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    Spiratic Wireless Signal fun

    Okay, long story short i cheaped out and bought an Asus N12C1. That does not cooperate with the surround wifi since every channel seems to clash. I've tried every single channel through 1-11 and it still continues to crash and drop randomly. Also i'm using an intel 4965 wifi card with CTS...
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    IBM Intel Centrino 6300n problems

    I've been having interesting issues with this pci-e chipset, has anyone else? Tried the tape fix but nothing worked. Also I'm trying to rock this in an acer 532h (warbook/trollbook) pin 20 worked on my 4965, but it doesn't appear to on this chip.. any thoughts? or is there any way to...
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    Scary amazon find of the day

    Any thoughts? because this is the most ridiculous keyboard i've ever seen
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    Acer D250 and 532h wireless switch disabled?

    Anyone have any experience dealing with the default Fn-F2 hardware switch not working? or at least have any work arounds? I have the launch pad manager installed but it still refuses to budge (I also recently installed an intel 4956 wifi card but it refuses to turn on regardless) Is there...