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    Delerons and the quest for 4GHz.

    I got a new E0 stepping Celeron-D in today, I left it at this speed running Prime95 when I left the house. Hopefully it is still running when I get back. I am going to kick up the voltage another .025 and try for 4GHz tonight. Same setup as what is in my sig, just pulled the P4. Also...
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    Dell PowerEdge SC420 - $234 PowerEdge SC420 Intel® Celeron® processor, 325J, 2.53GHz, 256KB Cache, 533MHz FSB No Operating System Memory FREE UPGRADE to 512MB DDR2, 400MHz, 2X256 Single Ranked Standard Windows Keyboard,Gray...
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    RANT! XP Install no go with new Athlon-XP M CPUs.Well

    Well I am in a pissy mood. I poped in two new 2400+ XP-Ms into the K7D. All works well except they will not boot up at the multiplier I wired them at, nor will XP install. I guess I will have to mod the CPUs, something I was hoping not to have to do. O well. end rant. :p
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    Installing Alpha PAL8942. Yea how many screws.

    I ordered one of the old but good PAL8942 heatsinks from SVC a week ago, I figured for $15 it was a descent buy. Thursday night I picked up an Abit IS7 for my Deleron 330 (2.66GHz). It is overclocked to a 166MHz bus speed for a CPU clock of 3.32GHz, using the default voltage. The thing...
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    90nm Athlon 64s. How much voltage can it take? Post your overclocks.

    Well, the 90nm K8s are out now. I got one for a friends machine, so I did not want to push the voltage much on it when I was playing. Post your overclocks of your 3000+. 3200+ and 3500+ Socket 939 90nm CPUs here. Make sure to specify motherboard, RAM, heatsink and how much voltage you are...
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    Ack, Socket370 again.

    I was given a 1.2Ghz Tulatin Celeron over the weekend and am looking for a good board for it. Any suggestions? Cheap is good. :D
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    Overclocking 533Mhz bus CPU

    I just picked up a Celeron-D 330 and tossed it in my free after rebate Soyo 865 board with a stick of PC3200. Something strange is occuring, I do not have the option of any FBS over 165 MHz. Whats up with this and is there any way to get around it?
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    Serial ATA, 36 GB Raptor and my G3

    Well I just put my credit card away. The final parts for upgrading my G3 have been ordered. First up, a FirmTek SeriTek/1S2 Serial ATA/150 Dual Channel Mac PCI Controller for $63.99 plus shipping from Other World Computing. Second purchase stemmed from this thread. I got a Western Digital...
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    iBook G4 warranty question

    The speakers on my iBook G4 are getting really distorted. The only thing I really do with the machine sound wise is watch DVDs and listen to iTunes once in a while. I would not expect the speakers to sound like this after such a short time. So is this covered under Apples standard warranty...
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    Celeron-D, overclocking and you.

    So I am thinking of getting one of those free Soyo 865 boards and a 2.4GHz Celeron-D. I am hoping to hit 3.6GHz, which would be the 200Mhz bus speed. I have heard of people doing this with the Celeron-D with stock or close to stock voltage.
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    Celeron-D voltage

    I was taking a look at the Celeron-D chips for an application of mine and relized what voltage it ran at, or at least what says. Quoted below: Hugh? :confused:
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    AMD Sempron for sale at Newegg! Thorton???

    THORTON CORES!?!? 1.65 VOLTS!?!? :eek: WTF :confused: linky Also I was not expecting them in retail packaging.. No K8 Sempron as of yet.
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    Core: Drillhammer... WTH!?!?!

    Um, yea. Linky here. Neweggs discriptions always scare the living shit out of me somedays. :rolleyes:
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    Taisol CMK702151A thoughts

    The FrostyTech reveiw can be found here, but I was looking to see if anyone here on the [H] had any experience with this heatsink. I have specific reasons for looking at this heatsink, but basically it is because of bad airflow and no exhaust fans, yet. ;) The current fan is close to the...
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    New Thorton 2000+

    Well the FedEx guy just dropped off a new Thorton for me. Surprise surprise it looks as though it should be unlocked. AXDC2000DUT3C AQZEA 0332MPMW I was not expecting a CPU this old, thats to be sure.
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    AMD popularity

    Well this kind of sums it up. I have been noticing this for the past week or so. :cool:
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    Free WIRED Subscription; 1 Year, 12 Issues!

    Enjoy How the hell do you delete the post? I just saw we have a free section with the new forum and it is already in there. EDIT: You cannot delete your own posts here, so I'll just lock this down for you and include the link to the other thread. :)...
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    Prescott Celerons

    You can read Anand's article here. See, I said it would not be that bad of a chip, should outperform a Willy P4 clock for clock any day. :p I may just have to get one of them and a 865G board and see how high they will overclock.
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    Firefix 0.9 RC

    I am downloading the new release candidate now. Anyone here using it yet? Whats new or changed since 0.8?
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    ATA RAID Card

    I am looking at going with a RAID 0 setup in my main box. My current setup is an 80GB Seagate Baracuda 7200.7 drive with 8MB of cache. The new drives for the array would be the same model, but with only 2MB of cache. So I am in the market for an ATA100 RAID card. I found this card for...
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    2004 Spring Tech Tour

    2004 Spring Tech Tour This is a little late, but hay its better than nothing. A few of the events have already passed us up, so for those of you in the south east just finding out about this, sorry. Below is a quick list of locations and the agenda. Click on the above link for more details...
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    Welcome Back. What did you buy?

