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    x299 not stable using manual voltage

    Just as a preface, I'm a quite experienced OC'er...but a relative n00b to Skylake-X OCing. I know that the x299 platform and Skylake X is a beast to try to OC. Between the extreme multitude of voltages, multipliers, AVX, etc., it can be quite daunting in trying to attain a stable OC. Currently...
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    My first watercooled build: 9980XE, RTX 2080Ti, etc.

    This is my first watercooled build ever. It is also an ~$10K build. Insert references to the POS $10K desk. :D You might wonder why I chose the 9980XE and not a Threadripper. First and foremost, I am an enthusiast, who also happens to have a job which requires multiple virtual environments. I...
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    Dilemma on new phone; need quick advice

    I currently have a 128GB Nexus 6P. I can honestly say it is the best phone I've ever had the pleasure of using. Unfortunately, I'm sure I'm falling victim to the widely reported and well known issue of the Nexus 6P having battery problems. I've noticed it starting to get hot for no reason...
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    Pleasantly surprised with Nexus 6P

    I grabbed a 128GB Nexus 6P because they were on sale. Also, I wanted to get the ability to use Android Pay with a custom ROM, and there are only 3 ROMs which can do it, all AOSP based, so pretty much had to be on a Nexus. So, I picked one up, and promptly sold my Note 4. I do admit that I was...
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    GTX 980 Ti: 4k easier on games?

    I have a MSI GTX 980 Ti. Recently I upgraded to a 4k monitor, the BenQ BL3201PT, which has a 3840x2160 resolution. My old monitor was an HP 3065LP, which had a resolution of 2560x1600. I noticed an odd trend playing games at 4k resolution on the new monitor: games seems to run smoother. I...
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    Radiator at bottom, blowing out

    Yesterday, I bought a new case (the Fractal R5). My old case (the Corsair 600T) I had mounted the radiator in the traditional exhaust fan port. I was always a bit worried because it was sucking hot air from the CPU. The GPU (which I'm cooling with a Corsair H90) never topped 61C in stress...
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    Finally building custom loop: need help

    So now I am serious about moving to watercooling. From another thread I had, I will be moving the rad/reservoir completely away from the computer, possibly in another room. Here is my rig. i7 2600K @ 4.4Ghz Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Gen/3 32GB Corsair RAM...
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    AIO with quietest pump

    I'm looking for an AIO to get my feet wet (see what I did there) with watercooling. I was wondering what would be the best, quietest AIO out there. I know I can "control" how loud a given watercooling system is by the fans, but not the pump. What would be the best and quietest AIO, pump-wise...
  9. J

    AIO for my MSI GTX 980 Ti GAMING 6G

    I'd like to maybe get an AIO kit to get my feet wet with water cooling for my GTX 980 Ti GAMING 6G. Want something plug and play, and the best cooling performance. Any ideas where to start? There are so many combos that I am sort of lost.
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    XFX 1250W: hybrid fan speed LOUD

    Rig specs: Asus P8Z68 Deluxe Gen/3 2600K @ 4.4GHz 32GB RAM MSI GTX 980 Ti (stock, no OC) Bunch of 850 Pro SSDs XFX 1250W PSU Corsair 600T case For the first time ever, since building my rig in 2012, which has an XFX 1250W, I noticed the PSU fan. Last week, I upgraded my rig with a 4k display...
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    Acceptable uniformity variance?

    I just got my BL3201PH in. It's absolutely gorgeous. I was lucky that I got one that has: 1. No dead pixels 2. Virtually minimal to no backlight bleed 3. No banding issues 4. Excellent black point (when calibrated) 5. No ghost stains or anything else So in other words, almost perfect...
  12. J

    Real full network speeds with Windows 10?

