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    Kingston 96gb SSD for $105 after rebate at Amazon Kingston Digital SSDNow V+100 96 GB Solid-State Drive SVP100S2/96G: Electronics@@AMEPARAM@@ Not a bad deal considering it's $1.1 per gb.
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    Freeze at Splash Page--USB Hub

    I have a Belkin USB hub that is causing the MoBo splash page to freeze for about 5 minutes. If I unplug the hub it doesn't freeze. I'm running Win 7 x64 and my MoBo is in my sig. How can I fix this problem?
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    Help with ASUS M3A78-T, stall at Splash Screen

    When the MB splash screen appears I can't enter setup or go into safe mode. The computer appears to be frozen but after about 5 minutes it boots into windows. I've had some issues with my PSU which is over 3 years old. Do you think it's my MB or PSU? Thanks for your help
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    WD SiliconEdge Blue 64 gb for $118

    This seems like a pretty good deal.
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    Need PSU Suggestions

    My PC specs are in the sig. I currently have a 600w Ultra but it's dying on me. I'd like to find something for under $60 but I'm not sure if I need a PSU over 500w. Thanks for the help.
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    Problem with Ultra 600w, strange noise

    I take my PC back to college so I have to plug it in. It's been doing this for about a year now. Usually it turns on after 10 minutes but the other day it would't boot at all.
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    Problem with Ultra 600w, strange noise

    When I plug in my PSU, I hear a soft squeezing/buzzing sound. It goes off after 5 minutes. My computer won't turn on for about 10 minutes. This only happens when I first plug in the PSU, after the computer is on it works perfectly. Do I need a new PSU?
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    Free Amazon Prime Membership for 1-year for Students w/ .edu email

    Amazon is such a smart company! Free Amazon prime=happy college students=loyal customers for life!
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    Refurb Kindle $110

    Wow, what a deal. I may have to pick up one of these!
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    LG Ally?

    You won't find a better Android phone for free.
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    I'm looking for a big keyboard for my grandpa

    If it's your Grandpa then get him an old IMB keyboard. They have the best feel out there and he probably isn't going to use hot-keys or macros that the new keyboards have.
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    What happens if I switch from a ps/2 to usb port?

    Wow, I haven't heard the phrase ps/2 in a long time!
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    Woo-hoo! Upgrading my internet speeds!

    FIOS all the way! I love it!
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    Monitor recomendation please

    I'd go with the Samsung 320mp-2 32" monitor. Samsung is the best out there and I've seen the monitor for less than $360 online. Bigger is always better!
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    Thinking about getting an 120htz Monitor; some questions.

    IMO, I think 60hz is easier to watch than 120hz. I have 2 LCD TVs and I compared them side by side--gaming might be different from watching movies.
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    Need help choosing new monitor.

    Go with Acer over Samsung. I've used both of those and they're good quality monitors. It's amazing that monitors have come up in price. I paid $150 for a 23" Acer about a year ago.
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    Help me pick a good smart phone phone

    LG Ally is free with 2 yr contract. Compare that to $100 for the Droid.
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    Need Mobo suggestions for a new setup

    Definitely go with an Asus. I used to be a Gigabyte enthusiast until they ripped me off on a board. Now I'm loyal to Asus.
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    Using The iPad is Like Masturbation

    Yup, I thought the exact same thing on the train the other day.
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    LG Ally?

    I had the Devour and I traded it in for the Ally. It's a great phone. It's a little slow but by Curve was worse. The key board is way easier to use than the Droid/Devour. The camera is phenomenal and I like that it has wireless N. For $30 you can't beat it!
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    Help me pick a good smart phone phone

    Go for an Android! Everyone has an iPhone.....LAME! Any of the phones by HTC or the LG Ally are great!
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    What are your favorite andoird apps and why?

    Robo Defense-Fun game to kill time Color Notes-great way to take notes Google Vovice-Free visual voicemail App-Great free dictionary
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    6gb DDR2 vs. 4gb DDR3

    That makes sense
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    Athlon II 620 Oced

    Thanks for your help guys!
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    Anyone used x3450 Xeon CPU?

    How do you think it would run for games or blu-ray movies?
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    Politicians Push for New Internet Sales Taxes

    Personally, I think a national sales tax would be more effective than an income tax. Check out
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    Sony 32" 320mp-2 display

    Has anyone tried out the 32" sony display? Microsoft store was selling them for $300 a couple of weeks ago which seemed like a pretty good deal.
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    Any devour users out there?

    I picked up a devour a couple of weeks ago. I've had some problems with the devour randomly turning off. Anyone else encountered this problem?
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    Contemplating my first-ever smartphone (VZW)

    I decided to get the devour over the droid. I'm not sure how much the incredible is with vzw but the devour is free and the droid is $100.
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    Anyone used a dq57tm?

    Someone just gave me a dq57tm. I realize that its a server mobo but I'm wondering if it's a decent mobo.
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    Anyone used x3450 Xeon CPU?

    Someone just gave me a x3450 CPU. Is it a pretty good proc? I've heard that it's similar to i5 750.
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    Change Win7 Serial Key?

    Both keys are for home prem. I know the key that I'm trying to switch to is valid. Do I have to edit something in the registry to make it work? Kb
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    Win 7 Serial Key Question 32/64

    Ok, that helps. THanks!
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    Change Win7 Serial Key?

    Has anyone tried changing the serial key after Win7 is installed? I was dumb and purchased a key off of eBay. Of course it was fake and now I need to change the key. I have a valid key but when I type it in, it comes up as invalid. Thanks for your help.
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    Win 7 Serial Key Question 32/64

    Does anyone know if a Home Premium key can be used for both 32 and 64 bit OS? Thanks!
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    $1000 Gaming PC!

    It looks like you've really thought this build through. Dual monitors are worth it! I've been using 2 monitors for about 2 years now and I have a hard time using 1 monitor. Is this your first build?
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    Your CPU progression

    Pentium 2 333mhz AMD Athlon T-Bird 1.2ghz w/533mhz fsb (This PC was named the "Dream Machine") Intel 920 2.8ghz dual core (Dell XPS 400 Machine) Athlon 3800+ x2 (First build - got this CPU for $30 brand new) Phenom 8450 x3 Athlon 2 620 x4
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    What Game are you looking forward to most in 2010?

    Probably Bioshock 2
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    Just installed Win7 and accidentally deleted 50GB of music

    I used Recova to recover a bunch of files that I had deleted. It worked really well.
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    ugh...iTunes: Worst software *EVER*

    I had a lot of problems with iTunes on a XP x64 so I switched to WinAmp.