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    Hyper-V Networking Oddity

    I wiped out my ESXi whitebox last night and decided to check out Hyper-V, and now I'm having a strange networking problem I can only chalk up to Microsoft weirdness. The box has 4 interfaces: INT1: WAN, public subnet, hidden from host INT2: DMZ,, hidden from host INT3: LAN...
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    Need PDM 3.0(3)

    Does anyone have a copy of Cisco's PDM 3.0(3)? I'm trying to get this old pix501 online and I can't load the PDM. I've read that the 3.0(3) release of the software resolves some issues with it loading, but the CD i found with the unit only has 3.0(1) and I am unable to download it from...
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    Pay-Per-Click Management Software

    My company has decided to move away from the PPC management service we currently use and I have been tasked with finding another solution. Ideally we are looking for a standalone software package that can be used here in the office instead of relying on a third party company to do the work...
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    MySQL 5 query question

    I'm putting together a small website for a mini-golf tournament my friends and I have going, but I'm having trouble writing a query to count the number of "hole in one" scores for each particular player. I've tried using the full text search but am unable to get the query to return anything...
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    Ubuntu + Powerbook G4 Ti = Resolution Problem

    So I installed Ubuntu on my Powerbook after getting familiar with it in VMware, but unfortunately its stuck in 640x480, which is driving me absolutely insane. Anybody have any ideas? Here are the relevant (according to other posts, i did a search) sections from my xorg.conf:
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    Windows 2000 SBS - ntbackup.exe + Iomega REV

    I'm trying to get my server's internal REV drive working with ntbackup, but its not working properly because the device is recognized as an internal CD-ROM. Anybody know how to get around this? I've searched online and found a registry hack that worked for some people, but the proper key...
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    VPN connection interupting internet availability

    I have a server that i left with a friend who is staying at UCONN over the summer that I can connect to using a VPN connection. I have an FTP server running on it thats accessable through the regular IP, but I've decided that I wanted data between my home and the server to be encrypted. The...
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    Should I be worried about this in my IIS log?

    I replaced the requesting IP with 2004-03-12 02:39:53 - 80 GET /scripts/root.exe /c+dir 404 - 2004-03-12 02:39:53 - 80 GET /MSADC/root.exe /c+dir 403 - 2004-03-12 02:39:53 - 80 GET...