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    Which games will run at 4k, 60 fps, and high quality on a GTX 1050 Ti?

    Not terribly familiar with the 1050 Ti, but you might be able to swing Overwatch. It runs right around 60 FPS for me at 4k with almost everything turned up (No DSR, obviously - I think the only other setting I tweaked was some kind of AA) on a 1070.
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    why are these cases $600+? Who would fell for it?

    Pretty sure Demciflex filters can be ordered with adhesive backing. You can also custom order them.
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    Cable modding questions - Possible to bypass "consumer" retailers and go to source?

    There's a brand called iSwiss or something that has crimpers on Amazon for ~$20. I found them to work really well...crimps come out looking exactly like the ones from that $40 tool.
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    why are these cases $600+? Who would fell for it?

    CaseLabs cases are amazing. I'll probably never buy another case for my main rig, unless I happen to want to switch form factors. If I do, it'll be another CaseLabs model.
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    Updated! Moving to mATX /w 240mm AIO - Suggestions needed!

    Not sure what their current offerings are, but I know Lian-Li used to make some m-ATX cases with a single 5.25" bay. I actually have one I'm trying to get rid old PC-v351. A 240 rad would be a tight squeeze though....would require some modding and a very short 240 rad. The newer versions...
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    Anyone owns a m.2 PCIe adapter card and your sys. no longer see your m.2 SATA drive?

    I use a $5 PCIe adapter from eBay to run my Samsung 950 Pro as my boot drive on an old X58 system. Very rarely (maybe once every 3 months) I'll power on the system and it won't boot - everything powers on, but the system fails to initialize. Hitting the reset button has worked to get the system...
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    ax 750 failure :(

    Corsair takes care of their customers. I had an AF120 fan that I was sleeving the cable on and I accidentally pulled the wires a bit too hard, ripping them from their solder joints. On closer inspection, I noticed the originally solder joints were somewhat poorly done. Opened a case with Corsair...
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    Cheapest Quiet Decent PWM 120mm Fans

    I'm running 4 of the Arctic F12 fans since they're what came with with the Liquid Freezer 240 I bought. They're not bad, but I'll be replacing them with Corsair ML120's soon - have had them sitting here for months, just too lazy to sleeve them.
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    Lucky Draw - SilverStone ST80F-TI 800W Power Supply

    Yep, for the new to me Nexus 6P I just got.
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Yeah, definitely re-seat and re-apply your TIM, cause that's way too hot.
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    Recommend a Mech. Keyboard w/ Blues?

    Love my Max Keyboard Nighthawk x7. Normal looking black keyboard with white LED backlighting. Cherry MX Blues. Came with a wrist wrest too, which I actually like. Very nice braided cable and it has headphone / mic / USB. I like having USB on the keyboard so I can plug in my mouse's receiver and...
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    Why not buy premium, expensive motherboard?

    Back when I bought my Rampage III Gene, $200-300 was the high end. I'm glad I went with it - still running it as my only PC nearly 7 years later. Mobo is the only thing left from the original build, but I'm glad I paid a bit more for all the latest features (at the time) - having USB 3.0 and...
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    GTX 1080 GPU Boost 3.0 fail?

    I remember fooling around with this when I first got my 1070. I found that manual overclocking using the curve did allow me to hold a higher core frequency, but for whatever reason my benchmark (Firestrike) scores were consistently lower. I went back to just setting an OC using the slider and...
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    WiFi Thermostats?

    Don't forget to check if your utility company offers a rebate. I know parts of SoCal can get $125 for a thermostat right now. Makes it tempting to get another ecobee3 for the upstairs AC unit.
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    Samsung 950 pro vs 960 Evo

    I upgraded from an 840 EVO to a 950 Pro. I noticed a difference, especially booting. To be fair, I was running the 840 EVO on my board's crappy pseudo-SATA III controller. The 950 Pro is plugged into a PCIe slot.
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    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    Mmm...would go nicely in my white case.
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    Samsung 950 Pro M.2 w/ Older Hardware

    950 Pro will work as a boot drive. Cannot speak for other NVME M.2 drives - I know the 950 Pro works for sure since the controller is compatible with legacy BIOS. I'm running one now as a boot drive on my 6 year old system.
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    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    I had such high hopes during my placement matches for season 3... For both seasons 1 & 2 I think I either went 4-6 or 5-5 in my placement matches and it put me exactly at SR 1999 both times. So I'm going through the season 3 placement matches and find myself doing pretty well...was 6-3 with one...
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    Does turning on auto motion plus have any effect on input lag? I have it off since I figured any additional processing could potentially increase input lag.
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    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    I play at 4k on a GTX 1070. At 100% DSR set on Epic with just one of the AA settings turned down a notch (I think the TXAA one). Averages right around 60 FPS with dips to ~50. Good enough for me right now. I think the last patch actually undid my settings and put everything back at Auto. I was...
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    The VESA pattern on the back of my UN40KU6300 is 200x200, not 400x400. I've seen it listed incorrectly so I thought I'd chime in. I'm using an old Monoprice desk mount that I was using before with my Dell 3008WFP. It's good for up to 30 lbs so it's plenty for this panel. Had to buy some cheap...
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    Tis' the season - Christmas trees

    I have a Golf and an A3. You can fit a 6-7 foot tree inside the hatch with the seats down. Put a bag over the stump and secure it with a rubber band since it'll leak sap. Can also put some plastic trash bags down to protect the hatch area / back of the seats, but I never noticed any sap staying...
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    Recommendations for high-flow fan mesh fabric?

