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    Sub 300 receiver

    Looking for a Surround sound Receiver for under 300 bucks. This one looks pretty good for 210. Not sure if this one is worth the additional...
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    Virtualizing Hardware For Testing

    How difficult or even possible is it to emulate a specific laptop/computer as a virtual machine? Is it simply as easy as pulling a VHD from the physical hardware and deploying it to a virtual machine? I need to test driver and hardware compatibility with software.
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    ChromeOS Enterprise Rollout

    I am looking at replacing our existing Kiosk systems with ChromeOS based boxes, however licensing for centralized management seems to be $150-200 per device. Does anyone have experience with the ChromeOS devices at an enterprise level?
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    ChromeOS Enterprise roll out

    I am looking at replacing our existing Kiosk systems with ChromeOS based boxes, however licensing for centralized management seems to be $150-200 per device. Does anyone have experience with the ChromeOS devices at an enterprise level? Not sure if this is in the right subform, thanks.
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    SFF Video Card

    Hey all I am looking to put a video card in a SFF Dell Desktop. Looking to stay under 150 for the card and would like some feedback, but I guess I could jump outside that if its going to be advantagious. I play mostly Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Rome 2, Skyrim, and Dota. Monitor runs...
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    HP T410 proxy

    Anyone have any idea how to get to the firefox config.js file on a HP T410. I have the .js file, but can't seem to figure out how to get it to the system.
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    Windows 8 Tablets with LTE

    As the Title would imply looking at Windows based tablets with Mobile broadband options. Looking to test start a pilot test and wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations. Units would need to be a laptop replacement. Looked at the Veune 11 from Dell, as well as HP ElitePad.
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    G4 Linux distro

    I have an old g4 MacBook I wanted to toss a Linux distro on it any ideas? looking at penguinppc. wanted to be able to watch Netflix and listen to spotify
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    Test System

    Hey all looking to build a new computer on the cheap, just got myself a Technet sub so I wanted to put together a box I can toss Server 2008, and run exchange Sharepoint, and possibly Lync as well. It would be nice to toss a VM or two on as well. I am also toying with the idea of using this as a...
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    Rack and stack

    Do you guys ever run into the situation where after putting brackets on a server or switch the screws will simply not line up? What do you do in this situation?
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    New wiring

    Hey all I will admit I dont know much about cabling. my apartment just got wired by an electrician for data and cable. problem is now my tv gets crazy pixelated and my internet keeps resetting. I think it's an interference issue, because I am getting t3 and t4 errors on my modems event log...
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    Bart PE Sata Drivers

    Anyone have a link to a BartPE image that has Sata drivers built in? I am going to start building one.
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    Remote Desktop From Phone

    What app do you guys recommend, I grabbed 2X and its way more that I need, right now. Currently only for in home use, but I will end up expanding to possibly include offsite access, and wake on lan to the mix.
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    A few holiday recommendations?

    Hey all looking for a few holiday recommendations. 1. A printer that can print from an iPhone. When AirPrint first came out I know that only the HP Envy line printers supported it. However, the list seems to have grown, need an all in one or 3 in 1 color ink printer, smaller form factor would...
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    Not sure if this is the best place for this post, but this seems to be the most technically savvy sub-forum. My boss wants me to get a Microsoft Cert, he recommended the MCITP, as its what we have access to in our skill-soft library. It looks like that cert is being dropped and replaced...
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    Chicago LAN?

    Anyone know of a good one?
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    "Smart" TV device

    I recently had to give up my Tivo DVR :( So I am looking at getting a device to stream Netfilx, youtube, and have some '"smart" TV functions, streaming video from another device would be a plus. Was looking at the Vizio Co-star. But after reading some reviews it sounds like a pos. Then I was...
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    New Xbox 360

    Hey all don't come to the console section much but I figured I could use the advice. The gf's son's Xbox is on its last legs. Considering a replacement for Xmas. Have a HDD for the old one. Can I pickup the 4GB version and put the old HDD in or do I need to get the 250GB? Also when is...
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    New Router

    Picking up a new router today after work. N750 Wireless N Dual Band Gigabit Router. Any other recommendations? Devices are as follows: 2 Desktops. 3 Laptops 4 Phones/Tablets 1 Network BluRay player 1 Xbrox 360. I have a switch. Budget up to 100, Microcenter or TigerDirect, I will...
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    Wake up on LAN

    Hey all wanted to try to figure this out. I would like to be able to remotely power on my home computer from the office. As I understand I would need to set up a VPN. What sort of hardware would be cheapest to run a VPN for this function? Would a home router with a custom firmware...
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    Upgrade Path

    Well its getting to that time again, upgrade time. Last time I was looking my job prospects dried up right before I pulled the trigger. I am looking to get the best bang for buck upgrade I can get. With the 660 coming out soon I am thinking of picking one of those up, or after reading the...
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    Signal Booster

