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    7900 Go

    I hope we see one soon in a new Dell XPS with a CoreDuo, that is if Alienware doesn't take over the gaming lineup.
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    "The market is screaming for a solid third supplier....We are that company"

    Nope, more like a 5v AGP card in a 3.3v only slot.
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    Best bag for P series shuttles

    I use a big duffel bag that I can jam all my hard drives, keyboard and cables into myself, I haven't seen any damage from moving it in that.
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    i9300 + Audigy ZS + Mixer = TONS of line noise: Help!

    I agree, are you using a grounded powerbrick, or a 2 prong one?
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    What I didn't want to happen... happened.

    That isn't just your opinion, I have seen big LCD's run off analog on a couple computers, (G5 with 9800Pro, A64 with 6800GT etc) and they always look fuzzy compared to DVI. Plus with DVI, calibration is much easier.
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    NUMA Aware Software?

    Beats the hell out of me dude, all I know is that I have seen XP SP2 listed as having NUMA support dozens of times, and doing a quick google search seems to back that up. It's very possible it isn't as fast or efficient as 2K3's is, but that's a question for someone more versed in this than...
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    MonitorLink/DVI input on Mitsubishi HDTV

    My year old 48" Mitsu Gold series works just fine, I have plugged in a Shuttle with a 9600Pro into it and my 12" PowerBook just fine with DVI. Ran them both up to 1920x1080 with no issues. If it doesn't work, you can get a component adapter from ATi or from several third part manufacturers.
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    Got a question about my 680GT and a Soltek EQ3801

    A few months ago I built two computers around this chassis, one with a 6800 standard and one with a 6800GT. All the other specs are the same, A64 3200, 1GB Crucial DDR, 7200RPM drive and Pioneer 108's. They have performed without issue so far (other than the 6800 getting replaced, but that was...
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    NUMA Aware Software?

    So is XP Pro SP2
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    Good laptop bags for laptops with 17" screens.

    The Very Busy Man from crumpler is a very nice bag. Lots of room, durable and great colors. Plus they ride real well on your back or over your shoulder.
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    Connect to two networks simultaneously?

    I'm using the Cisco Client v. 4.02, I wonder if I need to be a member of the domain when I am at home to login to work.
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    Connect to two networks simultaneously?

    Here is the scenario: I have an IBM T42 (Win 2K Pro) for work that I connect to via VPN, it has a wireless and Gb NIC installed and connected. I need to be able to connect to work, and be able to see my local shares and most importantly shared printers. My laptop is also on a different domain...
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    Best drive backup software?

    I like Retrospect for automated backups personally, CCC is more of a service tool for me when I need to clone data from one machine to a replacement. I let retrospect run everynight to back up my PowerBook, too easy to get it dropped or stolen if you ask me, and my data is much more important...
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    Must have OSX apps?

    hmm, beyond the big commercial stuff (iLife, Creative Suite, StudioMX and Office) I would say Adium, (multi-client IM) Cocktail and the MS Remote Desktop Client. I also use MacStumbler to find WiFi networks quite often.
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    The New Dell Laptops

    The 9300 will have a 17" like the 9200 in three resolutions, (1400x900, 1680x1050 and 1920x1200) The 9300 is also supposed to offer a 6800 mobile as an option. As of yet, no info on Dell's site, but I would imagine they are just waiting to get rid of 9200's. As for the 6000, I saw an ad saying...
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    100gb 7200rpm

    I just looked at the new Dell Latitude D810 and noticed they were offering 40, 60, 80 and 100GB 7200RPM laptop drives. i was wondering if anyone had seen who was making these, or if anyone was offering the 80/100GB models. All I have seen is 40/60GB Hitachi's but no info about them on their...
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    Owners of 6800 gt/ultra and 2005FPW

    Well seing as 1600x1200 is a higher resolution than 1680x1050...I would say of course it will work. Plus with any modern nVidia driver you can easily set a custom resolution. That being said, I used a PNY 6800GT on an Apple 20" (1680x1050) and Apple 23" (1920x1200) and they worked fine.
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    When OSX 10.4 comes

    I work for a fairly large Apple reseller and when new software comes out we get flat packs to put in with our current inventory to bring them up to date. That was how it was with 10.3 and iLife '05 at least.
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    Using PC's with Rear Projection Television

    I know on my Mitsubishi rear projector, (CRT based) the TV will turn off after 20 minutes or so if it isn't in use, obviously burn in isn't an issue for me. Now if I could just get my PowerBook working on it I would be happy. My PC works like a champ though (Go nVidia Drivers!).
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    Thinking about getting Mac mini, wondering about external hd and dvd-r support

    Apple's iApps, as well as burning from the finder will only work with an internal drive, Apple and many third party drives (but with no Dual Layer support). Their Pro apps like DVD Studio Pro work with most any external burner. There is a patch available for getting an external Firewire drive to...
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    Is there screen resolution software for OS X (like multires)

