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Video Card...
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    8800GTX - fit in a thermaltake lanfire case?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if the 8800GXT will fit in the thermaltake lanfire case? exactly like the one here thanks!
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    X850 XT PE agp Fan query

    So I purchased the Sapphire x850 XT PE. Got it and did a fresh xp build and installed the Cat 5.6s.. anyway first few days the card runs great (didnt play too much on it)... after this i really start to push the card, while playing Swat 4 for 45min or so, the card cuts out on me and i...
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    latest Nvidia Drivers

    Ok.. Nvidia nooblet here... I come from the ATI world, but just recently built a new rig with a 6800 GT in it :D anyway, i go to the nvidia website and the latest drivers to download are the 61.77. But if i run my expert tool for Gainward it download the 66.72 drivers. I also see...
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    6800GT golden sample and Nvidia Drivers

    Well just got my card.. installed the expert tool and such and it auto dowloaded the 66.72 drivers. Can we use any driver version we want with this card? will the expert tool still work with any version? I want to try the newest and see if i can get a perf. boost. Thanks
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    Gainward 6800 GS and MSI k8n neo2 plat.

    Hi, I currently have this setup with a BFG 6800gt but i decided to buy a Gainward Golden Sample. I was wondering if anyone has this setup and had any problems fitting the Gainward in the AGP slot with the Northbridge fan so close? I noticed how big the gainward is and now am worried that it...
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    MSI K8N Neo2 Plat and Gainward GS

    Hi, I currently have this setup with a BFG 6800gt but i decided to buy a Gainward Golden Sample. I was wondering if anyone has this setup and had any problems fitting the Gainward in the AGP slot with the Northbridge fan so close? I noticed how big the gainward is and now am worried that it...
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    My new setup... input/thoughts/suggestions??

    Hey folks, Gonna be setting up a new system within the next two weeks and wanted to know what you thought of the setup. Id like to know if anyoen has comments about my board and memory choice and their stability in Overclocking. Thanks, 1. AMD FX-53 2. MSI nforce3 Neo2 Plat. 3. 2...