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    Worth Upgrading?

    I've been hearing a lot online lately about how people really love these high refresh rate monitors, and how smooth everything is. I've been curious about upgrading my older monitor, but I'm not sure if the difference would be worth it. I'm looking at this monitor after shopping around for a...
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    PC Restarts when shut down via IR Remote

    So my PC isn't strictly a HTPC but I've got a TV tuner with remote that I use with Windows Media Center in it so I hope this is the right section. I'm having a problem with shutting down the computer with the power button that's on the remote. I often want to just power the machine down when I'm...
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    Slow SSD boot?

    I have 2 Hyper X 3K Kingston 120GB SSDs. I have one in my desktop and one in laptop. The boot time in my laptop is very fast with windows 8.1 ( Quick video demo However using the same SSD in my desktop which I just upgraded to a 4770k a few days ago boots...
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    Webcam color issues

    My friend has a Sony VAIO VPCEH14FM. I'm out of ideas on how to fix the issue. Basically her camera color is wrong. It looks like: We installed the software Sony has on their site and tried different versions of Skype, and I forgot what else. Anyone know whats going on? The...
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    Flickering 2nd monitor HD5850

    My 2nd monitor has a horrible flicker and I can't find a fix. It happens with Overdrive enable and disabled. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Thinking about water cooling...

    I'd like to give watercooling a try but my first thought is how much I move my PC. I do LANs with friends and family fairly frequently. How does moving a PC affect a watercooled rig? Can you even move a watercooled PC with ease, or is it some kind of giant fiasco? I'm also wondering about what...
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    Argh, any help with fan config? I can't see, to reduce my temps

    Diagram of how it is now: I've trying to reduce my temps, I've reduced my voltages and that didn't seem to help, BIOS monitor says voltage at 1.176, stock is 1.200. I turned off my OC and it had no difference in temps. All of the fans are these. Yate Loon High...
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    Anyone have GV-R585OC-1GD F4 Bios?

    I didn't notice this but this thread brought it to my attention. The F5 BIOS disables some overclocking. Does anyone still have the F4 BIOS file saved on their PC they could send me? Gigabyte took it off their site.
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    Mouse corruption?

    This has started since I got my 5850, its getting quite annoying, I've searched online and I can't really find anything. Anyone else have this or a way to fix other than rebooting the PC? EDIT: I should mention it only happens on one monitor, but it switches which monitor that is. If its messed...
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    Strange interference

    I get a strange interference when using the front panel audio jacks of my PC. There is a faint static when the PC is idle and its like a high pitched noise when ever I use something connected to usb (Mouse keyboard, etc) Its extremely annoying. Its only on the front panel. Everything is clear as...
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    .mkv and .mt2s Crash Drivers

    If I open a .mkv or .mt2s file in WMP the screen goes gray, then comes back and says "AMD Driver has crashed and recovered" and this will loop til I close WMP. This never happened on my 8800 and is new since installing my 5850. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the codecs. Any Ideas? I'm on...
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    5850 + Heaven Benchmark 2.0 + Wireframes on = Driver Crash

    Title says all, what is wrong? Is there something wrong with my card? Its brand new, I really hope not. Tt does this while OC'd and at stock settings. Anyone have ideas?
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    Oh hai, saw the Genmay thread

    I saw just now as I was checking out Genmay, my specs are in my sig (The 8800 will be changing to a 5850 come Wednesday). I've been around [H] for a bit now and Genmay access seems like fun. Just tell me what I have to do. Thanks :)
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    Would a Corsair H50 be a big improvement over my current setup?

    I currently have an air cooled system. Summer will be here before I know it. Its already getting into the 70s and 80s outside around here. The problem is the room I keep my PC in is above the garage of the house, which is not AC cooled. Needless to say it gets really hot in there and then...
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    New Fermi Benchmark!

    I got a kick out of it :D
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    Anyone else notice the irony here?

    Noticed this after history class today That plus you need a nuclear reactor if you want to use a Fermi card... Not bashing, just found it funny. I'll hopefully pick a GTX 470 up if they end up being good :)
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    Warm? 9800GT 1GB $79 AR @ Fry's B&M

    YMMV I'd assume. saw it in the paper today. I'm in IL. (Downer's Grove is where the Fry's is) Wouldn't make a bad card for a budget system, or even Physx maybe
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    Bad Company 2 looks awesome! [Video]

    I grabbed this tonight, I'm surprised my little 8800GT can push this out! I just love the sand blowing around, even though I can't see shit during a firefight. :p
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    Help? Win7 won't stop bothering me with this message.

    I keep getting this when I launch/play games My system is not running slow at all when this pops up. Hell, it never runs slow unless I'm stress testing. (Specs in sig) This continues to pop up and its getting really annoying. I'll just be enjoying a game, with no lag, not that much CPU...
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    FREE Overnight on Bad Company 2 at Gamestop

    EDIT: Forgot to say, PC only. Use the code when ordering! BADCO
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    I need a new 2.1 set of speakers

    I'm in the market for a new set of 2.1 speakers with a max of 120 bucks, what's the best I can get for that? NOTHING over 120, that is max and is not moving. Thanks in advance. Quick edit: Will be used for gaming and music listening.
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    L4D2 Chainsaw

    Who else has used this, its so much fun! Here is a quick video I made of it The gore is just fantastic! :D
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    Borderlands Siren Gameplay

    Loving this class, threw together a video What are your impressions so far with the class you play?
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    first episode of Tales of Monkey Island! Today Only! 9/19/09 Mine's downloading now :)
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    Need a cooler for a old Pentium 4 s478

    I have an old Pentium 4 socket 478 that has been running on the stock heatsink since it was purchased, recently the fan on it died, and it needs a new cooler. It doesn't need to be too expensive as the system is running at stock speeds. Whats my best bet for a good price / performance cooler...
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    Free Microsoft Technet Plus Subscription Little server problem now, but I guess they are working on it. More here:
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    Do I need to lower my OC?

    Hi [H]ard, quick question. I tried OCing for the first time over the winter and I got my CPU to 3.4 Ghz (specs in sig). The temp maxed at 70C. Intel says my CPU should not go over 71.4C. Its getting hotter here now and I saw it hit 74C. Is the ~3 degress going to hurt my CPU? Thanks in advance!
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    Need advice on building a media center PC

    Hey [H]ardforum, I have no experience in this area and need some help. I would like to build a media center PC for a family member. What would be the bare minimum I could do to accomplish this, I am on a very tight budget. Any advice is appreciated! :)
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    TF2 Scout update VS. Engineer

    Quick video I made after the scout update was released. Enjoy!
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    Quick Left 4 Dead video I threw together

    The idea for this popped into my head today so I opened L4D and WMM and went to work. Its not perfect but I thought I would share. Enjoy! :)