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    290x Folding PPD

    With any luck I'll be setting up a 290x to the folding machine today. I was wondering if there's any updated pod info out there. Early on it varied from 115k - 180k per day, then abysmaly lower like 60k. Any one else folding with these have any guesstimates?
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    F@H Config Help

    I've started folding again and would like to know what settings I should use to get the most out of my gpu. I've read that the new gpu client likes to dedicate 1 cpu core....should I leave the client setting at -1 or is there something better. Running a 2500k @ 4.2ghz and a 660ti at the moment
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    Steam/Valve Sucks

    Wtf is up with Steam? Here I sit after working all night, credit card in hand thinking I'm going to surprise my son with Black Ops: Annihilation d/l pack and the friggin servers are down!! Sure...the money grubbing servers work just fine but I can't even log into the single player part of...
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    SMP Won't Install on Windows 7

    I installed Win 7 RC a few days ago and can't get the smp client to install. Currently trying the 6.23 beta mpi clent. I get the same error message when I run install.bat : OpenSCManager failed: Access is denied. (error 5) Unable to remove the previous installation, install failed. account...
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    How To - Auto Position Your Console Windows

    Here's a little tip that I thought I would share. If you are like me and are anal about where your windows appear, like to have a tidy desktop and don't like where Windows randomly throws your console windows then read on. First position your FaH console where you would like it. Personally...
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    1080p LCD and Blu-ray Drive

    I'm not sure if this is a true Display question or an HTPC one. Now that I've got a 24"1080p lcd and a new video card my last big upgrade is an internal blu-ray drive. Will they up-convert regular dvd's to 1080i/p or will I still need an up-converting stb dvd player? This pc is going to be the...
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    Did Daylight Savings Time Kill Your WU?

    I happened to notice 20 minutes after my boxes changed time, my wu's hung. After restarting them they were funked up and downloaded another unit :( There goes my ppd today :p
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    Fah Smp Afiinity Changer - It Works!

    I've been seeing some discussion about the Affinity Changer program and decided to give it a try today. Being the skeptic that I am after all the bogus "ram doubler" programs from the mid 90's I wasn't expecting much. I must say that I'm very impressed with this little gadget. My E6420...
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    ASRock Wolfdale1333-D667 LGA 775 Intel 945GC Mobo

    I need to build a cheap pc for the work to basically run quickbooks and solitaire on Vista. I was looking at the ASRock Wolfdale1333-D667 LGA 775 Intel 945GC Micro ATX board and an E2180 cpu. Has anyone tried this board, and specifically have you tried using DDR2 800 memory in it? I'm not sure...
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    The [H]orde Hits 1 Million PpD!!

    Looks like we've finally done it. We are now consistently averaging 1,000,000 PpD or more!!! Now lets see how quickly we can bump that up to 2,000,000 :D
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    How Many New Quad Cores for Christmas?

    I was just curious as to how many folks around here got new q6600's under the tree last week? I was hoping to get one for myself, but my sons xbox360 elite quickly put an end to that idea :D. With our team ppd averaging ~940,000 / ppd, it would only take about 20 new oc'd quads to break the...
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    Team 33 Flash Video

    Well I finally dug this project up from the long lost past. Still very much a work in progress, but I've got a few ideas to play with. Go watch it here and let me know what you think. The video ends after the recruiting poster but the music keeps playing, so feel free to close it after that...
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    Patriot Extreme Perf 2 x 1gb DDR2 800 $65AR

    Patriot 2gb ddr2 800 $65 AR with coupon code EMC524DPATR
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    QuadGT Chipset Drivers

    Since I've got the whole weekend to prep for my new build, I'm going to be slipstreaming a new xp cd. I read some where in another thread that Intel or Abit had newer chipset drivers for the QuadGT mobo. Anyone know which ones I should get and are there any other newer drivers like sata...
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    Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-6400 $99 after mir

    Crucial Ballistix 2GB (2 x 1GB) PC2-6400 at $99.99 after $40 mir.
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    AMD Is Selling Half Of It's Soul

    I'm surprised no one has commented on this Front Page Story. That's a scary proposition!! I wonder if any of the prospective buyers read the fine print:
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    Another Ubuntu VMWare SMP Guide

    I just bought an opty 165 from Lupine in the FS threads and we got to talking about fah. Turns out he fold for Rage3D (oh least he folds :) )and directed me to their guide for setting up the smp client with vmware. Here's the link to the guide. All you linux pros look it over...
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    SMP Folding + Gpu Client

    I'll be setting up the vmware server next week with my "new" opty 165. I was also wanting to get an x1950xt and run the gpu client on it. Has anyone found the sweet spot to make the gpu folding worth the performance hit on the dual cores, or am I better off sticking with the smp client and...
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    ? On New OPty 165/170 Steppings

    Has anyone bought a new opty 165/170 in the last few weeks that have the newer steppings (not CCBBE)? I'm picking one up this week and was curious is the latest steppings are oc'ing as good as the ccbbe.
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    200,000 Points

    It's official, I finally broke 200k and get a shiny new [H]. It's been a long run. The first 83,000 took 27 months. The rest was done in 6 1/2 months...not a bad jump. At my current rate, I should break 600k by the end of the year....probably sooner if I can justify a new opty165 in a month. :D
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    [H]orde Folding Movie

    Seems like interest in this project dropped off the last 2 weeks, and I was out of town all last week. But if anyone is still interested in seeing this get done, go take a peek here. Just what a could throw together in a few hours, I have some more ideas, but if you have any ideas...
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    800 Cpus Coming Back??