    There is a disturbing trend I've noticed that is presenting itself now with Windows 10 becoming more prevalent. I was wondering if anyone can debunk that with some screenshots. It seems that Microsoft has completely broken the ability to change congestion providers and/or enable ECN via netsh...
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    Windows 10: netsh congestion broken

    I'd like some of you guys to chime in on this. In Windows 7, there is a netsh command that allows you to change the congestion provider to CTCP. Given the fact that I'm using almost enterprise grade switches and equipment at home, I want to get the full speed of the hardware I'm paying for...
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    Need more SATA 6 ports

    My motherboard only has 2 SATA 6 ports. I need more. I did some research, but am still lost. I don't need RAID, but I do need the speed of a native ICH 10 SATA 6 port. Yes, I care about performance, no cheap solutions allowed. My motherboard actually has an additional 2 "SATA 6" (note the...
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    Dual to single suggestions

    Dear [H] monitor folks, It's been a long, long time since I've been in this forum. I currently have the following setup. 1. 1 x 30" HP LP3065 2. 1 x 21" Viewsonic VP201b Both of these monitors are dying. Literally. The VP201b has an inverter that constantly stops having good contact with the...
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    Get Windows Enterprise...for home use?

    I was wondering if this is even possible. Even if I wanted to upgrade all my PCs at home to the enterprise version, Microsoft doesn't seem to give me a mechanism to do that; it's very convoluted. Probably really not applicable, but I was just curious. :D
  17. J

    Need proper stand to stack monitors

    I have two monitors: 1 x Viewsonic VP201b (21") and 1x HP LP3065C (30"). The main monitor is the 30 incher, and it will be at the bottom. I want to put the 21 inch stacked on top. I can't seem to find a good stand that will allow me to do this. Searching in this forum didn't help either...
  18. J

    Watercooling: getting pump/radiator far away from PC

    Now that I've gotten a GTX 980 Ti (which does run hot), it has re-sparked my interest in watercooling. There really isn't anything wrong with air cooling, but with the drastic increase in heat output, there are literally two potential goals I have that I think watercooling will get me. 1...
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    What's going on with games lately?

    I just bought my first ever flagship video card in my entire computing career: the GTX 980 Ti, so that I could enjoy a backlog of games which I had been compiling for about half a year now. This included games like Far Cry 4, Dying Light, and others. Far Cry 4 was a complete disaster. It would...
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    Good ergonomic gaming keyboard?

    I have been using the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 model for at least 10 years. It's suited me very well for everything: gaming and productivity. No, I have not used the exact same keyboard for 10 years: I've had about 7 of them now. I simply have not found a keyboard that can...
  21. J

    GTX 980 Ti: streaming video trouble

    Guys, ever since I bought my GTX 980 Ti, I've been having trouble with streaming video. Basically anything streaming, like watching TV episodes online on TNT, MaxGo, YouTube, anything HD has this extremely annoying stutter. It's kind of like a micro stutter, although sometimes it actually skips...
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    Windows 10 sounds: what the...?

    Installed my copy of Windows 10 Pro today. Immediately noticed: 1. No startup sound (even though you check the box that says Play Startup Sound in Sound properties). 2. No logoff sound. 3. No lock sound. 4. No unlock sound. 5. No navigation click sound. 6. No recycle bin empty sound...
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    GTX 980 Ti: reference vs. custom

    Ok, let's try this again. I believe my experiment with my MSI GTX 980Ti Gaming 6G has come to an end. See here. Through this almost month long ordeal, I've learned a few things about this card. 1. It runs hot. Very hot. 2. It dumps all the...
  24. J

    Crashfest with MSI GXT 980 Ti Gaming 6G

    Bought an MSI GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G. So far, here are the games I've played on it: 1. Crysis 3 2. COD Advanced Warfare 3. Borderlands: TPS 4. Far Cry 4 Out of the those 4, Crysis and Borderlands have been completely stable. But COD and now Far Cry 4? An absolute f****** crashfest mess. Both...
  25. J

    Wanting a non-reference 980 Ti

    My vacation is coming up. I have loads of games to play. 6+ or so that I've saved over the course of a year. I wanted to also buy a video card, since my GTX 570 is getting real long in the tooth. I was going to get the GTX 980...then nVidia complicated things and released the GTX 980 Ti. :D...
  26. J

    Issues with sending emails to Outlook account

    Is [H]ardForums having issues with sending emails to a specific email provider? I noticed that all of a sudden I was not getting any more subscription emails to the email address I had associated for more than 10 years with my [H] account. It is an address (actually it was first...
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    Cannot resolve HardOCP or Hardforums

    Since about 2PM today, I've been unable to browse to either the homepage or the forums. Neither can I ping either address. I then tried my LTE smartphone connection, and while I'm able to browse, it's hit or miss because sometimes the pages won't load. I tried MXToolbox on both my FIOS and...
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    [H] homepage down?

