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    afterburner vs trixx

    so i just got my sapphire 7970 OC delivered and installed. is there a diff between afterburner and trixx? i could have sworn i read somewhere that people had issues with sapphire + afterburner. i'm used to afterburner is why i'm asking. the card barely fit in my antec nine hundred...
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    how to connect an x-fi to a receiver + sub?

    Ok i'm tired of this stupid klipsch ultra 5.1 system. but i do want to re use the satellites (l/r front, l/r rear, center ) can i just buy something like this 5.1 receiver...
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    getting rid of klipsch ultra 5.1's

    background info: sorry to bring this up again. but i've had my amp sent back twice so far and they've both lasted about 6 mos before dying again. this is on 5.1 ultras. when i turn it on it makes a whining noise for about 1-2 hours before it goes away and i can listen to the system. is there...
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    ip35 pro and windows 7 64bit

    since they are no longer in business and all downloads are not working on the website. are you guys just looking for vista64bit drivers and installing those ? like from websites that store older drivers..... im about ready to format and install 7 and i want to make sure i have the drivers...
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    c2d e6850 good enough for a gtx285 ?

    wondering if the gtx285 works fine with the e6850 cpu or if the cpu would be the limiting factor? deciding if this is even worth the upgrade from a 8800gts 512 card right now.
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    prime95 question

    my specs: e6850 with a scythe infinity cooler abit ip35 pro 2 x 1gb crucial ballistix ddr2 800 (4-4-4-12 @ 2.2v) evga 8800gt ssc 610 watt pc power and cooling psu currently i have it at 9x400 = 3.6ghz cpu voltage 1.4v ddr voltage 2.2v temps 22C idle, 42-48C load i start up prime95 25.5 get 2...
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    abit ip35pro users *ide drive not detected*

    i can't get it to detect my ide dvdburner, so i can install windows. i changed cables 3x now, as well as made sure the dvdburner was set to master as well as cable reset. i even borrowed the dvdburner that i know is working from my other pc and still the same thing. the jmicro section...
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    HOT x1950pro agp 512 mb

    for 169.99
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    dell coupon code

    i'm not gonna use it, figure somebody might need/want this. Get 25% off select Dell notebooks $1499 and above (before tax, fees, shipping and handling). Limited time offer. Coupon* Code: $3tbzq88204?9v
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    x-fi fatal1ty for 99 after MIR 149.99 - 50 MIR = 99. best deal i've seen yet for this. drive bay version. here's the link to the rebate form since the one on the frys page itself is not there. MIR form <-- thanks to eltoro and vabch22
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    35% off coupon code for dell

    just got this in an email, i'm not using it so enjoy inspiron notebook 999 and up ?8Q2TJP90FR81Q dimension desktop 999 and up M834N?CTKLG43S
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    WoW 19.99 after instant rebate @ bb

    this weeks ad.
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    hot deal on ati AGP cards

    for those with agp still x800xl 256meg 119 (in stock) *refurb* but has a 1 yr warranty x850 pro 256meg 139 (pre order) *new* 5% off code = 1439 *thanks to flaming panther*
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    soundblaster x-fi elite pro $97.00 price mistake?