    There is a program out there called Switchres X for 10.2 or better. I have used it for setting up my plasma at work and it is pretty slick. Might as well give it a shot.
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    Apple Cinema HD 30in Talk

    Where I work, we just got two of them in at work and hooked them up in Dual Display to a G5 2.5 with 2GB RAM and a 6800 U. UT runs great at the native res and we got some great high resolution images to set up some dual monitor wallpaper goodness. All I have to say is when I have $8K burning a...
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    HDTV Suggestions....Need Help

    Samsung makes a very nice 30" HDTV for $999. Another suggestion. if you have the room rear projection units are very cheap now, I picked up a 48" Mitsu Gold series on sale for about $1300 not too long ago. The Mitsubishi's and Pioneer units are generally considered the best, but you can find...
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    Widescreen laptops, yay or nay?

    The 23" Cinema Display is 1920x1200, and tons of laptops offer this resolution already. As for picture distortion in Windows, of course ther isn't any, do you think pictures distort on a 1280x1024 display vs a 1600x1200 panel? Widescreens aren't some scary foreign thing, it's just another...
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    Etch POLL

    #5, Samus
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    Best 23" monitor?

    Why would it be a problem? As long as your video card's DVI transmitter can support 1920x1200 the Apple Panel functions no differently than the Sony, or HP. I set up a 20" on an A64 last week and installed windows, went through the the BIOS etc, works like any other monitor. As for those of...
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    All you 2001FP people

    Why would you by a 2001FP if you don't plan on using it at it's native resolution in Windows? I work on a Dell i8200 with the same same resolution and it is fine to work on, but I can see it being too small for some, but a 20" panel, come on, if you have a hard time with that then it is time to...
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    A question about newsgroups...

    If you are looking to newsgroups, my favorite newsgroup client is Newsreactor, very fast and stable, and I subscribe to Giganews, it's now only like $25 a month for unlimited downloads and they have a 30 day retention period on all their news servers so you can always find what you want.
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    What do u think?...

    I would personally take a pass on anything but an nVidia board for an Athlon64. SiS boards usually end up being buttom-rung cheap OEM boards, and you can bet that Firewire controller uses a shitty VIA chipset that only works with some devices some of the time. My advice, look at something like a...
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    How fast will PC's be in 2010?

    I assume by 2010 manufacturers will have had to make some radical shifts in design to keep pace, and they will because that is where their income is coming from. The real interesting thing to me is how big of a player the PRC is going to become, they are building fabs and absorbing tech at an...
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    Good printer for a family man and a beginner photographer...

    If you're a photgrapher the extras on the R300 aren't worth it, you are probabaly going to edit the pictures anyway. If you have the money, the Stylus 2200 produces some of the best prints I have ever seen from an inkjet, but the R200 is a fantastic printer for 1/6 of the price, and it uses the...
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    Final video upgrade for my old system

    Why not get a newer faster card like a 6800GT and be ready for your next system upgrade :)
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    1 or 2 gigs

    I almost always use the Corsair value RAM, never have seen a difference worth $100 to justify the XMS, in fact my computers feel as fast with either, personally I think it is just bragging bullshit, and most benchmarks back that up. But hey, faster is faster so if you have the bucks, go nuts.
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    46" LCD, 1920x1080, 12ms Response Time

    Nice, now that I think of it that does make sense, I have just used too many Sony sets that won't work with non-HDCP compliant sources.
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    925x chipset in a shuttle?

    Like he said, that just supports SATA and PCIe, not DDR2, but that would be a plus in my book.
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    Post your 1920x1200 Wallpaper!

    hehe I make all my own wallpapers and always make them at 1920x1200, 2048x1536 and 1280x1024 so they fit any computer I am running them on. Currently have over 2k desktops, about half of them military and aerospace ones and a bunch of pictures I have taken myself on vacations and around town. So...
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    External SATA enclosure, USB?

    I don't know if it is possible to do what you are asking, at least no one has made a drive yet. The closeset you could come is a Lacie Triple Interface Drive with Firewire 400/800 and USB2. They are also one of the only manufacturers I have seen that make external SATA drives yet. So unless you...
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    Yet another thread on raptor hds

    I think the fault must also fall on MS for not allowing you to load drivers on a CD, or easily slipstream them, and for motherboard makers for not allowing you to use USB thumdrives as a floppy. And one note, the integrated sata on the nForce3 boards (the nVidia ones) do atapi emulation and do...
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    Evaluation of a Dell Latitude D800

    I don't know about most of you guys, but I make almost all of my own wallpapers myself. I always save them at 1280x1024, 2048x1536, and 1920x1200 so I am covered no matter what computer I use. For a combination of excellent picture quality and small size I use the "save for web"...