    Is [H] down? I'm getting an error message when trying to open it, either on my FIOS connection or my AT&T smartphone connection.
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    So it's my holiday, and I'm itching for a game...

    It's my holiday, and I just also happen to be on vacation. I'm looking for a game to play. FPS. Can't be 3rd person. Anything new of interest that I should check out? I was looking at CoD Ghosts, but I've heard really bad reviews on it. Hook a brother up! :D
  30. J

    About to pull the trigger on the T-mobile Galaxy Note 3

    I am about to buy this phone by this afternoon; going to buy it outright, no contract stuff. I am coming from a Nexus 4. My reasons are as follows: 1. Need faster speeds (LTE). 2. Want an AMOLED screen 3. Want a much bigger screen 4. Need better battery life than what I have now I fully intend...
  31. J

    Preparing for Thief 4 and want the best experience

    Currently, I have a GTX 570 which has served me well since...well, whenever it came out. :p I'd like to upgrade to a video card (nVidia only) that will allow me to run Thief 4 at 2560x1600 with all eye candy turned up and AT LEAST 4x MSAA. Any suggestions? I've been eying the 780 Ti, but it's...
  32. J

    GTX 780/ Titan idle clocks?

    I might be looking to upgrade from my GTX 570. One of the annoying things with the GTX 570 is that if you run multi-monitor display setup, the card always runs at full 3d clocks. It doesn't downclock to 2d clocks. This is very annoying, because the card runs hot and a bit louder when running...
  33. J

    Galaxy S3 (T999 T-Mobile) to...?

    I bought a GS3 in March...and so far, I've regretted it. While it's had great support via custom ROMs and what not, there's no reason why a phone that's over a year old still has stability issues due to bugs, at least in my mind. When I had my Galaxy Nexus, I had it for a year, and had almost NO...
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    Official update to Thief 4

    Thought I'd just post this (didn't see it posted earlier). One of the greatest games of all time, the Thief series, just got some updates that you guys might be interested in. I know I'm excited about this!
  35. J

    pfSense VM in Windows issues?

    I now plan to migrate my pfSense box, which is running natively on a PC, to Windows 7, and run pfSense as a VM. Here are the specs: Intel E2140 dual core 4GB PC2-3200 RAM 160GB WD hard drive Intel EXPI9301CT PCI-E NIC Intel PWLA8391GT PRO/1000 GT PCI NIC Here is the configuration I am...
  36. J

    What is Microsoft doing?

    It seriously seems that they are doing their best to destroy their bread and butter: Windows and Office. I know there are tons of hate threads about Windows, and I ignore it; I bought Windows 8 and Office 2013. Matter of fact, just bought Office today and installed it........and it's a...
  37. J

    New build with Corsair are loud

    I just completed a new build with the Corsair 600t. The 200mm fans are LOUD compared to all the nine 120mms I had in my CM Stacker. Even when they are running at low speed they are loud (and also make a buzzing sound). Is there any way I can make them quiet? If not, what is the best replacement...
  38. J

    Which motherboard to buy? (dilemma inside)

    I've had my eye on this board for a while, because it seems to have everything I'm looking for. The only problem is that it's a previous...
  39. J

    Mistake getting the Galaxy Nexus right now?

    I've just about had it with AT&T's service, and pricing. I will never buy subsidized again; I am going to go with a GSM unlocked phone that I can use wherever I want, and choose whatever service I want when I like. Having said that, do you guys think it would be a mistake to get the Galaxy...
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    pfSense: how to "no log" (exempt); devices don't show DHCP?

    Hey all, I'm new to pfSense. I did tons of research on these forms, selected good hardware, ran into a snag or two, and got everything squared away. I'm currently running pfSense since last night, and it's really fast and good. :) I have a few questions, since I'm so new, so I was hoping you...