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  1. Haste266

    Coast A25R Focusing Rechargeable 466 Lumen LED Flashlight $44 shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Super great flashlight. Last bought one on july of '14 for diesel mechanic work and I'm still using the same one. Cost me $98 that time....saw these were on sale at Coast's website for Halloween and decided to check Amazon before order....they are $90 on Coast's website with the Halloween...
  2. Haste266

    Best smartphone for senior/first time user?

    My grandmother-in-law wants a smartphone. I assume so she can see pictures from her grandchildren and take photos herself. She is almost blind in one eye but can see great out of the other. She is 86 yrs old but still sharp as a tack. I assume a phone with a larger screen would be the way...
  3. Haste266

    [H]ot or not? Dell 4k touchscreen laptop

    I know the laptop is a little old tech wise but it seems like a good deal for the hardware it comes with. Plus a 4k touch screen...
  4. Haste266

    32-count AA 2450mah rechargeable duracell batteries w/free ship $39 shipped! enjoy...just got my order!
  5. Haste266

    WANTED: Low profile usb 3.0 flash drive

    Anyone know of one or something coming out on the market soon?
  6. Haste266

    Debezeled my Obutto eyefinity setup!

    Went from 6048x1080 to 5884x1080 bezel correction resolution! woo. i got it all done in less than an hour. totally removed the front/rear bezel on the middle monitor but left the rear bezel on the side monitors as the mount worked out well for that setup. some before and after pics: I...
  7. Haste266

    Formula 1: Online, browser based game

    To read about the official announcement, go here: straight to the game website: codemasters forum: Great game, fast action, lots of...
  8. Haste266

    7970 - The best HTPC card yet

    Ever since blu-ray came out, I've been searching for a solution that would allow me to use my main rig as a gaming machine and HTPC. The 7970 is "oh so close" to meeting my requirements. First off, I started with an Nvidia GTX285 which didn't include PAP. I love lossless sound and not having...
  9. Haste266

    7970 TIM replacement.

    Saw something about a few cards from the factory seems to have a sloppy TIM application causing the cards to run a tad warmer than necessary. Anyone that has gotten a 7970 changed the stock TIM yet? If so, did you notice a temp difference? Do we even have a good baseline as to where these...
  10. Haste266

    3M Headlight Restoration Kit for $14.95 shipped(2 bucks cheaper than amazon) Do eeeeeet!
  11. Haste266

    Driver problems past 10.5b for blu-ray playback.

    So, blu-ray playback from my PC to home theater had basically been broken for the past 4-6 weeks. Bitstreaming sound worked fine, but video playback would hiccup/stutter every so often making my library unwatchable from my computer. I FINALLY got around to troubleshooting last night and...
  12. Haste266

    New viewsonic 120hz 3d monitor? Unfortunately, the article doesn't give much info....
  13. Haste266

    PSA : Owners of MSI 6970 Lightning

    You better hope your card doesn't die on you. I had my card exactly 28 days before it stopped displaying from the video ports. All lights were fine on the PCB, but alas, no display. Sent it back in for RMA and got an email stating: Wow, good job MSI...I guess I won't be buying any...
  14. Haste266

    Steam download throttling?

    Curious if there is any way I can slow down Steam when d/ling. I share a 1Mb connection with another resident and can't leave downloads going during normal hours because it basically uses up all the bandwidth and slows down my neighbor....if I could throttle my downloads during the day to...
  15. Haste266

    Any reason not to do this?

    I have access to a good amount of 99% IPA. Would it be worth it to soak the internals of my radiators with IPA during flushing/cleaning process?
  16. Haste266

    5870s going for 300+ on ebay...time to sell?

    Just wondering what people it worth to sell the 5870 and buy a 6950 and have a little cash leftover? Or wait a month or two and hope for an awesome deal on a 6970 or 580? I'm torn...
  17. Haste266

    Absolutely Blistering!!!@!!!! Dirt 2 - 50% at GFWL :D
  18. Haste266

    ZEngine Software not workin after Win 7 SP1 update

    Anyone else encounter this issue? The software crashes immediately upon loading. Working on uninstalling/reinstalling right now... using win 7 x64. i also have the newest software from this page:
  19. Haste266

    Win 7 System Backup

    I am looking to throw a system image of my SSD onto a BD-50 but windows is showing two of my mechanical hard drives as "system drives" and it wants to include those drives in the system image also. Any idea how to tell what is causing windows to look at these drives as "system" drives? All...
  20. Haste266

    mATX motherboard with IGP and PAP?

