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    Toy Story 1 & 2 Bluray Pre-Order + 2 Tickets Toy Story 3 - 39.98 @ Amazon March 23rd

    Great deal! Wifey and i were wanting Toy Story 2 for our kids anyway,this is a good excuse to get both and go to see the third one! Thx OP! :D
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    Best Buy, 50% Off PC Games Sale

    Good deal! Almost as good as the deal EA did back a yr ago this month. Crysis: Warhead was $10.00,C&C Redalert 3 CE was $10.00,Crysis was $10.00 and Orange Box was $10.00 and some other EA game was ten bucks as well but this is kool too. Thx for the heads up!
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    Assassin's Creed 2 $39.99 at Target 2/15-2/20

    Batman AA for pc. Toys R Us has AC 2 for $39.99 too!
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    Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway LE at BestBuy for $19.99

    Title says it. My Best Buy had bout 5 of them, PC not console.
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    Assassin's Creed 2 $39.99 at Target 2/15-2/20

    Title says it all! Gonna get mine at noon today,go get yous NOWWWWWWWWWW!!! ;) I also saw Street fighter 4 for PC for $9.99 and RE 5 for XBOX 360 for $19.98. Batman for PC is $20.00 there as well. Got Red Faction: Guerrilla for $19.99 too!
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    Cancel your Bad Company 2 Preorders... This one's $19.99 @ Barnes & Noble

    I got my e-mail too.The gamestop guys i know are pretty damn cool so if i have a problem (price-wise that is) they may help me out unless there are alot of other people at the same store wanting the same price. Worth a try. :cool:
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    Cancel your Bad Company 2 Preorders... This one's $19.99 @ Barnes & Noble

    BULLSH* credit card already shows a charge! I hope they DONT ship me a book! :(
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    Will I have probs installing/playing games if I don't have internet?

    Same thing here. I live in the deep country and i have bout 3 options..........wireless(which sucks because i cant even get good cell service so i let verizon wireless go) dial-up, and satellite, which i have now at $90 a month. Not worth it at all. Its sooooooooo bad out here!!! :(
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    Any reports of a black jasper elite?

    Thx gys...i guess the extra $70 is worth it. :)
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    Any reports of a black jasper elite?

    I was wondering if the black xbox 360 elite was a falcon or jasper? I found out that i can get a elite through microsoft through my companies employee purchase program $70 cheaper than retail. I have plans to buy the Microsoft - Xbox 360 Elite Console (Red) with Resident Evil 5,but if the blk...
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    BestBuy $9.95 RA3,orange box,Crysis warhead n more

    went back and got 2 more RA3:PE and 1 Crysis Warhead and 1 Crysis and 2 more Orange Box's plus i got a good deal on UT3 and a hardback collector edition fallout 3 book and a Gears of War 2 hardback guide. Wife is not happy! :o
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    Red Alert 3: Uprising out today

    Just like the title that its download only because i just bought a gateway fx gaming laptop from best buy and my internet is wireless and sssslllllooooowwww. Its a lil over 5 gigs to download and does not need RA3 to play. Its $19:99 at EA. Cant wait to get this game...
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    BestBuy $9.95 RA3,orange box,Crysis warhead n more

    I picked up Crysis Warhead and a 3rd RA3-pe here in east tx ,already had a regular RA3 and got a RA-pe 2 weeks ago and got another RA-pe. Thx OP! :D
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    Rockband PS3 Bundle $39.97 @ RadioShack YMMV

    I got GTA IV for $29.99 as well for ps3!
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    Easy install heatsink/fan for a q9650 and asus max II formula

    How easy is the true to install?
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    Easy install heatsink/fan for a q9650 and asus max II formula

    Thx. i see its well within my price range. what kind of temps will this give me on a q9650?
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    Easy install heatsink/fan for a q9650 and asus max II formula

    Hey guys i need advice for a cpu heatsink and fan for my q9650 and asus max II formula. It has to be easy to install much like a stock c2d heatsink/fan because i'm a noob and i WILL F*ck Up something! My budget is about $120. I'm also concerned about the asus max II formula's layout and if i...
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    In the name of upgrading for the heck of it...

    Your rig and mine are almost the same from cpu to case, but anyway i would think it would be worth the jump. I was gonna go with an I7 setup but i'm more of a casual gamer......i just do alot of multitasking. I couldn't even think of letting go of my Asus Max II Formula because that thing is a...
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    Brand New Western Digital 160GB External Hard Drive for 49.99 + free shipping

    Good find man. I got a 750gb from walmart on clearance around christmas for $69.99 external (Maxtor),and they also have a 250gb external (Mini) for $69.99 for those who may want more space and a smaller size drive.
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    Funniest words you learned from gaming?

