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    Bookshelf speaker upgrade question

    Good Morning, My current audio set up for my computer is a pair of M-Audio AV42s and a Polk PSW10 subwoofer off of an audio splitter out of the computer, for about the last decade+. This set up works OK though long in the tooth, except that I have to manually switch off the sub if I put...
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    Light weight but still good to build in case recommendation?

    Good morning all! I am on the cusp of building a new (edit: air cooled) computer soon. One of the major hiccups of my last build is that I used a CM 690 case and the thing weighs a ton. A couple years ago we had to evacuate due to a fire and it was not easy to quickly heave the tower into the...
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    Building a new gaming computer, thoughts/recs? Budget: under $1,500, not counting gpu

    Hiya, I am finally building myself a new gaming computer and upgrading from my venerable old i7 920. My initial plan is to (for now) continue to use my GTX 1060 and my two ASUS VG248QE 24" 1920x1080 144Hz monitors. This is what I am considering for the rest of the components. Thoughts...
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    i7 920 Stuck at 12x multiplier

    I know this is an old CPU but I am trying my best to limp it along rather than taking it out back and shooting it. However, I am running into a problem and I am so confused right now, really can't figure out what is going on with this thing. OK, so I have been looking at upgrading my computer...
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    Would a new video card help me or is my bottleneck elsewhere?

    Good Morning! I am currently using a several year old GTX 580 GPU in my i7 920 system, this system is primarily used for gaming. Most of the time it does what I want but it is starting to show it's age as far as running newer games smoothly at good resolutions. To improve my gaming hardware I...
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    Big stack of Win7 keys, any way to turn them to Win10?

    So I have a big stack of Windows 7 keys purchased some time ago. Never been activated, etc. From some of the reading I have been seeing it more or less looks like upgrading these to windows 10 keys has to be done on the machine they are going to be on, right? If I understand correctly, due to...
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    Seeking a gaming laptop, budget $1,200-$1,500

    My brother, an engineer, just secured a raise and wants to celebrate by getting himself a gaming laptop. His budget is in the $1,200 to $1,500 range. His main concerns are performance and reliability, portability is less of a concern (though he does travel enough he can't just buy a desktop)...
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    M-Audio AV40s, $79, B&H

    I picked up a pair of AV42s recently and love them. That said, I would have been stoked to have gotten their predecessor for only $80 instead. Oh well, thems the breaks.
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    LG 27" Monitor + 128gb ssd for $190 - Newegg Saw this deal on SD and figured folks here might be interested as well. Seems pretty...
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    Loving the M-Audio M-42s

    So a wee bit of backstory: for the past few years I have been using a 2.1 set of Swan M-10s. Never really been happy with them. They were pretty but that is pretty much where the positives ended for me. The left speaker hissed if left on for more than a few hours, audio clarity always felt mushy...
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    Upgrading from 6gb to 12 gb of ram, trouble getting all recognized

    Hi all, I am hitting a problem with a ram upgrade for my computer. Recently I decided to upgrade from 6gb to 12 gb of ram. I went and ordered a second 6gb kit of the same make/model/manufacturer as my initial kit. After install of the new ram sticks and boot up, it recognizes the install but...
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    Amazon VS Newegg competing modem/router bundles

    Ah, tech decision paralysis. I am shopping for a new router and also want to get a modem to stop paying Comcast to rent their POS modem. Newegg is offering a good price for a modem+router combo Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 router + Motorola SB6141 modem. ...
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    Guide for cloning from a HDD to a SSD?

    Is there a definitive [H] recommended guide for cloning over a primary drive from a HDD to a SSD? I think I am finally ready (long overdue) to make the jump from a traditional HDD to a SSD for my boot drive / primary application drive. I'd rather not have to reinstall everything from scratch...
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    Black Screen Crashes - GPU??

    When I run up graphics intensive games (rig in signature, built about 4 years ago) (diablo 3, call of duty, SC2, etc) it is not uncommon for me to get crashes where the screen goes black and the sound starts looping in the background. The only way to break out of the crash is to hold down the...
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    Affordable Gaming monitor? 24" (ish)

    Heya folks, I am doing research for a friend on a budget who is looking for a gaming monitor. I remember back in the day there was the anandtech LCD thread, but it seems like that has long since fallen into disuse. Is there a similar reliable aggregating source out there these days? So far, at...
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    Budget Gaming Computer build ideas? $700 or less

    Hey all. My friend would like me to build him a budget gaming machine. I was hoping to consult with you all before embarking on the build to get him the best bang for his buck. That said, on to the standard questions: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc...
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    $400 ish build for the wifey.

    Wife has made it very clear that she wants a new desktop. This has got my long dormant builder junky senses tingling. I've been out of the hardware game for a long time, so I thought I would turn to my favorite group of hardware junkies to help plan my next project. The end result is for her...
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    PC Mass Effect 3 - $9.98 (Amazon)

    It has been on my wishlist for some time, waiting for it to get cheap. $10 is the best price I've seen by quite a bit and the PC version in theory comes with one of the DLC for free which should address some of the nuclear heat the endings apparently generated. Thought I would share in case...
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    Upgrading from GTX 260 to ... ??

    So, I built a computer for my brother some years ago (i7 920 cpu, gtx 260 gpu). It then proceeded to sit in his closet for a long time for whatever reason. He now actually thinks he has a use for a desktop computer again and would like me to look into his options for bringing his gpu up to snuff...
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    HoN (Heroes of Newerth) complete security breach

    Just fyi, the scuttlebutt of the day I have seen from my gaming friends is that Heroes of Newerth had it's entire username and password database completely breached. Thus, you know, if you play that game / ever played that game, do some password cleanup (not that I would ever expect anyone on...
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    Ram upgrade, worth it?

