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    Supermicro SC846 4U JBOD Replacement Fans

    I've won an eBay auction for a used SM SC846 4U JBOD. I'll be putting this in my apartment. I know the fans are quite loud. They're 80mm, but they're very thick. They have 3 pins. There are 3 along the backplane, and 2 at the back. Does anyone know of any good, quiet replacement fans for...
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    Phase 13+ LSI FW for SM X8DTH-6F

    As the title states, I have a SuperMicro X8DTH-6F motherboard. It has an onboard LSI 2008 chipset that has Phase 10 IT firmware. I'm using FreeNAS and in order to move up to release 8.3, I need to have Phase 13 firmware. The #freenas channel on Freenode is saying that I shouldn't be using...
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    Correct HBA for SuperMicro Chassis w/MPIO

    I have two M1015 SAS adapters on their way to me. I already have a SuperMicro X8DTH-6f board running (check the config in my sig). I do not have a chassis for all this equipment. Currently, it's just sitting on a shelf in my basement. I would like to purchase a SuperMicro chassis for this...