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    1080ti Roller coaster Pricing?

    So, in just looking at the historic pricing on an EVGA 1080Ti, can anyone explain why such the huge swings in price? I mean, come on $629 to over $800 back and forth?! I obviously missed my window or I would have definitely purchased a 1080ti at $630 a few months ago. I just find it very...
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    Too late to start mining?

    Just looking at the prices of hardware and running some metrics through a profitability calculator, I don't see how starting mining at this time is profitable. Even if I were to drop $10k on hardware (I've known people to spend such money on desks ;) ) I don't think it would be profitable. GPU...
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    So I have a SunFire T2000 - what now?

    Inherited SunFire T2000 server for free. I hate Solaris with a passion, so I'm in the process of netboot installing Debian for SPARC processors. I figure an 8-core processor with 32 threads should be useful for something. It also has 4 x 146GB 10k RPM SAS drives. Unfortunately the RAID...
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    PWM Fan adapter...thing...

    I'm having a total brain fart right now. I have non-PWM case fans. I want to run them off of the motherboard headers (which are PWM capable) that way they are dynamic PWM and can change with cooling curves via software. I need an adapter that plugs in to the motherboard header, uses the...
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    AMD 270X 2GB vs 4GB - CAD

    I'm looking at building a new system. My current rig is over 5yrs old. I no longer play games on the PC (well, minecraft occasionally). I don't feel like paying ridiculous prices for workstation cards at the moment. I know Solidworks and Inventor (and more) are really beginning to tap the...
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    Largst HSF you've been able to cram into an X-QPack-2?

    I built a SFF computer for my brother several years ago. I used the original X-QPack. Pretty nifty case, albeit flimsy without the outter coverings. I remember having to dremel out some of the internal brackets so I could fit in a larger HSF. After the surgery, there seemed to be quite a bit...
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    Faster timings, or faster speeds?.....(yes, I did)

    Core i7 930 build OC to 4GHz or more. 6GB -- 3 x 2GB modules Which would net you better overall performance? (I'll be working with CAD programs such as SolidWorks, so memory throughput is all important) DDR3 1600 at CAS6 or DDR3 2000 at CAS 8/9
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    Mech Engineering build -- card for rendering?

    I'm going back to college as a junior to finish a mechanical engineering degree. What would be best to go with when it comes to video cards and rendering? On one side you have solidworks and opengl, and autodesk with directx on the other. I'll probably end up using other software as well. Is...
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    Venomous-X -- push/pull or single fan?

    I know that there are some coolers whose fin array greatly restricts airflow, in which case a push/pull is almost necessary. Now the Venomous-X has a very well thought-out array, and it doesn't look like airflow would be prohibited very much. With that being said, would the Venomous-X...
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    OC a i7 920 w/6 DIMMS?

    I'm debating between 6GB and 12GB of RAM on my new build. I want to be able to OC the 920 to about 4GHz (I'd be happy with 3.8GHz). Would using 6 DIMMS limit how stable or how far I can go?
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    Lan-Gear DA BOX 100

    I can't remember where I found this, but search is failing me on trying to find it referenced on the [H]. Probably because 'da box' is too short of a string to search for. This looks very promising. It isn't the smallest Micro-ATX case out...
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    Another 'How much power......'

    There will be no OC'ing on this rig. Will only be running in stock form.
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    In a land of giant air coolers, I need a HSF that will fit...

    Looking at this barebones MSI deal: I will be using a Core 2 Duo @ 3.16GHz stock speed. NO overclocking. I'm sure there will be a few people that will chime in saying the stock cooler will suffice, but that isn't what I'm...
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    Barbs or Compression Fittings?

    I already read the FAQ, but I want to know what everyone is using. Pros/cons?
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    Requirements for OC i7 + GTX295?

    The last time I did any extreme cooling was way back in the day (2001) with the first 1GHz Athlon chips. I had to actually mill my own block since there weren't any companies selling watercooling stuff. So what kind of radiator will I be needing to dissipate all that heat? Will a Black Ice...
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    QPack w/ Tuniq Tower(or equivalent)?

    Has anyone here dared to try such a feat? I'm looking at an upcoming SFF build and would like to do such. Will the PSU get in the way?
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    Adding 2003 Standard Server to existing domain...with a twist

    I have a 2003 SBS Server that is the PDC and has all 5 FSMO roles. It is also the Global Catalog. I have a 2000 server that is a Domain Controller as well. I'm wanting to add a new 2003 Standard server as a Domain Controller. Is this possible? This is what I get when I run dcpromo...
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    Storage Server 2003 help..

    Has anyone had the opportunity to play with one of these yet? I have two here at the office that we are supposed to review...but the people who sent them didn't send ANY reference material. These are so new that finding any documentation on the web is a pain. I'm looking for a Guide on how...
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    My X-QPack SFF Submission

    I just recently finished my X-QPack build. AMD 64 3200+ Venice cooled by a XP-90cu MSI K8NGM2-NBP 1GB (2x512MB) Crucial XMS (CAS 2) Samsung 250GB SATA 3Gb HDD evga 7600GT cooled by a Zalman VF900-CU Samsung DVD-RW Mitsumi Floppy & memory card reader Antec SmartPower 500W PSU The...
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    VPN recomendations

    I'm looking for some VPN routers to connect 3 different offices to the main office. There are only like 2-3 computers at each location. I was looking at Sonicwall, but they are a little too pricey for what I need. Which would be a better router: Linksys BEFVP41 or Linksys RV042...
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    Video card for a semi-budget PC

