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  1. Eshelmen

    New World

    Huh, my 2070super was running it pretty well at 1440p several months ago during an alpha invite. Very strange indeed.
  2. Eshelmen

    Battlefield 2042

    They did change this a bit with the dirty optics in BF1 and V though. I'm not sure how similar the optics are when they're clean, but during action, they definitely get a bit dirty. Adds to the "realistic" immersion I think you're asking for. So let's see. On top of that, I imagine all of the...
  3. Eshelmen

    Battlefield 2042

    One of the maps is apparently as big(5.9 square kilometers) as PUBG's Vikendi map, and there's 6 other maps to come out at launch. Very impressive. @7:00
  4. Eshelmen

    New World

    I'm seeing a lot of negatives toward the devs in light of the recent microtransactions and xp boosters dubbed "P2W" they're already bringing to the game, in its current beta state. lol Sub reddit here. Things are not looking good for the future of this project. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Eshelmen

    Battlefield 2042

    Let's hope EA learned already with their P2W boxes crisis during Battlefront 2 days. I don't expect free dlcs, but that type of crap will cripple the reputation. Lot of things EA has to do right this time around in order to save any face they have left.
  6. Eshelmen

    Battlefield 2042

    Next question - weapon mods, perks, class unlocks, etc. Do you all want BF3 and BF4 style, with a plethora of attachments, and weapon mods? Or a simplified style like BF5?
  7. Eshelmen

    Battlefield 2042

    Next series of questions for me - is there going to be a server list, and custom server option still? Hardcore mode too? Custom time limits? Or are we going to be subjected to the crappy COD style time limits? I'm hoping for at least a decent 30 to 45 minute battle per match.
  8. Eshelmen

    Battlefield 2042

    I'm okay with that if the 7 maps total a bigger area than any combination of maps in any previous BF installment. As I haven't seen any DLC plans yet, I'm willing to bet there's at least 3 to 5 additional maps on the horizon post release.
  9. Eshelmen

    Battlefield 2042

    Tech Radar has all the maps so far, check it out. Scroll down a bit and they'll have a bit of detail for each one.
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    Battlefield 2042

    Wow. Very good trailer. And I'm glad I didn't buy too much into the severely pixelated leaks over the last several weeks. Because this trailer is a lot of fun. Digs up the roots of what made us all fall in love with Battlefield in the first place, and with added features too. The tornado is a...
  11. Eshelmen

    The Elder Scrolls Online

    This is actually the first DLC since Tamriel One launch that I've been playing through the launch. So many different breaks I've taken with this game, but my current playthrough has stayed permanent for a while now. 2 PC Monster sets will now be allowed to be used in PVP (Cyrodiil or...
  12. Eshelmen

    Borderlands 3 Cross play happening .. except not on Sony consoles. Smh Sony
  13. Eshelmen

    NBA 2K21 (Epic Store 05/20- 05/27)

    Can't remember any sports game in recent years that doesn't have some form of micro transactions. Usually they're cosmetics and or the legendary old school players you can play as though. Nothing too extreme. Haven't play the 2k series in a few years, curious to see how bad these micro...
  14. Eshelmen

    NBA 2K21 (Epic Store 05/20- 05/27)

    Oh no! A random 30 second ad during a load screen of a free game! The horror! Thanks OP! I'll take it!
  15. Eshelmen

    How Many CPU Cores Do You Need For Great PC Gaming?

    Haven't had any real struggles running anything on my 6c 9600k yet. I'm hoping to upgrade in the next year or two when inventory has been sorted and prices are back to a decent tier. Until then, my 6c CPU will do just fine for me at 1440p.
  16. Eshelmen

    MSI has prebuilt systems - RTX 3060 and i7-10700 for $1,650 free shipping

    Looks like one user was able to fit an AIO in the front.
  17. Eshelmen

    Sony is FINALLY working on bringing Discord to Playstation

    Aye, it can definitely seem that way... But as one fellow gamer to another, this can be tweeked just like anything else we tinker with and it can be an absolutely sweet software for communication.
  18. Eshelmen

    Sony is FINALLY working on bringing Discord to Playstation

    This is huge for anyone who cross plays with their buddies on consoles. And to be honest, it's about time. "PlayStation is now partnering with Discord, the popular online communication...
  19. Eshelmen

    Various Star Wars games on sale on Steam, GoG, Microsoft Store, Epic

    I'd recommend Battlefront 2 if anyone hasn't played it yet. Battlefront 2 is superior to BF1 in essentially every way. While this was free on the Epic store a little while back, it's still one of the most beautiful games out there. On top of this, the fights are pretty fun, regardless if you...
  20. Eshelmen

