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    CakeMine, my MiniHub Economy Minecraft Server with Survival, Creative, and Games.

    Hey everyone! I'd like to introduce you to my server: CakeMine! CakeMine is a MiniHub Economy Minecraft server, with Survival (PvE or HardPvP), Creative (land claims), and a Games world, all integrated into the economy! The staff are friendly and helpful, and we are constantly working behind...
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    iPhone 3.0 tethering/MMS on AT&T without jailbreak

    I just got tethering and MMS working on my iPhone on the AT&T network without jailbreaking it. tethering is cake, MMS is a little harder, but heres a guide to do both at the same time: gizmodo article: guide...
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    imageshack upload integration?

    imageshack has a service that allows you to integrate imageshack uploading into a website or forum. it integrates with the forums such as vbull and puts a section on the new post/reply page to allow people to upload images directly to imageshack while replying/making a new post. this could...
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    Apple has it jusssstt right.

    Got around to upgrading to Leopard finally. I gotta say, Apple got it just right this time. No stupid cocoa/carbon apps looking different, finally a unified GUI. Love the menu bar. The transparency looks awesome with backgrounds where its noticeable, but I use a background that makes it look...
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    a little PHP help

    here is what I would like to do in PHP: I have a page setup that just has a bunch of links on it. each link runs a certain command on the computer the page is hosted on. so when you click on a link it goes to and just basically reloads that same...
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    bah, need some more help!

    this is my schematic, sorry for the crappy hand drawing. THE BACKGROUND: This circuit is for a cell phone activated remote start system. this is the cell phone activated part of it. The system is activated by the super bright LEDs on the phones keypad, which interact with the photocell...
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    Help with photocells and a circuit

    Well here is my basic circuit (the one I'm using is a tad more complicated...) Where the switch is, I would like something (photocell? photoresistor? photodiode? WTF is it called?!) that will turn on the lightbulb in the above pic. I want to keep it as simple as possible. I bought a...
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    working with limited accounts and one time use applications?

    I have had more than one occasion where I needed to open an application where I was on a limited account (needed to run on that account) where opening certain applications is blocked, and introducing a new application blocks it until it is unblocked Now I have to log in as an admin (no system...
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    Those annoying freshman! >:( -cliffs at bottom

    Well, I'm a senior in my shop (Commercial Art), and the resident Mac genius (:rolleyes: ). That leaves me with the task of setting up the freshman accounts so that they can only access the apps they need, so thats all they can use. Here's my story. it's a story, not really a problem, because...
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    New MacBook Firmware out

    looks like apple may be finally doing something about the fan problems for a change...
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    Who like the new iTunes?!

    I do! I love the new interface, and the new way to sort music, AND THE ALBUM ART! :D
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    "The Photograper's Right"

    Lately, I have been reading some complaints on public photography forums (such as and about people being stopped and questioned, sometimes detained and had their equipment confiscated, just because they were taking pictures. Pictures of public places, where...
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    BAH! "tank" my butt...

    well heres the story: Got a great deal on a Nikon D1 (yes...the magnesium pro body camera...) on ebay. As-Is for $150 shipped.... of course, it worked when it got here....and I've gone out to shoot a couple times with it.... but when I was reaching for one of the batteries for it...
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    New U2.... so....whose buying one :rolleyes:
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    Top 10 highest (and lowest) Cell phone radiation levels mines the 2nd lowest! no brain cancer for me :p the Slvr L6 pulled in just under the max at 1.58W/kg...with 1.6 being the max
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    Apple script help

    forget all this: I suck at Applescript...gotta learn it, but I don't have time now. I need a script. that when run, opens a window. IN this window it should have 3 buttons (or something along these lines) I need these 3 buttons to say: "Start Music Server", "Stop Music Server", and "Restart...
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    Looking for a couple programs....

    The first program (or way to do it in OS X itself) I am looking for is one with the ability to save it's own separate (searchable maybe?) web history file. situation: - I've got my mac mini, and it's got a password. - Somehow, either by guessing, or asking my parents (gotta give them the...
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    "Possible" Vista love for macs? (Now with more XP on Mac flavor crystals!)