    Does one exist? I want to do a semi-cheap htpc build for my girlfriend. she wants to watch blu-rays(i want bitstreamed hd audio) and play a few games...the IGP doesnt need to be all that powerful graphics wise, she'll probably be playing mostly puzzle games and such. thanks in advance for...
  21. Haste266

    VERY WARM - 5 Packs of BD-R Dual Layer 50gb 2x-4x $24-31 FS i linked to a search so you can see all the options. most if not all are Buy it Now. these are the lowest prices I have found so far on dual layer blu-ray discs. a little over $6 a disc for the $31...
  22. Haste266

    Indigo Xtreme 1156

    Anyone tried this out yet for 1156 socket? I just noticed that jab-tech and have it in stock finally...ordered a package from svc for $17.99 shipped! anyone know when it became available? ill post my before/after results once i get everything installed.
  23. Haste266

    NZXT M59 watercooling build.

    I have had my thermaltake armor for what seems like forever now. Its definitely old and beat up looking, and it tends to rattle here and there...decided recently to switch to a new case but wanted a mid-tower that didnt cost me an arm and leg. did quite a bit of research and came across this...
  24. Haste266

    Just got a new Seasonic M12-D 850w...have a concern, halp.

    right it out of the package and i notice something loose inside...seems like a piece of plastic with some glue on it? maybe to keep certain components from touching? main question is, should i be concerned? i was able to pull the loose piece out by removing the fan grill. pics:
  25. Haste266

    New GeForce 196.21 WHQL drivers from Nvidia

    New GeForce 196.21 WHQL drivers from Nvidia. [/LIST]
  26. Haste266

    Laptop question!

    was this installed correctly? the area that is circled is the contact point for the gpu on the motherboard. the CPU had regular old TIM installed. the gpu had a piece of "foil" over the TIM between it and the surface of the GPU. these two pictures are with the foil still intact on the...
  27. Haste266

    Electronics recycling information?

    This site is dedicated to computers/electronics but I can't find an easy way to find out how to recycle my old electronics. Is there a place we could put this information on the site?
  28. Haste266

    iRacing 1-year subscription - $75! existing subscribers use promo code: PRBLACKFRIDAY09 new subscribers use promo code: PRBLACKFRIDAYNEW09
  29. Haste266

    temp reading with 191.07

    neither speedfan or evga precision can read my temps after upgrading to these drivers on my 285 gtx. i have an onboard 9400 that is reading fine. speedfan shows 0c at all times and precision doesnt even detect a temp sensor on the card as far as i can tell. anyone else had this issue?
  30. Haste266

    What's your gaming resolution?

    Didnt get 1920x1080 in bad. all of those were from memory...
  31. Haste266

    Threads in subscriptions no longer showing as read?

    after clicking on them? they basically show up like there has been a reply since the last time i read the thread but there hasn't... anyone else having this issue? its happening to me on my work machine (mac os x 10.5.6, firefox and at home (vista, firefox 3.5)
  32. Haste266

    Philips Sonicare Essence 5300 Power Toothbrush - $50.70 w/FS!

    Amazon Link for toothbrush not sure how long its gonna stay at this price but it seems its about the cheapest u can find on the net, plus free shipping! these toothbrushes are awesome btw, except for the non-replaceable batteries of course... my girlfriend bought me one about 18 months ago...
  33. Haste266

    amazon gold box ps3 80gb $350 FS not hot...just an ok deal.
  34. Haste266

    Holy crap, it worked! Dead video card, resurrected!

    i want to give antipesto93 from the credit for this, he is the one that gave me the idea! my 8800gtx died a little over 3 months ago. went ahead and ordered a new video card because i figured the card is completely dead without...
  35. Haste266

    I'm confused! Not sure which 285 I actually received...

    I just stepped up to a "vanilla" Evga GTX 285 from a 260 216. The box and part number both point to the vanilla GTX 285 card, but the card itself is clocked to "Superclocked" speeds by default. Maybe this pic will help? I'm thinking this might be another customer's RMA'd card that was...
  36. Haste266

    8800GTX died, need recommendations for under $200

    I would like to stick with Nvidia unless someone knows that an ATI card will work in conjuction with my onboard 9400 HDMI. I have this motherboard: Size isn't an issue, I have right angle sata connectors, so the video card wont...
  37. Haste266

    gonna be upgrading in a few months...have a question

    I currently just have a cpu-only loop with an mcp655 and a mcr220 in a push/pull config with the push fans on a fan controller and the pull(low-speed) fans always on. question i have is will my setup be good enough to cool an intel quad core cpu and tinker a little with overclocking it? im...
  38. Haste266

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F1 750gb $74.99 shipped!
  39. Haste266

    Reworked my loop (pics)

    I had been running a loop for almost 2 years with no maintenance(im lazy) other than taking two 7800gtx 512mb cards out of it and adding a connector to bridge the gap in the hose. i was using pc ice red uv (the uv part didnt work so hot) and it made my hoses look fairly dirty...i should have...
  40. Haste266

    Roanoke, VA - 240 man LAN. Dec. 29th-30th Also check out StarcityLAN Looks like seats will be $30 for the whole event. Pre-registration discount is unknown at this time.