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    Must have VR games?

    Serious Sam VR The Last Hope is my favorite VR game:
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    Optane and I+

    Yup. That's exactly what I tried to do >__> Ended up returning my Optane drive. Not a happy camper about that, but I should have done more research before buying.
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    Optane and I+

    Install the OS to your HDD, and then install the Optane drivers. Please note that Optane will only work for your boot volume, it won't work for a non-boot volume.
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    Quad Socket Older E5?

    If you want to use four CPUs on that motherboard, they need to be of the E5-4600 series. The board will take two of the E5-2600 series, but not four. Realistically, if you really want a quad socket system, look at used Dell R910 / R920 setups. They use a lot of power, and are very loud...
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    Just got hooked up last weekend. I'm surprised how well my USG-3P has held up, even under load!
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    Upgrading ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 with I loose NFS storage?

    NFS can be added through the web client on ESXI 6.5 It cannot be added via the local client.
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    RAID Card Advise You should be able to hook an LSI 9260-8i to an HP SAS Expander. Basically, two 8087->8087 cables go from your raid card to the expander, and then you plug the...
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    4U Chassis that can handle dual ATX board with Hyper 212 coolers?

    I've greatly enjoyed both of my Norco 4020's, especially with dual socket 1366 Supermicro motherboards.
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    McAfee Full Disk Encryption?

    This makes me curious. The laptop was from his previous employer, yet he still has custody of the computer? What kind of information does your colleague need to pull off of this computer?
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    HW RAID6 with 12 x 6TB HGST 7K6000 drives

    I'd recommend checking out the ServeTheHome RAID reliability Calculator. RAID Reliability Calculator - Simple MTTDL Model - ServeTheHome That said.... have backups. If the information is mission critical to maintain, either run a second server (on or off-site) and backup every evening/week, or...
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    Raidz2 (raid6) vs mirrors: What raid config do you use?

    In your situation, I would go for the Raidz2 setup. You have minimal I/O workload, it isn't like you're hosting virtual machines on this array. If you had real performance requirements (or in a production environment), I'd advocate mirrors all day long. It takes a LOT less time to rebuild a...
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    South Korea Invests $450M To Make Awesome Robots

    Between my dreams of powered armor and combat mecha, this seems to be a good step in the right direction.
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    Dell Quad M.2 PCIe card.

    Meta2, I'm not seeing anything on the ASUS website about it having a PLX chip or any bifurcation support. I've run into the same problem, having a motherboard that doesn't support bifurcation. Next time I rebuild my rig, that's high up on my list xD
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    New to Dual CPU Setups

    The 2011-V3 Supermicro boards support up to 22 cores per socket. No need to worry about twin 12-core chips. That said, I don't have any experience with the V3 boards, just the older 2011 boards. E-ATX is the form factor that you're most likely looking at. What is your budget for the board?
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    Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach 500M Users Affected

    Back in 2008, Sarah Palin's email address ( was compromised due to her security questions. Now, just why she was running her Government correspondence through a private email address is beyond me. Not exactly all that relevant to Yahoo's data breach, but interesting...
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    i5 or i3 cost benefit

    The only difference between those processors is that the i5 has turbo-boost and can OC itself to 2.8Ghz / 25w TDP if it needs to. Both are 2-cores w/hyperthreading. If you aren't doing anything computationally intensive at all.... the i3 will work, but I'd recommend the i5, just because I like...
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    Acer's Insane Gaming Laptop Is A Magic Box Of Stupid

    Ya know, I mainly use my work laptop as a desktop replacement anyways. That should give me business justification to ordering one of these on the company dime, riiiiiight?
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    Network pics thread

    Very slick setup! I assume that the cables we see in the background are going to network drops throughout the house?
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    How much CPU power do I really need for ZFS

    If you aren't running anything more than LZ4 encryption, you shouldn't have an issue with using the i3. Naturally, I'd recommend bumping up to 64GB, but.... 32GB should net you a much better cache hit ratio. Try to grab a board either with an M.2 slot, or with an extra PCI-E 3.0 x4 slot for...
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    Supermicro X9DRL-3F - Won't show 64 GB RAM installed

    Do you have two Xeons installed? Or a single Xeon? Each Xeon on that board can only use 4 memory slots. Having all 8 memory slots populated but only one processor would result in only 4 utilized sticks.
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    Halo 5: Forge Requires 16GB Of RAM For 4K At 60FPS

    I've been running 32GB of ram on my main system for over half a decade at this point. It is roughly the $120 point for a new DDR4 system for that amount, very cheap compared to the rest of the computer. I fondly remember when Halo 2 came out as a Vista Only exclusive, and I'm probably going to...
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    12TB HDD's coming soon.