    I'm building a PC for my brother. It's going to have a A64 3200+, 1GB of DDR400, 250GB Sata3GB, etc. He doesn't really play any graphic-entensive games, though that doesn't mean he may want to later on. He DOES however work with blueprints for houses. He has this cool program that you can...
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    XBOX FTP odd problem

    Background: brand new xbox v 1.6b Xecuter 3 CE modchip - latest BIOS that obviously supports the 1.6b version I'm using XBMC as my dash I've used SmartFTP, FlashFXP, and cxboxtool to FTP into the xbox. I can FTP in perfectly fine. I can transfer pretty much any file, anywhere in...
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    2003 SBS acting funny

    This doesn't make sense. I have one 2003 SB Server, and a 2000 Server with SP4. Now all of a sudden, it's like all access to the 2003 server has been removed. If I'm on ANY computer (server or workstation) and try to do a 'net view \\nameof2k3server' I get an access denied error. If I try...
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    Veritas BE + Exchange 2003 question

    When assigning the backup selections, is it necessary to backup user mailboxes AND the information store? OR can I do just one and not the other? Here is my problem: For some reason the BE engine is kicked offline and the backup keeps going (automatic cancellation won't work with BE engine...
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    Domain Trusts?

    Can I establish a trust between these two: Windows 2000 server and Windows 2003 SBS netdataxxx.local ? I didn't set these up so don't yell at me. I'm just in charge of fixing everything.
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    Adding 2003SBS to windows 2000 domain

    I have one 2000 server as a file server I have another 2000 server as the exchange server I want to add a 2003 Small Business Server into the domain and move exchange from the 2k server to the sbs server. What is the proper way to do this? We've already made it a member server, and now...
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    Problems importing/restoring database

    in importing the sql file, I get the error stating that I have an error in my syntax. Here is the end of the part in the sql file it says is having the error. PRIMARY KEY ( `PropertyID` ) , UNIQUE KEY `PropertyID` ( `PropertyID` ) ) ENGINE = InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET = latin1 "Check the...
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    Mac file compression utility

    Is there any free Mac utility I can use to 'zip' up some files and email them to a PC user?
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    Timbuktu and Win2k Pro

    We have Timubktu Pro setup on a Win 2k machine. This allows all the people in the office with Mac laptops to connect to it and run programs from there. Timbuktu connects and all, but the mouse is invisible. :confused: The mouse is there, as in you can click and show reactions if you click...
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    Extending RAID5 volume

    I've got: Win 2000 server 3x 18G U160 SCSI drives on a U160 Adaptec RAID controller in RAID5 I wanted to add some more space to the array. Slapped another U160 drive in there and extended the array. The RAID controller now sees a 52G array, but windows did not automatically extend the...
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    DFI, Abit, ASUS, MSI??? which one?

    I'm looking into building me up a new rig. I haven't really been paying attention lately to the articles on mobos. Basically, I'm wanting a motherboard that supports the following: AMD64 939 gigabit LAN (2 LAN ports would be nice, but not necessary nor a buying point) PCI Express (I'm...
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    laptop HDD switch

    Just got a new laptop with the base 4200RPM HDD. Will replacing it with a 5400RPM drive really make a noticeable difference?
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    win2k3server network bandwidth monitoring tool

    Is there any sort of monitoring tool that can monitor the bandwidth usage per IP/MAC? There has been a few times where these would have come in handy in spotting workstations that have a worm/trojan on them, as well as those employees who d/l midget porn all night long on company resources...
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    Win 2k3 Server Enterp n00b help

    Two questions, which could probably be answered quite easily for those that are used to working on these: 1) Active Directory is installed. I want the users to be able to use programs that are installed on the server instead of having to install it to the local machine on every client. How...
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    Laptop suggestions?

    I've been thinking about getting a laptop for busines use (onsite IT professional) and possibly also for personal use, as I have no need for a super duper desktop computer now. It doesn't need to have the fastest processor, or the best video card in it. It'll mainly be used for...
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    Canon Powershot Pro1

    Anyone have any experience with this camera? Any thoughts/ideas? It sounds like a pretty badass camera if you don't mind having a DSLR that comes with L-glass, but without the ability to change out lenses.
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    Well, it's been good.......

    I'm getting out of photography. I just haven't had teh time of day to do hardly anything with my Digital Rebel. I just don't think it's for me just yet. For the price I paid for the camera, it's no where close to getting the usage it is worth. I have hardly ever used the camera, so I feel...
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    Let's try this again....and I won't go a-wall. Just portraits of humans and animals....but be sparing on the animals. Here's one recent one I'm doing for a chick that's in a rock band here in Tallahassee.
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    PPC2000 -> PPC2002 or 2003

    Where can I go to d/l an upgrade from PPC2000 to PPC2002? I have the iPaq H3650. It has PPC2000 on it, but I know that later they had models with PPC2002 on it. I was told I couldn't install PPC2003 on it, but is there anyway I can get either one? HP/Compaq technical support is useless.
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    Canon 50mm f/1.4 and f/1.8

    I was reading some posts on dpreview, as well as some other camera sites reviewing the Canon 50mm. One of the major things that came up was that the 1.4 had a definite better bokeh than the 1.8. I had some people say the 1.4 was sharper at f/5.6 than the 1.8 as well. Anyone have either of...