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  1. Evil Timmy

    A "Legend" Reborn: Logitech Brings Back the MX518 Gaming Mouse

    Totally with you on this, I feel the weight is almost a physical "mouse filter", smoothing out some of the smaller twitches and overall giving me smoother arcs and easier tracking of moving targets. If a mouse is too light or too small, it feels a bit twitchy, like a car with too-fast steering...
  2. Evil Timmy

    GPU Prices dropping?

    Pretty bonkers to see my 1080 (non-Ti, just factory OC) going for around the price I paid for it on FS/FT four years ago. No idea when my next PC upgrade will be, I was already skipping this generation because it wasn't quite to the point of steadily putting up 100+fps in 4k, which is enough to...
  3. Evil Timmy

    Irdeto Launches Denuvo Anti Cheat

    This sounds like "Police claim Tasers will leave you with a light tingling sensation." We've heard your claims before, and this just doesn't hold water.
  4. Evil Timmy

    3D Realms' "Wrath: Aeon of Ruin" Is a 90s-Inspired Shooter Built on the Quake Engine

    Shame the reviews say it's a godawful barely working game with what's basically smoothed-out assets from the original, and an utterly broken driving system.
  5. Evil Timmy

    NVIDIA: RTX GPUs, High-Refresh-Rate Monitors Can Improve Your Kill-Death Ratio

    The driver at a track day with the modded M5 vs a stock Miata is almost certainly going to turn in better times. But he'd probably beat the Miata's driver in their car too, because they spent more time developing the skills needed to corner well and maintain speed. The superior hardware they...
  6. Evil Timmy

    3D Realms' "Wrath: Aeon of Ruin" Is a 90s-Inspired Shooter Built on the Quake Engine

    Still waiting on the Wacky Wheels remake. I remember poking around in the demo files and realizing that the shareware version had map previews for the full version, and if you renamed the right files to the default demo map you could play those too. As both my age and net worth were in the...
  7. Evil Timmy

    Netflix May Be Losing $192M per Month from Piracy, Cord Cutting Study Claims

    Reed Hastings has come out on multiple occasions saying they don't care about people sharing logins, as it's a perfect ad. "Freeloaders" get a taste, but eventually want their own lists and likes, leading to a new signup, friends and family getting in on the account, someone new sees it, and the...
  8. Evil Timmy

    Comcast Sets Default Xfinity Mobile PIN to 0000 and Fraudsters Jump for Joy

    That's amazing, I've got the same combination on my luggage!
  9. Evil Timmy

    A "Legend" Reborn: Logitech Brings Back the MX518 Gaming Mouse

    I had an MX518 in a rippled red and that mouse survived years of hard gaming and going along to DJ gigs, with all that entails. While it didn't last as long as my diNovo Edge (bought in 2005 and still chugging away with my HTPC, and looking great), it put up with a lot of abuse and took it like...
  10. Evil Timmy

    Xbox Game Pass Is $2 for 2 Months and Works on PC

    Forza's pretty great, the constantly changing seasons and challenges, many types of online events, and sheer number of cars make for a lot to delve in to.
  11. Evil Timmy

    Metro Exodus Is Now Being Review Bombed on Metacritic

    "Long saga"? Deep Silver pulled a fast one for piles of cash. The consumer side of things is filled with overblown internet rage, but DS did absolutely nothing to hide exactly what this was, and despite the trend towards "influencers" we still know a real sell-out when we see one. EActUbiTwo...
  12. Evil Timmy

    Samsung Quits Blu-ray Player Market

    If you're any kind of gamer, or anyone in your household is, it's hard to see buying a standalone player over a PS4 Pro/XB1X. Most seem to run $200-250 at a minimum, tend to have less frequent firmware/format updates than consoles (with less streaming options), and most obviously don't play...
  13. Evil Timmy

    Pennsylvania Legislators Re-introduce Bill to Tax Mature-Rated Video Games

    This is grandstanding, plain and simple. No way this would hold up to any kind of First Amendment scrutiny, especially adding a tax based on a wholly independent and private third party's largely arbitrary (and voluntary) labeling. I don't think I need to rehash the "videogames are now...
  14. Evil Timmy