    [DEAD]Logitech - G613 Wireless Gaming Mechanical Keyboard - $63.99 @ BB

    Great deal on this mechanical keyboard...
  21. Eshelmen

    the Truth about the GPU / CPU Shortage finally explained

    I find it difficult to believe there's THAT much demand for pc gaming out of the blue. Yes, I get it, covid made a lot of people stay at home. But wouldn't the production rate have increased to match the demand by now? It's been almost a year since preorders started on the 3xxx series. And...
  22. Eshelmen


    Valheim is probably the best optimized EA title I've ever played. And considering it's now only a few months old, I think it's an exceptional purchase for $20.
  23. Eshelmen

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Within the last month or two I bought the G613 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard on sale at BB for $70. Been wanting a wireless mech keyboard for a while, and just couldn't see myself spending $200 for a top rated one. No backlighting or removable wrist rest, but I've actually increased my overall...
  24. Eshelmen

    LG CX 48" 55" 65" 77" 4K OLED TV 120Hz VRR HDMI 2.1 - Microcenter (Refurbished)

    Can't even get HBO Max on a $3k LG tv. Hard pass.
  25. Eshelmen

    LG Exiting The Mobile Phone Market

    Loved my LG G2 and G4 back in the days. Ah well. Maybe by LG departing for a few years, a return will build enough hype to make a profitable dent in the industry again.
  26. Eshelmen

    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    I opted in for the Alpha during Blizzcon. Any one know if Blizzard goes by queue line + random or is it always random invites?
  27. Eshelmen

    Blizzard Announces Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Necroing thread because 1: We don't have a recent thread for this remaster and 2: Blizzard is sending out alpha invites to a random and undisclosed number of players who opted in for Alpha testing on the D2 site. Has anyone here received a key yet? Alpha test starts April 9th...
  28. Eshelmen

    Hell Let Loose

    This entirely. Pick a squad that's communicating(you can swap squads all match long until you find a competent one). Tell them you're new, most players will help, follow your squad(ask squad leader what class they need) and go from there.
  29. Eshelmen

    Hell Let Loose

    If you die and there's no close spawn points - you'll be running for a bit... But battles aren't fast paced like Battlefield or Call of Duty. Spawns are upwards of 30+ seconds depending on the spawn point and the maps are quite large. Everyone's on foot(minus the tanks), so things take a bit...
  30. Eshelmen

    The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

    Interesting concept. But, no Andy Serkis? Come on, he can't be that expensive.
  31. Eshelmen

    Mad Max (2015)

    This game is frequently on sale for around $5 - epic store, steam, gog, etc.. Definitely a solid game to pick up for that price. The gameplay gets repetitive at some point, but it is fun.
  32. Eshelmen

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Raining all weekend, so I'll be indoors for the most part. Going to pick up Elder Scrolls Online again. They completely rehauled the CP tree line, so I'm excited to see how this transforms the game. Hoping for a more balanced gameplay throughout..
  33. Eshelmen

    [DEAD] Costco: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speakers $90 w/ FS

    A chalupa combo and a $5 box will easily hit that. Good for 2 people.
  34. Eshelmen

    [DEAD] Costco: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speakers $90 w/ FS

    Using the Z313's from Logitech - I know, I know... they're ... yeah... They do okay for the most part..... but they're just too god awful basey for anything. Even the lowest volume, my floor shakes... it's terrible lol Just curious if anyone can tell me how much better these Klipsch would be...
  35. Eshelmen

    Chrome Launch Delay?

    Hi All, Been having an issue with Google Chrome Browser opening up slowly in general. It only starts up fast once I start up and get to windows. (As soon as I enter PW in windows, I click on Chrome and it immediately opens up, but any other time 30+ seconds) Other than that, it can take 30...
  36. Eshelmen

    Vertical Mouse - Gimmick or Great, or Great Gimmick?

    Any of you use one of these, or have used one? See any benefits to it? I kind of laughed when I saw these at first, as they look a bit ridiculous in my opinion. Apparently, there are some benefits to them.... but are there any differences in performance for you personally with working, gaming...
  37. Eshelmen

    Anandtech and Gamers Nexus 11700k Reviews

    Why is Intel releasing things if they're not really any better than previous lineup?
  38. Eshelmen

    Valheim There's now a starvation mod if you guys really want that survival aspect.