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    Is a Mac Pro (2013) worth it these days?

    I asked UnknownSouljer the other day his thoughts on if a trash can is still worth it but am curious what the rest of the [H] Apple community thinks as well. Use case is some music editing with hope to improve quality. Second is to start using it for photo management and editing. Third is...
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    Wanting to replace monitor but so many choices

    Wanting to replace my Dell U2711 as I’ve really gotten away from any serious color work and anything that I do now is fine if it’s a bit off. It’s also missing some of the more modern amenities. I want to definitely increase my refresh rate. I had to make a decision when I went with this one...
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    Ubiquiti UAP-AC-IW Experiences?

    Does anybody have experience with Ubiquiti's UAP-AC-IW , especially in a house? I am thinking about using them in two locations that have existing CAT-5E drops that were meant for phones but have never been used for home phones. Currently only use an Asus N66U as a router and AP. I could get...
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    How would you play through of all Zelda games?

    I have not done a complete play through of any Zelda games since Ocarina of Time. I have the consoles handy to go through I think every game so I was wondering how would you all do it? In order of release date? Following Nintendo's suggested timeline? Another way I'm not thinking about...
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    Anybody switched from AT&T legacy unlimited to U-Verse TV unlimited?

    I'm looking to trim back on some of the monthly bills. I took a look at the AT&T Mobile Share plans now that they offer an unlimited data option. We already have U-Verse TV, and not looking to get rid of it anytime soon. It looks like even after FAN discounts, the mobile share will save about...
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    Looking for easy way to batch convert ALAC to AAC/MP3?

    Anybody know of an easy way to batch convert Apple Lossless files into AAC or MP3? Would be great if it would also keep things organized. Need to put them onto an SD Card for use in the car. Looks like it could take forever trying to do it through iTunes. Everything is currently in a library...
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    Ode to you mighty Falcon: How do you guys fix your RRoD 360?

    What RRoD fix methods have you guys used around here? My trusty Falcon system finally died after more than 7 years. It hasn't been used for more than a year when my prepaid Live expired and didn't feel like renewing it just to use it for Netflix, etc. So PS3 has been doing that duty in the...
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    Opinions on how well Surface Pros replace notebook and tablet?

    I'm looking for feedback from Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 users as to whether either device can actually replace the need for separate notebooks and tablets. More specifically, I currently use a 13" MacBook Pro and an iPad Mini for different tasks. I'm definitely not looking for a desktop...
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    Airport Express question extending WiFi without Airport Extreme possible?

    I've tried searching around but have found conflicting information about what I'm proposing to do so I'm wondering if anybody here might have an answer. My router is an Asus N66U and it works fine, and I'm not looking to replace it. What I am wanting to know is can an Airport Express be...
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    Bit the bullet on a 13" rMBP today

    Long story short: dog's tail+wife's drink=Mid '09 13" MBP instantly turned itself off. I only have had time to partially clean it, don't have a tri-wing screwdriver on hand to get the battery out, and my precision screwdrivers aren't getting some of the mainboard screws out either. I'm...
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    Tired of G15 but lost with mech. choices

    I know this gets asked and I've been reading over this stuff off and on for months. I'm just hoping for a bit of help and insight from others. I'm getting kind of tired of my Logitech G15 v2. There's nothing wrong with it except for low KRO, extra features and buttons I don't need. I'm...
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    4-pin ATX to 4-pin Molex cables?

    So I'm thinking about pulling out my Corsair HX620 to use whenever I downgrade my system. I just test fitted into a Define R4 and it looks great mounted with the fan intaking from the bottom because the stickers are already placed the right way and the colors will match the build. My AX850 is...
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    Fractal Design Define R4 with Window starting at $79.99 /w FS (NCIX-US)

    Not as good as the sale the other day but NCIX has more deals on Fractal Design Define R4 with Window. White with Window $79.99 for the next 25 orders (as of 1pm CST) If it...
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    Safe to clone from one SSD to another?