    Intel Xeon W-3175X Is the Fastest Workstation Processor on the Market

    The fact that a part costing $1200 more is neck and neck with with AMD on any of these tests, plus having to deal with that much extra heat...kinda reminiscent of some of AMD's old "upgrades" where it was the last processor architecture just pushed to its thermal limits. We can only hope that...
  15. Evil Timmy

    Modders Intend to Recreate Fallout 2 in Fallout 4's Engine

    Fallout 2 still holds my record for longest gaming marathon (80+ snowed in hours over Christmas break) and I love doing runs every couple of years with odd character builds to see what new situations I can get myself in (and out of). There's still few games that offer so many different choices...
  16. Evil Timmy

    Slightly Mad Studios Reveals the Final Design of the Mad Box

    The wildly changing designs in such a short span of time says this is more vapor than an OCed humidifier. Looks like they glued some of the bodywork from a McLaren P1 toy onto an Xbox.
  17. Evil Timmy

    PlayStation, Xbox Console Competitor Mad Box Releases First Look at Their Design

    So it's not out for three years, meaning by that point the Xbox Next and PS5 will have a year of titles including their usual handful of first-party exclusives? If they were able to beat the fall/winter 2020 expected launch and nab an exclusive or two to at least pull some fanbases their way...
  18. Evil Timmy

    Analyst Predicts PS5, Next-Gen Xbox Will Offer 4K, 240 FPS, Virtual Reality

    240FPS, aka a standard that won't even be supported in the just-starting-to-peek-out HDMI 2.1 spec, and has shown up in only a handful of (generally unpopular) 1080p gaming monitors? I really hope Patchter hit these rumors with some sanitizer before handing them to us, given their sourcing from...
  19. Evil Timmy

    Bing Flags VLC's Official Site as Dangerous

    Convenient timing, break your media player so it's a topic in the news, and block the competition. Media Player Classic is probably getting a solid boost from all this, if for no other reason than keyword-wise.
  20. Evil Timmy

    Ambient Occlusion and Its Importance in VR Gaming

    Solid article, helped clarify some of the finer points and the visuals make it very easy to understand what's happening with AO. It's one of the biggest things I notice console games miss out on, they can only do so much with shader tricks before the lack of subtlety and depth in lighting become...
  21. Evil Timmy

    Playstation Classic Torn Down and Benchmarked

    Seems like Nintendo's strong first-party titles served them well, as they could get so many of the top 25 hits on there, this one managed 4 of the 25 top rated PSX games (thanks TechRadar). They may be riding the same wave of nostalgia, but the Nintendo throwbacks are on an Uncle Zog's-coated...
  22. Evil Timmy

    Start-Up Beats Major Players to Launch World's First Foldable Smartphone

    We've worked so hard to get phones to be slim enough to slip in and out of a jeans pocket, and this company thinks I want to give that up for a $1200+ taco? But hey, their social media manager must be over the moon, some of their recent tweets have hit double-digit likes! This is weak PR drivel...
  23. Evil Timmy

    3dfx Voodoo 5 6000

    This is a truly awesome heap of fond memories, I think I lusted after every bit of hardware here, and seeing it up and running Q3/UT warms my heart/heatsink. 512MB of RAM, what are we, the Rockefellers? And I swear I had that exact ViewSonic monitor, probably connected to my under-half-GHz AMD...
  24. Evil Timmy

    Experience High-Res Science in First 8K Footage from Space

    *throws 75" 4k TV and wallet onto waiting bonfire*
  25. Evil Timmy

    Blizzard Faces Hellish Backlash after BlizzCon Diablo Mobile Reveal

    This does look like an absolute reskin (from a dev Blizzard sourced work to before), and while dropping a game like this might have been fine via the usual press release and trailer method, this is Blizzcon. You promised your family a bacon brunch, they could smell and hear it sizzling in the...
  26. Evil Timmy

    Fallout 76 Will be Lootbox Free

    Sounds like an infomercial where they'll give you a "$200 Value!" for only four easy payments of $19.99+s/h. A season pass is a content loot box if you pre-ordered it, not knowing the quality or (often) even the labels of what's inside. Depending on its success the game may receive more or less...
  27. Evil Timmy

    der8auer Demonstrates How He Washes His Hardware Using a Dishwasher

    So, like, Finish with the Power Dots, or that blue stuff they use to clean off oily birds, or what? Is Asus top-rack safe only, or should I try MSi? I'd be more worried about what's already in the dishwasher...if I had an old board I'm just taking a shot in the dark with, and a freshly cleaned...
  28. Evil Timmy