    Heya folks, I have been having the itch to upgrade my desktop lately, (unrelated: also just popped a second gtx 285 in for SLI goodness). What my question today is: Is it worth it to go from 6 gb of ram to 24 gb of ram? As I am sure you are all aware, ram prices have dropped dramatically over...
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    Uprading from a GTX 285?

    Heya all, I have a gtx 285 from the rig in my sig. I am kind of hankering to upgrade from it because I have never been completely satisfied with this card. What would be my best best in the $200 ish or lower range? Running a single 22 inch monitor (LG Flatron L227WTG, 1680x1050 res), would...
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    Flip Mino HD 4g - $45 after shipping,

    So, I hadn't seen this posted anywhere yet. Looks like has the newest version of the Flip Mino HD for only 40 bucks today brand new not refurb, with 5 bucks total shipping regardless of quantity purchased. I bought the old version of one of these for my wife a few years ago and...
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    Upgrading a friends old HP Pavilion - trying to stay under $100

    Hey folks, I am working to help a friend on a very, very tight budget upgrade his old 2005 HP Pavilion. I believe this is the model he has: HP Media Center m7265c Product Specs here. What I have recommended to him so far is to buy one of these kits as a ram upgrade (which in theory should...
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    120 mm fan advise?

    Hey gang. Many of the fans in my current case are starting hit end of life noisiness/rattling and I was hoping I could get some advise from folks on replacement fans. I have previously been using Scythe Slipstreams, which were nice and quiet and pushed an acceptable amount of air but I am not in...
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    120 mm fan advise?

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    6 gb(3x2) 1600 ddr3 Corsair Ram - $64.99 FS - Newegg

    One of the email deals in newegg's flyer today. Link to flyer Seems pretty hot to me, 3x2gb sticks of 1600 corsair ddr3 ram for $64.99 with promo code EMCKJJG24 Link to RAM Free shipping, no MIR necessary.
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    HDMI Cable Questions

    So, I am planning on rewiring all of my home theater stuff to HDMI cables (long overdue) and I have a question. I saw this thread in the Hot Deals section for Monster HDMI cables at remarkably low prices. My question, as posted in that thread...
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    Thinkgeek $10 off + free Mirror Rubiks cube on order over $40

    Not quite the same as computer hardware deals but still a hot deal in my opinion. Found this out putting together a Christmas order for a family member today from You can pull one of the many $10 off $40 or more order coupons from...
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    OCZ Agility 120 gb $189 after MIR Cyber Monday Deal - Newegg

    Did a quick search and didn't turn up this deal already posted. If it is, forgive me. I was glancing through the cyber monday deals and spotted this one: $189 after MIR, free shipping for a 120 gb SSD. That $1.58 price per...
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    Brain Overclocking

    Ok, so I know this is a little off topic, but I just had to share this with the hardforum after I saw it on slashdot.The next step in [H]ard, time to overclock your brain? EDIT: Wonder if this would void manufacturer's warranty?
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    Still running 186.18, worth it to jump to 257.21?

    So, I am notoriously distrusting of updating my graphics drivers after I settle on a set that works. However, I am wondering if it is worth it to go ahead and update to 257.21. My system is perfectly stable at 186.18 so it is hard to convince myself to make the jump to an unknown level of...
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    Hard drive go boom, any hope of recovery? (pic inside)

    Hey gang, So, my parents managed to make the hard drive on their computer explode. Not literally, but apparently it was smoking heavily and it looks like there is burn damage to it. Don't ask me how, I honestly don't know. They have a lot of family photos and whatnot that they of course didn't...
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    Newegg - LG 55" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV $1388+FS

    This seems like a pretty hot deal on a huge name brand TV, thinking about buying one myself when my tax return comes in (I filed early). Thoughts? Link LG 55" 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV 55LH40 - Sale priced at $1388 with free shipping.
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    Is there a better way? - Video encoding

    Hi everyone, A little background on the situation: I frequently need to help people create video files with a final target universally either .wmv or .mov (depending on whether the person needs to be able to work on/view the video on a PC or Apple). Due to their common nature and the high...
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    Cable (and Modem) Questions

    Hey gang, I have been a longtime dsl user but the location of the house I just purchased does not have any available "open ports" or some other stupid excuse. Therefore I am being forced to switch to comcast cable internet as that is the only other real option at the location. What is a good...
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    A power draw quesdtion.

    Hi gang, Back in May I built the rig in my sig. Since then it has been up and running 24/7 with few exceptions. Yesterday my wife looked at our power bills from June to November of last year compared to this year and found them to be $40 higher on average. We have seen a jump of 340 kWh to 508...
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    Overclocking an i7 920 Advice PLZ Amidoinitrite?

    Hi guys, I finally decided to try out a little bit of overclocking and here is what I did: I went into my bios and disabled the XMP profile so that it wasn't forcing any custom settings. Then all I did was change the Bclk to "160" Here is a screenshot while running prime 95. Does this...
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    Help with my first overclock? i7 920 to 3.4 ghz

    Hi guys, I built the system in my sig in early May and I have decided I would finally like to start the next step in my journey of computer study. I've never done an overclock before, I would like to start overclocking this system. Could I please have some specific advice on bios settings to...
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    Windows 7 on old hardware problems

    Hi gang, I have just finished updating every computer in my house to windows 7 for further evaluation and almost all of them are working flawlessly. The one system that is throwing me trouble has the following specs (roughly): AMD Athlon 3000+ XP Geforce 7600 GS AGP card 2 gb ram This system...