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    Storage for Backup Target Server

    I unstand all those risks. I'm really interested in how to do DAS. I assume I need a card and some external housing. Can someone recommend those?
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    Storage for Backup Target Server

    What should I look for in DAS that can be expanded? I haven't got into that area before. The servers I have only have 4 drive bays.
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    Storage for Backup Target Server

    The data is going to be stored locally at the client and backed up locally. Replicated back to or office and stored. Equipment I have is still under warranty. I just need a way to add storage and easily grow it. I'm use to local storage on dell raid cards. I need something more...
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    Unitrends Alternatives

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    Storage for Backup Target Server

    No input? Was hoping someone could guide me in the correct direction
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    Storage for Backup Target Server

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at bringing some of my clients backups internally using Storagecraft. I have some older (4-5 year) Dell Tower Servers (T310 & 410) models as well as spare licenses of Windows Server versions. I need a way to have some direct attached or network storage that can...
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    Need Projector for Business Presentation

    Hey all, I need to do a presentation for some perspective clients. I need a projector for this. I don't want to spend a boat load since I may not use it really after this use. However nothing to say I can't throw it in the basement and use it to play movies/game in the future. Even wanted...
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    Backup solution for small dental office

    Most dental/medical are cheap. Selling Datto may not be feasible. However the Alto unit is free just pay for service. So depending on who was raping them for online backup it may make sense. I know some charge $3/GB for Dental/Medical online backup. If you need help reach out to me.
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    Backup solution for small dental office

    as another IT provider who supports dental offices, and my wife's office running dentrix. use system image built into windows. the dr and staff most likely will not want to take a hard drive home with them each night, so just leave it near the server. HIPAA rules do apply and you do...
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    The new Zyxel USG's are here

    cool, these units seem to be bulletproof. i have a few that have run for about 2 years now without a sweat. that wireless controller looks interesting, however not sure how good zyxel wifi is.
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    Why Are Commercial Rackmounted Servers So Long?

    if it doesn't have much data and limited use, the r210 series is good and you can use a cyberpower rackmount the 750va would power that thing and isn't deep. raid 1 should be plenty for a simple program. or even use SSD since the R210 are cheap.
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    Hard Drive for HP Onboard Raid

    The drives are kingstons. It's only used for the os. This is motherboard raid. How are Seagate constellations? No errors ib the hp array manager. Just the drive failed the client putt a new ssd in and it's set for queue to rebuild and it doesn't go past. I would like to just...
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    Hard Drive for HP Onboard Raid

    A new client called me with SSD in Raid on a microserver. The previous tech purchased 2 SSD in Raid1 and 2 2TB in Raid 1. They are not drives from HP. The solid state drives keep dropping out of the array so I suggested we use raid specific drives. I was thinking Seagate Constellations...
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    No More For Personal Domain - Now What

    Sign up for Office 365. $4/month for an Exchange Account. I am a reseller if you want to go through me. No way would you host in house for a single user.
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    Exploring HA options for a small network

    4-Hour isn't necessary. Well in my opinion. Most offices can still survive if they were down for a day. I wouldn't spend the extra funds. SAS is always standard for me. 4 300GB SAS in Raid 10 is plenty data for an office. Single VM is fine. The roles take up nothing. Look at Backup...
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    Exploring HA options for a small network

    Listen to Nate. For small business you aren't doing HA. For a 3 operatory dental office not worth it. Do Hyper-V with Server 2012. DC, DNS, File, and your Dental LOB (Patterson or Dentrix I hope). Do good backups to external drives you take home on some routine. Then do some online...
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    What can I use to do this?

    Which NAS would you recommend? I normally would go for Synology but if I had something to save a few bucks I'd like to
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    So what RAID card would work with one of these that doesn't break the bank, I plan to install ESX or Hyper-V on my T310. I just want to be able to spin up a VM if needed for Testing. I will have a few VM that I care about (need reliable, I figured raid) the rest of the test ones just need to...
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    Interesting cheap JBODs available

    Excuse the noob question as I am not so keen on these type of data systems. How would one use this? I have a Dell T310 server that I want to add a bunch of 500GB-1TB drives to as testing storage.
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    What can I use to do this?

    I have about 30 or so hard drives that have been pulled out of brand new Dell Optiplex machines. This was due to installing aftermarket solid state drives. So I have a bunch of 500gb and 1TB drives. I have a Dell T310 server that I will be using with ESX or Hyper-V. I would like to...
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    Small Business Firewall

    ZyXEL, I don't use the UTM functions
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    Suggestions for new email aggregator platform...

    So to it properly you will need: - redundant internet connections - business - redundant servers and networks - redundant power Do you think you can do that for $8/month for a hosted exchange account? Now if you just want a server at the house, you need business grade ISP at a minimum...
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    Suggestions for new email aggregator platform...

    I am surprised so many are suggesting to do your own mail server. Sign up for any Hosted Exchange provider and forward all your mail to that one spot. Doing your own mail server for 1 user is kinda silly.
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    Zywall Multiple WAN IP's through NAT to servers??

    Also ZyXEL support is great, they will log in or do a and set up with you.
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    Zywall Multiple WAN IP's through NAT to servers??

    One to One NAT is what you want to use. Then port forward as normal with firewall
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    Ubiquiti airCam for Home Security

    I sent you a PM but I would stay away from Airvision. For cheap camera look at Dahua and running Blue Iris
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    RT-N66U not entering recovery mode. Am I bricked?

    Why bother with dd wrt on it. Such a good router
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    Email Troubles - Random and Not Fun

    Why aren't you sending mail out through a smart host or receiving mail directly in?
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    ZyXEL Router Opinions

    I use strictly ZyXEL USG line with all my business clients. Generally the 50 and 100. Can't go wrong with them. Firewall is dead stable. I have a few sites that I use the UTM features but most clients dont require this,.
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    Failing routers... halp~

    did you call your isp? are you able to ping outside address by IP when this happens (for example ping
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    Looking for a service similar to Dropbox

    Tonido looks great
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    Diagnosing and what to do about poor internet connection (likely wireless signal)

    Have you tried hardwiring into router and see if wireless is even the issue or if the connection just sucks?
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    simple wireless backhaul

    I have used Rocket on a client of mine on the top of the building with 2 sector antenna. then I used the UBNT units that look like satelite dishes. Been very reliable.
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    Best Wireless Router with QOS

    I want something more consumer grade (Asus, D-Link, etc). Hate Netgear. I am use to Tomato firmware as well. If the Asus N66U does the QOS that is fine.
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    Best Wireless Router with QOS

    My dad is building out a office with some other attorneys and they signed up for hosted phones. I just ran about 16 drops last night for them, but need a router for the job. I am putting a gigabit switch in and don't care about POE since they have outlets where the phones are. But I do...
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    Migrating from IceWarp to Exchange 2013 -- any tools to assist with migration?

    Above is the best way. And generally you want the outside spam company for spam and message spooling. Also good for outbound smart host and even message continuity We use McAfee
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    I don't see how you can call Ruckus crap. One of my large sites is 6 condo building all with ruckus tied back to the main office. In summer 100-180 people always on it with no issue. It isn't cheap but is it a leader for a reason
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    Network pics thread

    Are you gettin an alarm installed? Usually they will run wires as well. Maybe have them do it