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    Xbox Series S was available all day on 7/23 must have had a ton of stock come in (old post locked)

    Still in stock guessing it’s because it’s the s model
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    EVGA 3070 In Stock @ 689

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    A cautionary tale

    Many rigs do not just sit there and run.
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    A cautionary tale

    this kid is a youtuber. all your daughters and sons are already subbing to him and its a wash at this point.
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    Newbie seeks advice

    I would not mine BTC directly. I do not think mining is a good idea for starting out. Take the $ you would spend on a rig and buy the coin. Hold it. What is the goal of mining for you?
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    Steam sell 3Dmark everything for 4.49 on sale.

    Bought it. TY OP
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    Cant say it’s not catchy

    Yup. Merica.
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    Cant say it’s not catchy

    What do you expect while living the Canada?
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    Sr2 any use?

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    New thread in watched forum email is blank

    looks like this is fixed. Thank you! FrgMstr
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    New thread in watched forum email is blank

    sorry I'm not following. Regardless of the type of message (new topic, respond, conversation alert), I'm only getting the Title with no content. Is this working as intended?
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    New thread in watched forum email is blank

    this is the email I get when alerting me to a new topic. Used to have the OP's opening post. This is what I get now.
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    2 bitcoins a week

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    vSan performance

    Not sure I follow the logic here. Granted most servers come with a 1TB NVME as cache on the host with storage SSD’s at 960, but the lower cache (log) size in freenas appears to work out well.
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    Should i buy new pc for mining?

    i think the price with a PC that has a 3060 This. Unless you will get into new coins and hold, its not worth it to mine established coins.
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    vSan performance

    Im new to vSan and am doing this in my Lab as a learning experience. I currently have a FreeNas environment with the following specs within FreeNas and get about 1 to 1.1 GB's in read and writes. - 500GB SSD's in mirror Fdev x8 - intel Optane as log for vSan, I have the following across 3...
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    HWiNFO NVIDIA GPU Memory Junction Temperature (New in Version 6.42)

    Assume that’s air cooling? guess it time to put things under water as soon as you get them as we are no longer able to cool our fast tech via air
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    3060TI preorder at Kwest

    why does the link go to kwest but title says Best buy?
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    Trouble mining eth with one specific card

    I had something like this when I mixed cards can you try with removing the others and see if it will mine? If I recall my solution correctly, I ended up running two programs with GPU’s specifically set within the startup. Eventually I got a dedicated rig for them as I got more.
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    Trouble mining eth with one specific card

    Same machine as the 1060’s?
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    New to Mining, looking for Tips/Advise

    1 - don't 2 - if you do, ensure the amount toy invites is an amount you can safely loose without impact. 2a - expect to loose everything. 3 - don't think you can day trade. 4 - use sites like nicehash to mine as it will swap coins based on market. 4a - if you mine a static coin, keep with it...
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    Green Man Gaming Black Friday Sale / up to 82% Off

    options are small.
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    Green Man Gaming Black Friday Sale / up to 82% Off

    its small. haha
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    PHP - SQL while in a foreach statment

    if(!$q1 = mysqli_query($db, "Select `DeviceName`,`extension`,`User` from sep")) { mysqli_close($db); die("Query error :".mysqli_error($db)); } foreach($q1 as $v) { if($v['User'] == null) { if(!$q2 = mysqli_real_query($db, "SELECT `ID` from users where...
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    PHP - SQL while in a foreach statment

    i corrected my first posting. i need to query another table based on key info from the existing row im working on.
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    PHP - SQL while in a foreach statment

    just that its unable to do the query and that .mysqli_error() is not set.
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    PHP - SQL while in a foreach statment

    Back in my day.... we used mysql_query. now its some mysqli shit. as far as I can tell, i can only use a single DB connection for a single query unless i free the query result from memory. if a free the result inside a foreach, the whole thing dies. the way how i USED to be able to do this...
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    Harbor Freight 25% off coupon off anything, in store or online

    I just wish the shipping was better from the online store. Thanks for the link.
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    1 year Playstation Plus subcription $30 - cdkeys

    great deal. passed it on. Thank you.
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    Mining Case STEALS! Super Hot!

    wow. these prices can not be right.
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    Steam Summer sale

    and 101$ later....
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    Elite: Dangerous

    Star citizen is out.
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    WaterCooling fans

    Looking for what people are using as fans on the Rads. Currently using the Corsair fans that came with the Rad and feel like i can do better air movement. Would need to be white light fans to match the design
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    Ikea desk gallery

    If In the USA, all stores are closed
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    Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pad

    anyone using? suggested over thermal paste?
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    What ya using your 1x slots for?

    does anyone want that? was of the impression its a joke