    I know it's not optimal to clone from a traditional hard drive to a SSD, even though that is what I did first go around because I couldn't afford the downtime but I did do a clean install a few months ago. But is it safe to clone from one SSD to another? I'll be moving from an Intel to...
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    Lots of Steam Friend Requests?

    So in the past 2-3 months I've received a lot of Steam friend requests from people I have no idea who they are, they never send a message saying anything about knowing me, etc. I asked a friend and he doesn't get any random requests. Is anybody else getting them? Anybody know a reason why?
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    PCIE 3.0 GPU on a PCIE 1.0 motherboard?

    I'm wondering if an AMD Radeon HD 7770 will work on an nForce 650i SLI motherboard with a presumed 1.0 PCI-E slot. I have heard there were issues with 2.1 cards on 1.0 motherboards but I can't find anything talking about the 3.0 cards with 1.0 slots. The motherboard in question is from a...
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    1GHz Core limit on 580 Classfied Ultra now?

    Okay so my 580 Classified Ultra was able to 990 MHz on air with stock voltage before I boxed it up waiting to finish my rig. I had a second one that could only do ~950 MHz and I stepped it up and going to sale the 680 when it arrives since I don't want to spend money on another waterblock...
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    My 3930k temps seem high at stock.

    I just put together a new box with a 3930k C2 and the temps seem pretty high. At stock settings, it reports between 32-34C in BIOS. ASUS's temp monitoring software was reporting about the same in Windows 7 at Idle. With 100% load with IntelBurnTest standard it was pegging mid 50s. I'm not...
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    Are there still no 4 ASTC Tuner Cards?

    I'm wondering if there are any 4-tuner ASTC PCI-E cards on the market or if there are any coming? It's one thing that is holding me back from wanting to build an HTPC. I know there is the Ceton InfiniTV card but it's for cablecards and I only use over the air antenna. :(
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    Why are modern browsers using so much memory?

    So I dug out my ancient Dell XPS M140 the other day to pull off some old files that weren't backed up anywhere else. I decided to clean up the hard drive by deleting files and programs I didn't need anymore. I also decided to download and install over 150 Windows updates from 2009, the last...
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    Any smaller than Dell PowerConnect 2816?

    Are there any 16 port smart/managed switches smaller than the Dell PowerConnect 2816? I'm looking for one to fit into my structured wiring enclosure in the closest and most of them are 1U, which is too large.
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    BF3 Server Crash Friday Night

    Anybody know why the server crashed Friday night when it was full and changing maps? Was it because Loco was owning everybody, including me?
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    Helping a friend do a Sandy Bridge Gaming Build

    Helping a friend build a desktop. His notebook was great when it came out but it is showing its age now. He usually does most his gaming on an Xbox 360 but does play some PC only games such as ArmA series, some RTS and turn-based strategy games as well. 1) What will you be doing with this PC...
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    Memtest 86+ fails with 2 sticks G.Skill RAM and D630 but not one

    I sent my D630 to Dell a few months ago to have the GPU replaced and finally had time to try to get it ready to possibly sell. Before I shipped it to Dell I put back in the single SO-DIMM I received with the machine as well as the original HDD just for good measures. I replaced the SO-DIMM...
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    How is Buffalo Tech handling RMAs?

    So several years ago I bought a set of Buffalo Tech Firestix 2x1GB 800s when they were the hot stuff. About 2 years ago the computer stopped POSTing and I tried a single stick of cheap DDR2 I had around and got it to work after all the troubleshooting of everything else. I ended up just...
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    Seagate 320GB 7.2k Momentus Clicking...good replacement?

    I bought this drive early 2009 I believe. It was after the 500gb were announced but before they were generally available. It clicked when I got it but firmware update fixed it. It started clicking again and won't load into OSX but will load XP in bootcamp but continues to click. Any good...
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    Switch advise for Structured Wiring Enclosure

    Okay I updated an older thread I made awhile back but basically I had a custom house built with 8 CAT6 drops and a 3 CAT5E for phone that I won't use. Looking like I'll use AT&T U-Verse as an ISP because I don't like Cox Cable nor their overpriced shared P.O.S. New neighborhood and I've been...
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    Any good reading on home structured wiring?