    I just wanted to say a big hello to everyone here in the Apple Forum. So what did you pick up during the forum outage? Each year thousands of amateur radio operators make the trek to Dayton Ohio fo the annual Hamvention. While I was planning on picking up some Amateur TV gear, I came...
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    Intel Motherboards - AGP/PCI Lock?

    I am going to try something listed in the Overclocking thead, but was wondering if Intel motherboards have a locked bus? Or has no one tried softFBS overclocking an Intel motherboard?
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    Lost the K7D Master. :(

    Well my K7D Master-L motherboard is gone... :mad: It smells of blue smoke... Life sucks... Good thing for a two-year warranty. Going to try to RMA it. Strange thing is I cannot find a cap or resister that is blown, just a strong smell of burnt PC board. :confused:
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    Opinion on AMS G-Mono

    I ordered one of these a few days ago and was wondering what other people thought. I had gotten a friend one of the white non window ones last year and was impressed. Should hold my dual 2400+ nicely. May even wax the thing... :eek:
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    64-bit ATA133 RAID Card

    I though SMP would still be the best place to post this, as most K7D Master owners will read it here. I am looking for a RAID card for my two 80GB Seagate 7200.7 2MB drives, which will replace my one 80GB 7200.7 8MB drive. Since the MSI K7D Master has 64-bit PCI slots I thought it would be...
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    Windows XP 64-bit info needed.

    Hay guys, need a quick answer. Is the following correct for the public release preview of Windows XP 64-bit?: OS Name Microsoft Windows XP 64-Bit Edition OS Code Name Whistler Server OS Version 5.2.3790 (Win2003 Retail) OS Service Pack Service Pack 1, v.1069 If not please correct...
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    PC-DL and 800MHz bus Xeons

    Well the PC-DL uses the 875 chipset, so it should support an 800 MHz just like the new Iwill does. Anyone have any info on this? Are we expecting a BIOS update with the release of the new Xeons? /and yes I am thinking about getting dual Xeons. I cant quite afford dual 1.8Ghz Opterons...
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    Prescott .13, RDRAM

    Posting for a good laugh. I found this on The Reg. Return of the Son of Willamette By: Andrew Thomas Posted: 06/07/2000 at 10:54 GMT The Register Mobile: Find out what the fuss is about. Take the two week trial today. Intel's 479 pin son of Willamette, due for launch next year, now has...
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    Arctic Alumina or Ceramique? Whats better?

    I am ordering two new heatsinks for the system in my sig. I am getting ThermalRight ALX-800 heatsinks and over at sidewinder they are going for $23 a piece. You also get a tube of Arctic Alumina free with purchase. I have been wanting to try the Ceramique to see if it would be acceptable to...
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    Apple hits new 52-week high

    Damn, right now they are up to $27. Not bad considering just one year ago we were at $14 a stock. Time to sell and macke some money.
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    About to be an iPod owner. :D

    Gigglebyte called me on Thursday afternoon and we had a bit of a talk. After a few minutes I ordered a 15GB iPod, car charger and spair data cable. The data cable and iPod will be here on Monday. Cheers for FedEx for weekend shipping... :D
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    Strange Windows install problem...

    So far I have not been able to track down my problem so I am hoping someone here has had the same issue and knows a work around. I have tried Windows XP Home Edition, Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server and no luck. The CD will boot just fine and the blue screen installer will start...
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    1.3GHz C3 CPU and motherboard -$5 After Rebate Syntax - S635MP - SiS Socket 370 microATX Motherboard with Audio, Video, AGP 4X, USB 1.1, CNR, IrDA, 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN Support and Integrated VIA C3 1.3Giga...
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    Windows 2000 and USB2

    This may seem like a stupid question but does Windows 2000 support the USB 2.0 on my nVidia NForce 2 motherboard? I know Windows XP pre SP1 the USB 2 will not work but was wondering about Windows 2000. I am thinking of using Windows 2000 Pro for my HTPC and just want to make sure the USB 2...
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    Dothan Delayed

    I can't seem to place what they mean by "rare technological slip". If they mean Intel is always on time with their chips, which I think they do, I will not stop laughing anytime soon.
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    A2/A3 NForce IGP steppings and high bus speeds?

    I just got an Albatron KM18G Pro mATX motherboard based on the NForce 2 IGP chipset. I removed the northbridge heatsink/fan to replace the thermal pad with white goop and found that the northbridge was the older A3 stepping, not the newer C0 that supports 200MHz bus. WCPUID identifies it at as...
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    Rate my new Divx / HTPC system.

    I know it's not much but hay, it's something. Albatron KM18G PRO 2.0 AMD Applebred 1.4GHz Speeze FalconRock HSF 512MB Kingmax PC3200 (256 x 2) 40GB Seagate hard disk drive (7200.7) Lite On CD-R/RW DVD Combo Drive (LTC48161H BK) AOpen H340D Slim mATX case What do you think? I was...
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    Mobile 1700+ at newegg

    I was thinking of picking up a mobile 1700+ to match with an Albatron M18G-Pro. Are these still T-Bred A cores or should I expect a B core?
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    Celerons for Divx encoding/decoding

    So whats the word on the Celeron when it comes to Divx? Right now I am encoding with the box in my sig, and as we all know the MPX chipset has horrible memory bandwidth and such. I also have an Asus A7N266-VM/AA with a 2400+ Athlon in it as my Divx Player/HTPC. Well that’s what I wanted it...