    Link thoughts? :( :Edit: haha. nice title KaosDG :p
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    bug in front row?

    i installed front row 1.2.1 on my mac mini, and i have hot corners turned on, and the bottom right corner set to the equivalent of "F11" (desktop expose) when viewing the "Now Playing" panel in the music section of front row, if i move the mouse down to the corner and activate expose, JUST...
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    10.4.5 + more out

    also out: iPhoto 6.0.1 iMovie HD 6.0.1 iWeb 1.0.1 iTunes 6.0.3 :edit: heres some more info for those interested
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    lol! Apple overclocks their minis!

    im sitting at the apple store now, posting from a mac mini running with a 20" screen.... guess what...its running at 1.5 ghz.... :shock: and they aren't even maxing it out with 1 gig of memory.....
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    Driver Cleaner killed my XP install?

    well i decided since my net was out last night (mom forgot to pay the bill) id finally clean up my desktop and upgrade my drivers to the latest i ran driver cleaner pro and removed everything(meaning every driver in the list DC gives you), AND did the cab cleaner on ONLY (not...
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    VNC to mac from pc?

    ive already asked this in the networking forum, but this is more of a mac specific question is there a VNC client that supports inviting my PC at home to begin a VNC connection, so that i dont have to ask my IT department to forward ports to that mac?
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    VNC to mac at school?

    ok, heres the deal, i have a mac setup in my shop at school (vocational school). its setup to serve music to everyone in my shop on the computers via itunes. i would like to manage some songs while im at home and have just heard of the magical thing called VNC 1st question is what would i need...
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    difference in AF speed noticeable?

    is the difference in AF speed between the 20d and the Rebel XT noticeable if using the same lense? is there a difference? or does it all depend on the lense? after testing out my girlfriend's uncle's Nikon F5 (:drool:) I want a DSLR camera, mainly for the fast AF.
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    Should i submit this bug to MS?

    i seem to have found a bug in IE, should i report it to MS? :D
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    :jawdrop: did he just say "GigaPxl"?!?!"

    holy crap! has anyone seen this? check out some of the images in the image gallery! they wont release the fullsize ones.....but i dont blame em...since they quoted a full size 16-bit uncompresed image is 24 gigs............... and i get aggrevated working...
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    ok...pop quiz

    i wanna see how much you guys really know :D if someone can tell me what 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 bytes is called you get an imaginary cookie :edit/hint: just to clear that up a bit what would the word for it be (ex: terabyte (its not that but a word related to that))
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    pocket PC screen rotate program?

    hey. just got an HP h6315 Pocket PC i finally got my router to allow it to connect to the internet. so now i need one more thing a utility that allows me to rotate the screen so i can view [H] easier right now the screen is going up and down (portrait) while viewing web sites...
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    1 client DHCP server on my current pc?

    well heres the cable modems won't let the belkin router i have get an IP to connect to the now that i have 2 wireless devices i ned net access on them...the solution ive come up with (for now) is o connect my PC directly to the cable modem...(which i can connect...
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    whats this section for?

    whats this section for? talk about Dells/Alienware/HP/gateway/whatever PCs? w00t for first post in the new section
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    anything like this? CF -> CD with no PC?

    im looking for something in the $0 - $80 range that will allow me to transfer pictures on a compact flash card to a CD-R/HDD/DVD-RW/something of that sort, WITHOUT a PC... i found this: its exactly what i need, except for the price..for that price i...
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    blocking a program from opening in XP pro

    ok..heres the problem my sister has discovered photoshop. the problem with that is...she WONT STOP CHANGING MY PREFERENCES/COLOR SETTINGS/OTHER VARIOUS THINGS!!! im working on getting her a copy of PSP so she can do whatever with that while my photoshop preferences stay intact... but...
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    another "which one" thread?

    ill make this simple..i never owned a digital camera..but i know how to use them just fine and theres nothing too advanced out there for me (sans a camera with no auto options AT ALL) id like a camera thats great at taking macro shots, and is good with portrait and sports photography. zoom...
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    HELP! computer won't boot after installing powerstrip!

    ok. I plan to build an HTPC in the next week...and i wanted to play around with powerstrip on my main machine to just learn how to use it and stuff....well..bad idea i installed it and rebooted. and my pc won't boot anymore oh BTW..i ran drivercleaner pro just before installing powerstrip...
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    good TV tuner?

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    watercooling a shuttle

    well i have a SS51G shuttle with a s478 northwood that i would love to watercool this shuttle will be going in my room as an HTPC and i need it to be silent so i can sleep so heres my question what parts should i use to fit inside a shuttle? im using 3/8" ID (1/2" OD) tubing...
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    disableing program installs with group policy editor

    my sister keeps going on a bunch of different sites and d/ling games with spyware and crap in em...i finally got a XP pro disc from my dads work when they threw away a PC... i would like to know how to disable the ability for just her to install programs onto the computer
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    s3 supersavage

    how would the s3 supersavage perform in games? i know not nearly as well as any graphics cards out today...but my dad bid on a laptop on ebay with this chip and i want to know if i will be able to game on this at all. this is still my main gaming rig tho :p
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    where to buy cable sleeving locally?

    where could i buy cable sleeving locally? and what would it be called? i normally order online, but i would like to get it quick just name a few stores where i might be able to get it.