    If you check OCAU's Stanford Page and look at #3 and #4 Trinedy, it's showing them down almost 800 cpus in the last 50 days (combined total). Is this something to be worried about, or are these mostly antiquated school cpus? I've been checking the stats as far as PpM, but the...
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    Check Your Borgs Occasionally

    I just had a chance to check out the accounting/scheduling computer at work today. First thing I noticed was clint.cfg, Work folder, fah.exe,etc all sitting on the!?! So I investigate a bit, and look at the config file......"User Name: Annonymous , Team: 0, Large wu's: No...
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    Having Some Fun......At #1

    In anticipation of our impending overtake of OCAU to the #1 Folding Team (0.8 days n counting), why not poke some fun at our overseas friends!!! We've gained over 2.4 million pts in the last 7 weeks. It appears as though our Roo friends have been busy doing things other than...
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    End of an Era

    Looks like old Midnight Freak will be relegated to the #2 spot in the next 24hrs. That was a helluva run he had, and even without producing any points for almost a yr, maintained a healthy lead. Maybe since he's losing the top spot, he'll ramp up for a couple months and regain the lead.
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    Missing Points

    Has anyone else noticed a problem with these newer low point proteins? I see it happen at least once a day on my boxes, when they turn in a 48, 53, 64 pt protein, they only get credit for 28, 33, 44 pts......I'm getting robbed of 20pts consistently on these little buggers, and for the 8-10 hrs...
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    10% Off Everything Coupons

    10% off orders over $100 at until 12/ code MB2005 10% off everything at through 12/ code ELF
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    -Advmethods in regedit

    Okay, now I know I read this the other day but of course I can't find it again. Where/what key in the registry do I need to change to add -advmethods when running F@H as a service? I'd like to change this on my newly acquired borgs. Also, which item in the cfg changes "Request work units without...
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    Borged 4 more for the Horde

    Just thought I would let everyone know that I borged the 4 new computers @ work today. Add 4 Sempr0n 3000's (8 Ghz) to the fight against them 3vil Aussies :p Hopefully at least 2 will be on 24/5.....the other 2 get about 9hrs/day. Still tryin to convince the boss to leave them ALL on 24/7...
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    Vantec Nexus NXP-301 Fan/Light Controller $9.99

    Saw this Fan Controller at Frozencpu the other day for $9.99.
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    Good path for package install?

    Yet another linux newb question. Is there a typical or recommended dir to install packages too? So far I've just been making a new dir in the /usr dir. So far most things are working, except java runtime and Azureus, which is a java based app and can't find the path to java.
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    no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH

    I'm trying to install ktorrent, and after running ./configure, I get the error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH. I've put the folder in root, /bin, /usr.....all to no luck. I'm using linspire 5.0 if that gives any needed info.
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    Suse 10.0 x86-64

    Is there any advantage to d/l'ing the 64bit version of linux to run on A64? Or just go with the plain old x86 version?
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    Attention AMD OC'ers

    Just a friendly reminder to all you guys out there with the new AMD cpus, (especially all you new X2 owners) be sure to post your overclocking results in (ct)Eclipse's Rev. E Data Thread. There hasn't been a lot of newer week cpus being posted, and almost no X2's to speak off.....and I know...
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    Difference IS noticable from AXP to A64

    I sold my Asus A8n-sli dlx board last week, and currently awaiting my dfi board. So in the mean time I had to set up my old 2500+ mobile barton @ 2.4ghz. The difference between this and my 3000+ venice @ 2.8ghz is NIGHT AND DAY!!! I have no idea how I put up with this POS for so long. Ok, the...
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    Bios Saviour

    Does anyone out there know where to buy a Bios Saviour. The one site that had them ( no longer exists, and the taiwanese company that makes them ( hasn't updated their site in 2 yrs. and wants you to fax your CC info to them :(
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    Sparkletts water dispenser as res.

    I have yet to install my apex kit (waiting on dfi mobo), but I thought of getting a used water bottle dispenser that i see at yard sales for cheap. It should be fairly easy to put some adapters on the 2 water spigots and use the 5 gal water bottle as a big ass res. I think it would be pretty...
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    D-Tek kit...Good cooling for cheap

    I thought I would point out this d-tek customs kit for people looking for a low cost jump into water cooling. This kit is almost identical to what I pieced together 2 years ago, and is now a lot less. It comes with Cathars original White Water block, a single 120mm rad, 12v pump, res, and all...
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    Rain is good for your CPU

    Yesterday afternoon we had a good thunderstorm come through. Temperatures dropped from mid 90's down to mid 60's. I happened to notice after a couple hours, that my cpu load temp dropped down to 38C, which is 5-6C less than what is has been with the heat-wave we've had and the extra vcore I...
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    Just Ordered H20-Apex Kit

    Ok guys, the temptation was just...tooooo....overwhelming!!! I'm very excited about this, as I had Cathars' original Little River White Water block 2 1/2 yrs ago, and it was great. Hopefully Swifty is on the ball and will ship it out mon-tues, and I can have some numbers up by next weekend...