    My wife and I have been looking for our first house since March. We never saw any resells we loved within budget but found an area we both fell in love with that is doing new construction within our budget. The builder gave us a list of standard features and it does list structured wiring...
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    CF 3870s, 4890s or 1x5870?

    I currently have crossfired 3870s. I'm still happy with performance except when Anti-Aliasing. Pretty sure its been known since the 3870s came out that AA is crap. I found some XFX 4890s at a local store for roughly $180 each. Is it a good idea to keep my 3870s, go with the 4890s or...
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    Good sites to brush up on web design?

    It's been probably 7 years since I've done any web design but I've been offered a temporary position in the field. The last 2-3 years I've been doing print design work, mostly newsletters and several ~40 page letter-sized magazines. Even the last time I did do any web design, it was mostly...
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    Sigh at LG for L246WP-BN RMA

    I'm currently overseas and my wife told me that the LG L246WP-BN is starting to take between 5-10 minutes before it gets bright enough to use after being turned on. I'm assuming its the CCFL going out and taking longer to turn on. It was bought around March 2008 from Circuit City as an open...
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    "DET DRAM" on Asus Maximus Formula SE

    Well everything was going well for about a year until I unplugged my system to plug in an older system that had a file on it my wife needed. When everything was plugged back up, all I'm getting is a DET DRAM error on the LCD poster. I was even planning on ordering a Q9550 and some new RAM...
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    Looking for first 2.1 setup

    I'll start by admitting that I've never owned a proper set of computer speakers. I've always used a standalone CD stereo system or headphones. For the past couple of years I've been strictly using headphones, not even great ones. I'd like to purchase a decent set of speakers. They will...
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    Good upgrade from CF 3870 OC?

    This summer I plan on my final LGA 775 CPU upgrade to one of the higher-end quad cores--either the Q9400, Q9550 or Q9650--just not sure which one yet. I'm also toying with the idea of replacing my current Crossfire setup with my two Visiontek HD 3870 OC graphic cards. I like to use my native...
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    Q9400, Q9550 or Q9650 as my final CPU upgrade for S775?

    This summer I plan on giving my system one final CPU upgrade. I currently have an E2180 and want a good quad core to last me another 2-3 years. After that I'll do a new build or at the very least upgrade everything but the case. I'm trying to decide between the Q9400, Q9550 or Q9650...
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    Looking to buy a DSLR--30D, 40D or D200?

    I'm looking to buy a DSLR for personal use. I'm currently trying to decide between three, older and discontinued models that I can still find new in the box. Right now I'm looking at the Canon 30D, 40D and Nikon D200. If I get the 40D, I will probably look for the kit that includes the...
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    Software recommendations for personal digital backup of games to play from HDD

    I'm deploying overseas soon so I encoded about 200GB worth of my personal DVD collection to take with me on an external drive. Now I'd like to do the same for my computer games and some software I may need to use later on. Can anybody suggest some software to use? I've used Daemon Tools...
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    Ripping main movie and having playable .avi/mp4?

    I'm deploying to Iraq early next year and would like to begin digitizing my DVD collection so I can take them on an external hard drive with me. I've never successfully ripped any DVDs before so I don't even know where to begin other than what I've tried to find online. There's a couple...
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    DIR-655--Very impressed with it in first hours

    I have always used cheaper off the shelf routers, Linksys and Belkins mostly. I knew going from 802.11g to Draft-N would give me better signal in my townhouse, on either floor, but its blown me away. I picked up the DIR-655 from Best Buy. I had a coupon plus price matched with Circuit...
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    Socket P MotD?

    I'm thinking about upgrading the T7100 and RAM in my notebook and using the parts to build a small Windows Home Server. I'm having trouble finding any motherboards that support it.