    They'll also make custom sized ones if you want. Pretty quick and pricing is very reasonable.
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    NVMe PCIe AIC question

    The Samsung 950 Pro's might work as a boot drive. The controller supports booting with a legacy BIOS. I have one running on my 6 year old Rampage III Gene X58 system as my primary boot drive. Just plugged it in via a cheap $5 adapter from eBay. I only say "might" because there's no way to know...
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    What brand 1080?

    Zotac was offering a 5-year warranty when I bought my 1070 so that's what I went with. I also like the overkill cooler.
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    Don't game much anymore...Recommend a 4k display?

    To drive 4k @ 60hz I think you'll need something with HDMI 1.4 or Displayport 1.2.
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    Don't game much anymore...Recommend a 4k display?

    I just upgraded from a 30" Dell 3008WFP to a 40" Samsung UN40KU6300. It's amazing. I had used the Dell for 6 or 7 years...I guess things have improved a bunch, cause even though the Samsung is a budget 4k TV it looks better than my old Dell. The biggest difference (aside from the massive gain in...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Just a cheap one from eBay. It was like $5. You may need to enable option roms in your BIOS, although I didn't have to do anything on my Rampage III Gene. Showed up on boot and I did a clean install of Windows 10 with no problems. Hopefully Samsung kept the legacy BIOS compatibility in the 960...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    PCI-e M.2 adapters will work with some of the NVME SSD's. Samsung 950 Pro works for sure...probably my favorite upgrade. Boots in 15 seconds and allowed me to disable the crappy Marvell SATA 3 controller.
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    Braided Headphone Cable Project

    Good work - looks great! I've been meaning to make a set of cables for my HD650's for like 10 years, lol. Never got around to starting it. Currently have a pile of materials next to my desk for a custom set of PSU cables....maybe once I finish those I'll find the motivation to do what you did.
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    Does anyone remember the name of this heatsink?

    My parents used to sell packaging materials to DFI on the east coast. I remember visiting their location once or twice when I was really young....too young to appreciate all the goodies they had there. I was sad when I heard they were no more...the Lan Party boards were pretty big back in the day.
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    Does anyone remember the name of this heatsink?

    Clicked just to see if this would be about Thermalright....those were the days =)
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    Civilization VI Announced

    Got my first victory in my second game. First game I ended up in 2nd for the score victory. Stumbled into a cultural victory my second try...wasn't going for it. Kept playing cause I wanted to build nukes play around. I've launched like 15 of them, lol. The AI is terrible at trades, at least...
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    Civilization VI Announced

    Anyone even moderately excited for this? I don't think I ever played Civ IV, but I had fun with the vanilla version of Civ V. I stopped playing before all the DLC came out, so it's been a while.
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    x58 storage help

    Can confirm the 950 Pro works with a PCIe adapter. I'm using one with a cheap $5 ebay adapter on my X58 system. It's significantly faster than SATA 3, especially the gimped SATA 3 that most X58 boards have. Definitely worth it...although it's worth waiting to see if the new 960 Pro/Evo's are...
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    Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K

    Finally got mine attached to my LCD desk mount. It's an old Monoprice arm I used with my Dell 3008wfp, so it's good for up to 30 lbs. Problem is, I needed a VESA adapter to fit the Samsung's 200mm x 200mm pattern (online specs that say 400mm x 400mm are incorrect - this TV has 200mm VESA mounts...
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    Best current TIM?

    I don't think I've ever actually finished a tube of thermal paste. I think my first ever purchase was a tube of AS Ceramique (the original) which I still have in my toolbox. Probably 10+ years old. From there I moved to Shin Etsu, which I still have a large syringe full of. Then swapped to MX-4...
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    @Fry's B&M - Samsung 4k 43" UN43KU6300 - $497 no tax!

    I wasn't sure about enabling the wifi and smart features. Took a chance and connected everything so I could update the firmware. No noticeable changes. The apps seem to work pretty well for me.
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    My 11 year old doing 128mph in a go-gart

    Lol, I was thinking racecar driver in the making.
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    My 11 year old doing 128mph in a go-gart

    Is she left foot braking in the top pic?