    Hey all, my dad's going on a boating trip in a few weeks, and him and his brothers are looking at getting some signal booster so that they can access the wireless from the harbors they are going to overnight in. I recommended he get a yagi antenna, but I am wondering if they might also need a...
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    End of Nations

    Just got an email for this End of Nations Beta weekend. Has anyone played or seen this game before?
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    Toner Issue

    Just picked up a toner to identify some missing/mislabeled/unlabeled cables. Was going great until I plugged into one that I can't pin down. Going into the server room the toner goes nuts even on the isolate setting giving me high signal on multiple cables. Any ideas what could be causing this...
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    Color Averaging

    Figured I would post this here and see what you guys think. A few years back I came up with an idea to color average pixels in each frame of a video. I never quite figured it out. Anyone have an idea of how I would go about taking a pixel from a frame and averaging it with all the other...
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    Custom PS Drivers

    Hey all wanted to know if anyone has any experience with this sort of issue. At work people print a lot of graphically intensive .pdf documents. Using PCL drivers this can take the printers a very long time. The problem is caused because the pages when spooled to the printer are 10-20mbs...
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    All These New Games Suck

    Personally, I don't think all the newer games are that bad. Specifically I am talking about FPS games, I think that game designers have gotten lazy, take for example the Doom vs COD map layout image I see being thrown around. I will say that linear game play does serve an important...
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    Bad PSU?

    I think I may have a bad PSU. I have an older C2D system that I use, recently the computer has been just shutting down, and rebooting. I have not been getting a BSOD or any crash dumps. Most recently the system rebooted while I was in the BIOS. After this reboot I am almost certain...
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    New Sprint Phone

    Time for my upgrade and I am looking for a new phone on my sprint plan. I really wanted to get a windows phone but the only one is 3g and doesnt really look that good. Any recomendations, dont want to spend over 200 after all is said and done.
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    500-600 build help

    Hey, all helping a friend of mine with a build for a new Desktop. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming 2) What's your budget? 500-600 yes tax and shipping included 3) Which country do you live in? PA 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, PSU, MOBO, HD...
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    Pull the trigger on a 560 ti?

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a 560 ti A few questions: 1. Good price point/bang for buck option? 2. Wait to see if the price drops after the 600s roll out? 3. Bottle neck on my CPU (in sig C2Q @ 3.15)? If yes what OC would I need to push? I game at 1680x1050, may consider a...
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    Sylvania LC420SS8 Parts

    Hey all, I just got a Sylvania LC420SS8 from a friend however he lost the base for the TV. Been looking online for replacement parts but I can't seem to get any information as to which parts I need to purchase. Anyone have one of these TVs or know of a good place to get replacement parts?
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    Bose Lifestyle 25

    I just recently recived for free a Bose Lifestyle system from early 2000, it does not have any speakers with it but I did get the sub that has all the plugs for speakers. It does 5.1 so I'm wondering about some decent speakers to pair the system with. I will be using it for gaming and music...
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    Telephony Primer

    Looking for a good resource for a telephony primer. Starting a new job and I would like to be on the up and up when it comes to my first day.
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    Dell XPS 420 refuses to boot windows cds

    Hey all having a very odd problem with a computer I am trying to fix. This is a Dell XPS 420 which had a bad hdd, no problem copied the files off they system by booting linux from cd. HDD diagnostics show bad sectors, so bad drive. I put a new HDD in the computer and now the problems are...
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    Xbox360 racing games

    I am looking for a good racing sim game for Xbox 360 I am between PGR 4 and Forza 3 at this time. Any recomendations other than those two? Not really interested in arcade style racing games I played enough NFS to last a lifetime.
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    Sharepoint file migration

    I'm banging my head against the wall with this one. I want to migrate an entire server folder structure into a sharepoint page. I can't seem to make this work, tried using a command line script, no luck. I then attempted to do it through ie but for some reason ie8 decided and ie9 to not work...
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    Server Managment Question

    So I am currently setting up what amounts to a back up and file server in an office, because of the dual nature of the office part of the office is tax exempt, and the other part is not. So some of the computers are managed by another IT department that I would rather not deal with at this...
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    Wierd wireless USB issue

    Yes I said wierd when I meant to say weird its been a long day. So I won't be the first to say that I hate when I have to recommend to a customer that they need a fresh OS install after troubleshooting a device for two hours. Basically this Netgear wg11t wasn't connecting to the...
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    New IT job

    Hey all first time posting in this sub-forum I think. NEway I just started working at a computer repair company doing troubleshooting and the like. Kinda like Geek Squad I guess, but we don't overcharge its mostly home users and a few companies. Just wanted to ask if anyone has any...