    "You did well" from TF2! I say that to my wife when she cooks a good meal. But i really like the sniper when he says "Piece of piss!" Funniest shit i have EVER heard! :D
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    BFG Tech GTX 280 OC1 GB GDDR3 for $299 @ amazon Thought this was a warm deal? :confused:
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    Asus max formula cpu support list

    Thx to you too kirbyrj ! :p
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    Asus max formula cpu support list

    Thx ALOT for making this an easy choice! Q9300 FTW! I overclock a lil through the "CPU Level Up" feature but nothing major.This will give me a excuse to upgrade again in 2010 for NOT going with a better cpu now. THX again Zero82z!
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    Asus max formula cpu support list

    The only reason i want the q9550 is for the 12mb of L2 cache, is it worth buying over the q9300?
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    Asus max formula cpu support list

    Sry to bump an old thread but is this true? The Marking will be updated from SLAWQ to SLB8V, the new processors require a bios update .
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    Core 2 Quad Processor Q6600 @ Micro-center for $159

    For those of you (and me) who still want a cheap quad they have gotten a lil cheaper at $159.99 in store only at microcenter....sorry for those who dont have a store close to them.
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    Do you live in Texas?

    Jacksonville,TX here, but i'm in DFW 4 days a week! :cool:
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    Asus max formula cpu support list

    Thx. i'm trying to decide between a q9300 or a q9550.I may go ahead with the q9550 because i will keep my current rig for bout 2 yrs.
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    OC 8400 to a Q9550 - Worth it? This may not answer what you ask but it will give ya a better idea on what you may want to look into. Scoll down close to the bottom,TMPGEnc 4.0 xpress. I'm getting a q9550 friday.(for games of course!) :D
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    Asus max formula cpu support list

    I recently bought the Asus Formula Maximus II and I was gonna upgrade my E6400 to a q9550 on friday Jan 9th. On the net awhile ago and read that the motherboard didnt support newer cpu's like the Q8xxx series. In my user guide it say it supports cpu's with a fsb of 1600/1333/1066/800. My bios...
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    XFX GeForce GTX 260 Black Edition @ [H]

    Good review once again guys! Kyle needs to add Red Alert 3 because if you play a map with alot of water, it tends to bog down my GTX 260 down to the teens (special weapons over water zoomed in ) as it is a demanding game at 1600x1200 and 8AA . Just a suggestion. :D
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    RROD but only 2 red lights,overheating issue

    I just called in again and they said it will be $99.99 and i just bought GOW 2 three days ago for $30.00. :mad:
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    RROD but only 2 red lights,overheating issue

    So my xbox 360 took a dump on me. A Microsoft tech support guy says its overheating because its 2 red lights flashing and not 3 lights flashing. I looked on the back of the xbox and i could see that only one fan was turning and the other was not even trying to turn. I was also told it would be...
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    Grand Theft Auto IV Perf and IQ @ [H]

    Good review guys..........I will not be picking this one up because i have it for my 360, and it seems like it would eat my core 2 up! Glad i went and bought a GTX 260 last week.....i feel prepared for all the top notched games for 2009. Hope they release a demo though, i would like to play GTA...
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    RadioShack Xbox 360 Wireless Mic $24.97 In-Store Clearance YMMV.

    They also had gran turismo 5 (ps3)for $9.99 and soul caliber 5 (ps3) for $19.99. I got assassins creed for $19.99 last week at radio shack.MGS4 was bout $19 too.
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    Need to know about 3850 and 3650 AGP, been out of the loop.

    I forgot to say in my post above that there motherboard makers that will let you run a AGP card with a core 2 . I bought 2 mobo's for 59.99 each and i ran my 6800GT AGP with a E6400 proc. I know you may now want to spend alot but the mobo supports Pent D and core 2's. Just a thought.
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    Need to know about 3850 and 3650 AGP, been out of the loop.

    There were alot of people wondering about the ATI support of these AGP cards and it wasnt very good news IIRC. The x1950 needs ALOT of power so i hope your PSU can handle it. There is a thread about these AGP here in the forum bout 10-15 pages long but most are bashing ATI and AGP so it may take...
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    IDE Out - 4870X2 and Blu-ray In

    Hey Kyle i guess i missed the name of the case in your you mine telling us who makes that sweet azz case your pimpin? I'm in need of a case and after seeing that one kinda makes me re-think what i had in mind. Wanna spend between $200-$300 for the case max...
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    Red Alert 3 using same DRM as Spore and ME

    I'm on the fence on this one..........i'm calling EA and asking a few questions before i buy.........gonna be really hard not to buy RA3 because i'm a big C&C fan. I wont put up with this if i have to "buy" or get any additional help after my 5 installs.
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    where do you guys live that you can't find a wii in stock?

    None here in DFW,TX. Got a WII-FIT the other day and took it right back! :) My WII is a dust collector so i just knew i wasn't going to use the WII-FIT, and that it is a waste of money for this household.