    Samsung to Ship World's First 8K TV Oct. 28

    8K? Apparently my eyeballs are due for an upgrade. They're only v1.0, however it was a long development process.
  29. Evil Timmy

    RTX 2080 Ti & RTX 2080 for Video Rendering? Save Your Money

    I can't second this enough, if you're looking to get into anything beyond the most basic YouTube/iMovie editing, Resolve is fantastic. It's similar enough to other pro editing software (NLEs) that you won't have to unlearn bad habits, the baked-in color correction (Davinci's core business is...
  30. Evil Timmy

    Venom Is a Waste of Tom Hardy's Talent and Your Time According to Reviews

    When Tom Hardy's doing interviews and saying "They cut my favorite 40 minutes of Venom", whether accurate or not it's how you'd spin a movie that you know is going to land with a thud. Source:
  31. Evil Timmy

    Apple Falls Silent on Wireless Charger It Announced a Year Ago

    Hard to sell people on something when I struggle to see a way for Apple to do it better and charge any kind of premium for it. iPhones are still only doing 7.5W wirelessly while newer Androids can do 10W, and basic chargers are under $15, or around $25 for dual coil/stand chargers. I guess both...
  32. Evil Timmy

    EPYC vs. Xeon: AMD, Intel Could Be Doubling Core Counts in 2019

    Screw it, we're going full Gillette on this one!
  33. Evil Timmy

    WIndows Interrupts Chrome and Firefox to Promote Edge

    Get the Netflix app from the Store, it's actually rocking a pretty clean user interface that I prefer over the web version most of the time.
  34. Evil Timmy

    NVIDIA’s Lower-Tier 2000-Series Cards May Not Support Ray Tracing

    Ray-tracing for His Lordship, and the peasantry get stencil shadows and ambient occlusion? Look, nVidia's oppressing me! Really though, just as 4k has become almost inescapable for the living room, and 1440p+/high frame rate is standard gamer fare, nV pushes tech that barely runs on their...
  35. Evil Timmy

    15% Off Coupon Sitewide On Orders $25+ @eBay (08/28/18)

    Redditor btodalee made a spreadsheet of deals that couple the Newegg Ebay store with their MIRs to find the best deals. Link (embedded Google Sheets seems to be screwy, at least on Firefox) I...
  36. Evil Timmy

    Metal Gear: Kalashnikov Unveils 4.5-Ton, Bulletproof “Walking Army Robot”

    My grade-school doodles of 'bots from my MechWarrior game had more detail and curvature than this hideously blocky and awkward looking thing. I'd be less terrified it would defeat me in battle, more terrified it'd trip over its own two feet and crush me by accident.
  37. Evil Timmy

    Gamers Nexus Calls Out Tom’s Hardware for Their “Just Buy It” RTX 2080 Article ExtremeTech calling out "future-proofing" in what seems like a response to this whole goofy PR situation.
  38. Evil Timmy

    Gamers Nexus Calls Out Tom’s Hardware for Their “Just Buy It” RTX 2080 Article

    nVidia Marketing: The Way It's Meant To Be Paid The combination of nVidia and the games industry in general should have scared anyone off of pre-ordering any piece of hardware and software, until a variety of real-world benchmarks have come out plus a patch or two. As Mark Twain famously...
  39. Evil Timmy

    Bethesda Blocks Resale of Used Game

    Crazy that Bethesda is overreaching this far, and I feel the tentacles of ZeniMax and their swarms of lawyers hard at work on this one. This isn't a game key, account, or other license, this is a physical item with a UPC, sealed in the original packaging. "Shrink-wrap EULAs" have already been...
  40. Evil Timmy

    Worst Graphics Card Ever? GT 1030 DDR4 Benchmarked

    100% this. This is a basement-entry-level card so it's going to sell to newer buyers on a shoestring budget, and this seems to purely be meant to deceive those who don't know better. It'd be like Totoya selling the Camry, but then putting out a new version in the middle of a model year that's...