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    Server 2012 Hyper-V VT-d /IOMMU How?

    I have a motherboard and processor that supports VT-d. In ESX-i I was able to redirect a pci-e card to a specific virtual machine, It did have problems and did not work completely, but the VT-d did seem to be redirecting the card. I was able to install the drivers, and it looked good in device...
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    Managing Cisco Configs

    This all spawned out of having a rotating guest wireless password. We have about 30 ish wireless Access points and another 100 ish routers and switches (all Cisco). We need a tool to allow us to make changes to these devices in mass. In a previous job I have used Cisco works and WLSE, as well...
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    Anyone else using NEDI

    Just wondered if anyone else is using NeDi. I Updated my original post looking for an open source port mapping software, as well as added it to the networking tools thread, but wondered if anyone else has/is using it? So far I am pretty impressed with the usability and amount of functionality...
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    Looking for a linux switchport mapping / management tool

    I am trying to keep this simple, and maybe get a few more features in the process. I really want to give desktop people access to just VIEW switches, not change anything. I have looked at sdig and netdisco and one seems to be more trouble to install and not have the features, and the other...
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    10 Things Your IT Department Won't Tell You

    "10 Things Your IT Department Won't Tell You" or How to waste time at work and possibly loose your job! Right on MSN's front home page. {{Click Quoted link for details}} Good god.. How bout this The Problem: There is NO problem it's this way for a reason! The Trick: Not...
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    RV082 VPN Question. (aka Stonecat where are you :) )

    First off I think I know the answer, but I wanted some input. With the RV082 or it's brothren, can you have a star VPN topology where each subnet/VPN site can speak to the other? Heres a drawing. The basic question is can PC10 talk to PC11, PC12 and PC1? I am pretty sure the...
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    Format recovery.

    I have already googled, and am considering Paragon, or ultimate boot CD, but I wanted your guys personal experiences and opinions on tools. (preferably free). The drive has been simply formatted, and I want the shortest path to recovery.
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    "10 dirty little secrets you should know about working in IT"

    Found this and thought some others here might find it interesting... 10 dirty little secrets you should know about working in IT I don't find all to be absolute, but I do see some truth to them. I have seen #4 be a double edged sword (insert curse words and CiscoWorks here :) ) It's mostly...
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    Pallet of goodies.

    Well I was at the local university property disposition (which one I'm not saying), and i came across some goodies. I found and bought a pallet with the following. 1 - Cisco 6006 W/Sup2-MSFC2 (both power supplies good, and sup and msfc working perfect) 1 - Cisco 5004 (3 - 24 port 10/100...
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    Logitech G9 Mouse Coming soon

    Ok Just caught this on the gadget sites, and heres the link to Logitech's site. $99 seems a bit much, but the ergonomics look like they would be better for me than the current generation. The right side looks like it flares out a bit where the current ones taper down and my pinky drags...
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    Looking for a good content management script (like PHPnuke or PHPwebsite)

    I have used both PHPnuke and PHPwebsite. I like PHPwebsite, because the control panel makes sense. Nuke was a bit of a mess (i.e. modules that I was using not being updated for newer versions of Nuke, and the control panel was not friendly.) PHPwebsite 1.2.x is being a major pain in my ass...
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    Online Capacity expansion Linux and rocket raid 222x

    I did a online capacity expansion on my Centos (basicaly Redhat enterprise) box and it shows the expansion went fine in the management tool, but when I look at the drive from a Windows box and do a DF in linux it looks like the same ammount of space is free. Is this typical? Do I need to...
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    New articles concerning punsihment for wifi stealing

    I have seen a few in the past, but I must be missing the correct kewords in my searches. I am looking for some news articles concerning people getting arrested, fined or jailed for stealing wireless. Thanks.
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    Looking for a free windows tool to test link capacity.

    I know of a pay for tool (Solar Winds Wan killer) that I use at work, as well as free Linux tools, but does anyone have any good free windows tools for capacity testing WAN or even LAN links? I spent about 15 mins on the web searching as well as in this forum and didnt come up with anything...
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    Not brodcasting your SSID may actualy be worse secutiry.

    Found this article, Seems like if you have Windows XP SP2 clients it's is actualy worse to NOT broadcast your SSID. Sounds like it's dependant on some settings in XP though.
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    Controler card suggestions 2 port Sata II Raid 1 PCI-X (Under $150)

    I am looking for a (Minimum) 2 port, PCI-x Controler card for my 1u Dell sc1425 that can do SATA II and Raid 1, Bootable with Linux support (Gentoo) for under $150. #1 Question is for that price am I going to get something that is going to do hardware RAID or since I'm only doing RAID 1 it...
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    Internetworking Salary Survey (based on Cisco certification)

    I found this article interesting. "Across the board, averages for all Cisco certifications are up -- and not just by a few thousand. For example, the average salary in 2004 for those of you who held a CCNA was $60,000 -- now, that number has jumped to a little more than $76,000. " That's a...
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    pfsense and dansguardian

    I did some searching and I think I found my answer, but wanted to see if this is the best way to accomplish what I want to do. It seems like Dansguardian is one of the better free content filters. I am running a dual PFsense firewall utilizing CARP Pfsync for redundancy so sessions are not lost...
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    PS2 DDR Supernova step on any arrow? help.

