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    Long POST after BSOD? (Probably memory related)

    Thread title reflects my main concern, but I had a few questions actually. I received some new hardware for Christmas, however I've run in to some issues. At first I couldn't get the system to POST, and couldn't get anything on screen. The post lights indicated a memory failure. I tried...
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    No sound when encoding AVIs

    Hello all, I have an issue with SUPER. I have a 2GB AVI file that I'd like to compress so I can youtube it. To do this, I'm using SUPER. Back when I had winXP, SUPER worked great for everything I used it for. However on Vista when I try to encode it as an AVI file, I have no sound, and when...
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    Razer RMAs

    I was just wondering if perhaps anyone who has experience RMAing with Razer could clear up my worries. I had a pair of razer barracuda HP-1 headphones just die completely on me randomly, on Christmas day.... heh, anyways, after exchanging emails with razer support, they gave me an RMA number...
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    4gigs, 3.5 shows.... 64-bit OS?

    Ahhh, the good ol' "I only have 3.5 gigs showing" threads. Well mine is a tad bit unique. What cpu-z shows: What system properties shows (cut up to not show license info): What is shown on the memory tab in task manager: I just noticed this a few days ago. As you can see, my...
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    8800GTS and TV-out

    Ok, so everybody knows nVidia didn't have the best drivers in Vista, especially in the TV-out department. Well, in Vista, XP and kubuntu, I never could get TV-out to work. At all. I've searched google, searched nad posted at the nvidia forums, still don't have a solution. My TV is a piece of...
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    Hot-N-Ready pooter!

    I was bored. Very VERY bored. So I grabbed the celly I used in this mod (Is this link against the rules? I didn't see anything but perhaps its in violation of 19): And started thinking. Introducing the Little Ceaser's™ Hot...
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    NTFS to FAT32 to NTFS

    I'm trying to install linux, and needed a FAT32 partition that i could write to. So i set aside a 5 gig partition right next to the document partition on my hard disk. However, I was complete dumbass and selected the wrong partition to be converted to FAT32. Yea, I was stupid enough to not...
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    Steam Tools

    I'm setting up a game server using Steam tools and old parts. All is well so far (Even with my ISP, they've agreed to give me more upload bandwidth. wee!) except for one problem: Steam is using my local IP instead of my WAN ip, and I don't know how to change it. I can connect thru local IP of...
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    Quick question about nForce4

    I just wanted to make sure that an nForce4 motherboard can use an ATi Card (not going for crossfire). I plan to move to socket LGA775, and so far the ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe is the only board that meets my needs.
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    PSU blowing

    Current Rig in sig. I am planning on upgrading soon (will be waiting for Conroe of course first) and I was just wondering, when hardware is upgraded, does the chance of a certain PSU blowing up increase alot? I'm worried, because my current PSU is - RAIDMAX RX-530 ATX12V/ EPS12V 530W...
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    DSentry.exe, a pretty nasty worm to my understanding, has shown up on my PC at work. Really, all this gives me is another excuse for my boss why we should trash Nortan and buy something more worthwhile such as NOD32... Anyways, I was just wondering if anybody else has encountered this worm, and...
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    Volume Problems

    I am having some problems with my speakers. The volume constantly goes up and down. It normally it just changes a little bit, however sometimes it will sky rocket and then become very quiet (though rare). Normally I would assume its a hardware problem, however this ONLY happens in Winamp and...
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    Chaos Scope!

    Well, it is digital Artwork so i guess it goes here! Anyways, i just wanted to share my new favorite program, Chaos Scope. Here is some stuff i did with it in my free time: DISCUSS!!!!!!!
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    Virtual Blues

    I'm having some trouble with virtual memory. Whenever I run Battlefield 2, Its choppy. VERY choppy. I narrowed it down to a memory problem, and figured maybe it was the virtual memory. So i disabled it and ran BF2, and with VM disabled it ran smooth as silk. Just as a confirmation that it...
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    Inflatable Flash Drive I think this would be awesome, i'd buy a few hundred if it were ever put into production.
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    Overhauling my PC, just another "rate my crap" thread

    I was going to blow my money on an LCD dcreen, but after reading about the SED screens coming next year, i decided to hold off and go ahead and upgrade my current system in my sig. I will be reusing my HDD, optical drive, RAM, case, sound card, network adapter, FDD, and power supply. I have...
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    Tired of my 8 year old 17" CRT, ready for LCD!

    Unfortunately, im tied between these 2 LCDs. I don't know which one i want :( Thanks in advance for your help!
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    INCREDIBLE instability, need diagnostic help.

