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    Radeon 6800 rumored to be 1.5x speed of 3090 for mining: Are we doomed?

    So I just heard this news from NotanApplefan... The new Radeon 6800 is a MUCH faster mining card than even the Nvidia 3090. 1.5x faster allegedly. When you consider that the power draw on the 6000 series is much lower, the price is lower, and the mining performance is upwards of 50% faster...
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    3080 Ti speculation

    So the rumors are in the air. The 3080 Ti will be coming out soon to compete with AMD 6000 series. It's going to have more memory than the 3080 but probably less than the 3090. What I'm hearing is 20GB of DDR6X but with the 320bit bus of the 3080 but keeping the CUDA core count of the 3090...
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    So who else ordered a Ryzen 5000 series CPU?

    I took the plunge and did preorder via B&H photo. I was scanning Amazon and Newegg at 12AM and did not see any listed on the website yet. I guess I'll go for the "sure" thing. I'll let you guys know if/when it ships. So is anybody else buying a Ryzen 5000 today, if so which one did you go...
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    Who is to blame for Failed 3000 Series Launch?

    So as everyone knows by now only the very lucky few, or the ones who were willing to pay scalped prices have been able to get their hands on a 3080, 3090, or 3070 GPU. Oh almost forgot, the ones lucky enough to live near one of 8 Microcenter locations also were able to get them via the brick...
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    Radeon 6000 series: Disappointing Pricing??

    So the big AMD Radeon announcement has come and gone and now we have official pricing from AMD along with a mixed bag of performance results and a new gimmick/mechanism that requires you to have a 5000 series AMD CPU for max performance?? Let's skip that potential controversy and go to the...
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    Will the 5900X or 5800X be your next gaming CPU?

    So from what I understand Zen 3 makes an architectural leap that will provide an additional 19% in IPC performance. And from what AMD reveals this means that they finally beat Intel at gaming. Per the slides the 5900X defeats the 10900k pretty much across the board except for one scenario...
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    AMD 5900X rumors

    Supposedly the 5900x will feature 5ghz boost clock, up to 20% IPC gains, and 150W TDP. Wow! This is going to be my next CPU. Holy cow, this is gonna blow the doors off Intel and still do everything else much faster thanks to 12 cores and 24 threads. AMD is on FIRE!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Source...
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    Radeon 6000 series speculation

    So I was watching hot news and I saw the following specs for Radeon 6000. Tell me if you think these are accurate. Youtube source here: Radeon 6900 XT 5120 shaders 256 bit bus 16GB GDDR6 300W Radeon 6800 XT 3840 shaders 192 bit bus 12 GB GDDR6 200W Radeon 6700 XT 2560 shaders 192 bit bus 6...
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    Ryzen 3900XT, 3800XT, and 3600XT allegedly to be announced by June 16th

    Articles here: UFDtech discussion: Supposedly these chips...
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    So the new 2060KO is apparently a stealth 2080

    for the purposes of Blender... Game performance is the same but productivity apps are a LOT better. I wonder if it could be fooled into thinking it was a full 2080 by bios flashing and how that would boost performance?
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    3500x new budget cpu king

    The 3500x beats Intel's 9400F in terms of pricing, matches it in performance, and has an actual upgrade path being higher zen 2 chips in the same product line. Available for under $120 on Aliexpress. The 9400F retails for $160 on Newegg. PS This also makes the 2600 irrelevant which is...
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    3500x new budget cpu king

    The 3500x beats Intel's 9400F in terms of pricing, matches it in performance, and has an actual upgrade path being higher zen 2 chips in the same product line. Available for under $120 on Aliexpress. The 9400F retails for $160 on Newegg. PS This also makes the 2600 irrelevant which is...
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    Trying to pick the best x570 motherboard

    I'm going back to AMD for cpu for the first time! So right now I'm trying to pick between Gigabyte Aorus Master, Asus Crosshair VIII Hero, Asrock Taichi, and MSI PEG Ace. I don't like having only 4 sata ports on the MSI. I'm unsure about the Taichi. I do like the 2.5 GB LAN feature. Does...
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    Asus ROG Swift PG348Q: 34" IPS Ultrawide 100Hz G-Sync Monitor $656 after discount!!!

    Very sweet deal on 100Hz G-Sync monitor. If you missed the deal on the Alienware, for this price, it's really tough to pass up on the ASUS ultrawide! Sold here on Newegg. The 20% off coupon is EMCERPW25 Let me know if you found this deal useful! (y) NM, please edit title. It's $799 after...
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    Dell Alienware 34" 120hz 21:9 G-Sync monitor $719.99

    Model AW3418DW Link here: First credit to our forum poster Cally for breaking this deal...
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    32" 16:9 vs 34" 21:9

    So I'm going to ask those of you who have experienced these formats, what is most enjoyable/useable for you? I currently own a 32" 1440p 16:9 monitor and I really enjoy this size format. Most media runs and displays with no problems or huge black bars. I can comfortably squeeze two browser...
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    Rakuten: 20% off sitewide

    Savings code BF20. Hunt yourself some black friday deals! Good luck! :)
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    Ray Tracing Deep Dive: Is it worth it?

    Here we have a video examining how RTX ray tracing is implemented in Battlefield V. The most significant drawback, besides the massive performance hit is the noise. Particularly check out the scene where they examine ray traced waves and it looks noisy as hell instead of smooth. In fact I'd...
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    Will a 10 series video card handle 2 different refresh rate displays with no problem?

    I'm thinking of buying a 165hz monitor for either Black Friday or Cyber Monday. My secondary display would then be my 75hz monitor. So will that work on my GTX 1080 to run 1 display at 75hz and the other at 165hz? Sounds kinda weird. Anyone else use two different refresh rate monitors and...
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    Infinity Fabric: Why Crossfire needs to die and MultiGPU can be reborn

    AMD shocked the CPU world when they released the epic Threadripper 2990WX. This 32 CPU 64 threaded beast crushed all Intel CPUs in multithreaded applications including most notably Cinebench. What makes the 2990WX possible is the technology known as Infinity Fabric. This unique technology...
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    Leaked: 2080Ti FE 39% faster than 1080Ti FE on average

    Sources: Joker Productions Good Old Gamer 10 games were benchmarked with the above GPUs and the results discussed in the above videos. Keep in mind that the 2080 Ti FE is factory overclocked whereas the 1080 Ti FE does not come factory overclocked. What does this tell me? If you game at...
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    How do you feel about Nvidia pricing on the new RTX video cards?

    Well it has been officially confirmed now: RTX 2080 Ti FE $1199 RTX 2080 FE $799 RTX 2070 FE $599 "Reference" model prices: RTX 2080 Ti $999 and up RTX 2080 $699 and up RTX 2070 $499 and up Honestly these prices blow my expectations out of the water. The 2080 Ti is priced at Titan XP price...