    My Fiance just bought DDR Supernova for her kids and of course I had to mess around with it. When playing I noticed that I could step on any of the arrows as long as it was in beat and I got score for it. Perfects even. Is there a certain level or setting so you actually have to hit the correct...
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    Run real Cisco IOS on your PC (create your own lab)

    One of my coworkers pointed this out to me the other day. It looks like a realy good resource to run real Cisco IOS on your PC via a emulator (NOT simulator). Check it out Here where they have some config files already made. and here for the actual emulator. You can create Serial, ethernet...
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    Supreme Commander ate my video card

    Well I have been playing the 2.7 version of Supreme commander for a few days now, and as most everyone else I have noticed a slow down at about the 1 hour mark. It was just starting to slow down for me, and I decided to go down for some breakfast, so I paused the game. After about 30 minutes I...
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    Tired of F-tards in multiplayer games

    Newbs are one thing and are not included in this topic. (they are just learning and are not doing stupid things purposefully) I have seen a lot of posts lately about general A-holes that have always been there, but seem to be more prevalent lately. I attached a poll to this post, as one...
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    is living in the same room with computers bad for you.

    I put this in the Folding forum, because I knew you guys would have the best answer to this question, because of the "farms". I just (last night) moved most of my PC's from the basement to a small room. (4 PC's 1 being a dual 2.8 Ghz Xeon, and the others 2.8+ Ghz P4's) My finance just...
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    Diablo 2 (like) Game

    Since I haven’t played this type of game in a long time, and my searches resulted in basically nothing. I thought I would ask if anyone could help me find a game similar to Diablo 2. The reason I am looking is because Circuit City had a sale on Diablo 2 for $7 or $8, so I bought a couple of...
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    Pretty flashing lights (Need suggestions for openhouse demo)

    I expect I can get a 42" display for this. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might use software wise to display some "cool" looking graphs. It's a large datacenter i.e. several Cisco 6500 series router/switches. I have full access to all the switches and routers as well, so doing a...
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    What happend to the free games thred?

    Anyone know what happened to the free games thred?
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    Looking for a suggestion on what distribution for a fileserver, DHCP, Asterisk, ETC

    Well here it go's I need a suggestion for a *nix distribution. Prefreably free if not cheap. Hears a rundown of my hardware and software. Hardware -Dell 1600sc 2.8 Ghz Xeon (Dual capable, 4 gig of memory) -Highpoint 2220 PCI-x controller card with 4 400 Gig drives. -36 Gig SCSI Drive...
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    Software AP for windows XP

    Normally I would just download some distribution of Linux and do it the easy way, but I got a new wireless toy and the software only works under Windows XP. I have searched for over 2 hours now and came up with basically nothing. There used to be a product called Softap from Pctel, but they...
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    Looking for suggestions. Need at least 2 Gigabit and 1 10/100

    Hi, All I was wondering if someone could make some suggestions on a SFF (max 170mm x 170mm) that has at least 2 Gig interfaces and 1 10/100. I could get away with 1 of the 3 interfaces running off of USB 2.0. (yes I know it wont run at the full gig speed, but it's better than 100Mb.) So...
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    Looking for good colocation.

    Hi, All I already have a server and, I am wanting to put up on the net. It's a 1U server. I'm looking for a good colocation preferably in the Detoit area. It does NOT HAVE to be, but it would be nice. The best I have found locally is Waveform Technology Their offer that I am looking at...
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    The Gamer Trough

    Ok. A local radio person came up with this idea and is having people test it as well as make prototypes. Pictures of it The idea is you would wear this device so you would not have to get up to get something to eat while playing games. Good idea?
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    New game server OS question.

    Hi, All I did a couple of searches on Google and came up with nothing. I just bought a new Dual Xenon 3Ghz 2Mb cache, Dell server 1UDual 3 GHz , with the intention of running a gaming server on it. I have a couple of collocation places that should provide a good place but am open to...
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    suggestions for under $170 folding Boxen

    Ok heres the deal. All of these will not need Harddrive. Basicaly I am looking at all in one Motherboards, with 128-256 Mb ram, network booting. around $170 + or -. Probably Overclocking as well. I'm not including powersupplys or cases in the cost.. They wont have cases, and I will be sharing...
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    1GB pc2100 Registered ECC $85

    Anyone with a server, you may want to up that memory. I caught this one off of Bens... Outpost has 1Gb chips of registered ECC PC2100 for $85. While this is a OK price for pc2100 adding registered and ECC for us server guys means this is a great deal.
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    Finaly Joined the [H] Folding team

    Well I have been considering doing it for quite some time, and by the end of the day I will have them all set up. Here's what I'm adding. 2.8 Ghz P4 HT, 1 gig of ram 2.6 Ghz P4 HT, 1 gig of ram 2.8 Ghz P4 HT, 1 gig of ram 2.8 Ghz Xenon P4 HT, 2.25 gig of ram 2.4 Ghz P4 HT, 1...
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    MX1000 Delay Problems ?

    I found this thread of someone documenting a delay with a MX1000. There are people noticing a delay when lifting and setting the mouse down. I will spare you the search through their thread to find the video and give you the link to the specefic message in the thread...
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    Toshiba 2.8Ghz [800mhz] with pc2700

    I havent called Toshiba yet, because I suspect that if I call Toshiba they wont know what I am even talking about. I wanted to get some opinions before I went ahead and bought anything. I have a Toshiba Satellite p15-s479. So far I really like it, but want to upgrade the memory. I went to...