    My system as of today, has become 100% unstable. Specs in sig. Dust was beginning to build-up in my system, so I got a can of compressed air and gave it a good cleaning. The only thing I took out was my video card. After reseating and getting the side panel back on, i hit the power button...
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    autorun disables, cannot re-enable properly

    Ok, something's up with all of my optical drives, both physical and virtual. Whenever i pop a cd in/mount one, autorun won't start, even though i have both autorun/autoplay enabled within the registry. Also, the icon will not show up. However, when i do click on the cd, autorun will run half...
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    Starforce driver corruption

    I was playing Trackmania Nations, when all of a sudden my systems volumes started lowering and raising out of control (Specs in sig). My first reaction was that my cat or something went behind my desk and knocked some cables loose. I double checked all connections, and they were fine. At...
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    Ram timings damaging ram?

    I've been playing with my ram timings, and i was just wondering if put them all the way down to 2-2-2-5, if there is a possibility that it could damage my ram. specs in sig. The bus speed is set to 207MHz right now (DDR414) and the ram timings are supposed to be at 2.5-3-3-7, i have them right...
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    Windows freeze prior to login

    I started up my comp when i got home today, and in btw the windows splash screen and login the system will freeze and not respond. I've tried booting in safe mode, booting with last known config, etc, but to no avail. Normally i would try the recovery console at this point, but i have a slight...
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    hooking a 24pin psu to a 20 pin mobo

    Is there ANY way to possibly hook a 24-pin power supply to a 20-pin mobo without a converter? i just got my new SPU, and I am just now realizing that it uses a 24-pin main connector, when i only need a 20-pin, and i called every shop i could reach with no luck of finding a converter. Thanks in...
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    3-pin power sensor?

    On the back of my PSU, it says to connect the 3-pin sensor to prevent voltage drops. And I don't seem to have a 3-pin sensor, all the 3-pin connectors on my mobo are for sys. fans. This IS supposed to be plugged into my MoBo correct? If so, where should i plug it in at? Power supply...
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    2 12V ratings?

    Just out of curiousity, why is there 2 12V ratings on some power supplies such as the Antec TruePower 2.0 TP2-550 EPS12V ATX12V 550W Power Supply? And is +12V1@19A, +12V2@19A good? B/c it would seem to be pretty poor if its only 19A...
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    quick SATA Hard Drive question

    My Motherboard has 2 SATA ports, and I want to make use of them. However, I don't believe it has a RAID Controller. Do have to have RAID in order to use a hard drive. Yes, I am VERY New to SATA and RAID. MoBo: ECS 865PE-A HDD: Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6L300S0 300GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache...
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    I recently formatted and re-installed winxp. All was fine until i tried to use my gamepad, winxp wouldn't pick it up for some reason (really distubing considering it is plug and play). I tried to install the drivers for it, and no go. Thinking maybe there is something wrong with the CD, I...
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    My Hardware Maintanence Guide

    I wrote this guide for people that are new/fairly new to computers to help them maintain the computers, and they said I should post this up on other forums. Before I do this however, I was wondering if i can come some input/advise about this guide, like shat should be revised and whatnot. Thnx...
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    Mother Board Heat

    I'm sure if this goes here or in the MoBo thread, but anyways: I just recently built a computer from scratch. My CPU when sitting is running at about 36 degrees Celsius and my Vid. Card aat about 43 degrees Celsius, which is normal correct? I decided i would check the MoBo heat as well, and...
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    Case Help!

    hmmm, i'm sure if this is the place, but anyways: I've been trying to build a computer from scratch, and my first try i failed. The problem is that after i hit the power button all the LEDs flash and the fans will spin for about a hlaf second and then die. I replaced the PSU and got the...
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    first build help

    This is my first build, and i got everything mounted and hooked up, escept for the restart button and the a few of the LEDs. when i het the power button to test it, all the LED fans would light up and the fans would make about 2 rotations. i figured the PSU was dead, as it was a very cheap...
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    What to build on

    im building a comp from scratch. I have all the details worked out, except for one: What kind of surface should the parts be on? all i know is that the surface needs to be static-free. and im not sure what kind of surface will suffice. I was thinking of a hard, wooden table top, as that...
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    newegg is closed, and i don't have access to GM, so i wasn't sure where to post this. anyways, i am about to order some parts from newegg, and this is my first time, so i figured i better check my address. a * appeared by me address, and that kind of worries me. is there a chance that my...
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    My first computer to be built

    im tired of having to have piece of shit computers from companies like dell, and so i have decided to build my own... after studying the inside of my computer and others online, i believe i have the know how to build my own. i was just wondering if somebody could look over my list of parts just...
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    PSP type A driver?

    i finally got my PSP today :D :D :D and it is uber leet, i also got a USB cable today... anyways, when i hooked it into my comp, it picked it up, and wanted to install a driver called PSP type A.... and it of course is not on the disk i recieved, as it is 7 years old. anyways, i figured no...