    I'm just hoping that this drives down prices on the 6TB/8TB hard drives. I have two 20-bay UnRaid servers with a hodgepodge of 3TB / 2TB / 1TB / 500GB drives from over the years. I would love to be able to replace the smaller/older ones with cheap gigantic drives.
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    Seagate Accelerates Enterprise Momentum With Two New Flash Products

    I would love to put two of those in a RAID1 in my primary file server, and then delegate all of my platters to backups. Alternatively... having one of those drives in an external enclosure sitting in my safe deposit box in the bank would be awesome.
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    SSD or HDD in your main rig? POLL

    In my gaming rig: 256GB SSD for the OS, 4TB SSHD for games / applications The sluggishness of the SSHD really shows in a lot of my games, sadly. Will likely replace both drives with a single 1TB M.2 drive when I eventually get off of my 2600k Bulk storage on two 30TB+ UnRaid NAS's w/20 HDDs...
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    Seagate IronWolf 10TB

    Yup, it is a Helium drive. Seagate's New 'Guardian Series' Portfolio Brings 10TB Helium HDDs to Consumers How many times are we going to rehash the "hard drives from x manufacturer suck" thing? At this point, every hard drive manufacturer has had a bad generation or two of hard drives. Seagate...
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    Sun/LSI MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i, is this a decent card?

    Still should be a solid hardware raid card. I'm running one of the 9260 i8's with an HP SAS expander for a 16-drive RAID10 in an ESXi node, and it performs wonderfully. Looks like the 9261 can handle RAID6/0, which my card can't do. If you have a use for it, awesome. Pretty solid hardware RAID...
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    Performance of Encrypted VM vs encrypting the entire host drive

    Encrypting your Dell 4800's hard drives with BitLocker is the easiest way to do it. That way you don't have to deal with a bunch of different VM's recovery keys if things go belly up. That said... I'm not sure about performance considerations, but I vote to keep your encryption as close to bare...
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    Help Upgrading My Dell Inspiron 530

    To be perfectly frank.... You are better off saving your money for a replacement computer. The Q6600 CPU came out back in 2007, and everything else in that system is going to be fairly expensive to replace. DDR2 has only increased in price as of late. What is your budget for this project?
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    Dell Quad M.2 PCIe card.

    I prematurely (aka: without doing any research) picked up one of these cards and four 128GB SM951 SSDs. Tried to get it to function on my X9DR3-LN4F+ to no avail. (I can see one drive, not all four) I assume that I'm up a creek without a Dell Mobo with a PLX chip? Or would any system with a...
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    M.2 in RAID 1 or 10?

    It is possible to setup M.2 drives in RAID. However... due to the additional latency overhead, it isn't always faster. To be honest, I'd recommend using a single M.2 drive for your OS. If you're doing 4k video editing or some other edge use case, by all means RAID 'em up. But... even a normal...
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    Low IOPs using LSI adapter

    Not sure that bumping is gonna get you the answer you want. You've already done what I've suggested and talked with LSI directly. If LSI tech support wasn't able to boost your IOPS performance further... not sure what we can do. You might be looking at a hard limit in the HBA. I've only ever...
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    Low IOPs using LSI adapter

    There should be a user friendly way to do it from within Windows, by all means reach out to LSI Support. All of my servers are BSD / Linux, hence the USB - DOS approach. A good number of those cards that I purchased shipped with the IR firmware, not the IT firmware. You can't flash the IT...
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    Low IOPs using LSI adapter

    This post should point you in the right direction for updating the LSI 9211 8i adaptor. Flashing an LSI 9211-8i RAID Card to IT Mode for ZFS/Software RAID (Tutorial) There is a specific IT mode firmware package. SAS2FLSH.exe works well within DOS for flashing purposes, that's how I got my...
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    Low IOPs using LSI adapter

    I'd highly recommend upgrading the firmware to the latest and greatest, along with the BIOS. Also, make sure to go to "IT mode" over "IR", doing so fixed my own IOPS issues in one of my ZFS servers.
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    Orddie, UnRaid does support sharing via NFS to vmware/XenServer. Sadly.... unless you're putting that share on the "cache drive" (hopefully SSD based), you're limited to slightly lower IOPS than a single drive can provide. With the current beta for UnRaid, you can have two dedicated parity...
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda E3 Video

    Early 2017? Awesome. Sign me up! ... I might need to play through ME1-2-3 before jumping into this one though. Such hardship. xD
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    bulletproof AP

    Chalk me up for being a Ubiquiti fanboy. Their UniFi gear is on-point. I have three of their WAPs at home, and another running on my controller at my mum's house. Rock solid all around
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    Warm ? 4TB 2.5" (15mm) $139.88 @ amazon

    I ripped out the stock P410 RAID controller and replaced it with an LSI 9211-8i HBA. (should have no issues with drives over 2TB) Currently it's running 20*146GB SAS drives in ZFS w/mirrored pairs and 5*120GB SSD's as L2ARC. Would be interesting to replace with these drives though, 100TB raw...
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    Warm ? 4TB 2.5" (15mm) $139.88 @ amazon

    Would these work in a SAS 2.5 bay? I have an HP DL180 G6 with 25 2.5 bays in the front...
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    My New File Server ( need a little help )

    Odds are high that the controller can't handle drives over 2TB in capacity. You'd be better off picking up two of these bad boys: The LSI 9211-8i New LSI Internal SAS SATA 9211-8i 6Gbps 8 Ports HBA PCI-E RAID Controller Card Cheaper, and you can share the HDD's over two PCI-E buses instead of...