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  1. QKSILVR73


    Just had my 780 Lightning die from Vram issue on my old pc that my son streams fortnite on. Looking for a comparable card or little better on a 3570k and 16gb machine. Monitor is 1440x900 and possible upgrade in future to 1080p Thanks
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    9900k opinions wanted

    So I finally started buying parts for my next build. Z390 Aorus Pro, an H115i and some vengence 3200. I guess I picked the wrong time to build being the next stepping is around the corner. Should I buy now or wait? Amazon has them for 490 atm.
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    Klipsch Floor standing speakers 50% off

    Most major retailers are honoring this today only. Couple other speakers are 50% off too.
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    Samsung S4 verizon used
  5. QKSILVR73

    Dell-27-Gaming-Monitor--S2716DG $549 Free shipping

    Dell-27-Gaming-Monitor--S2716DG $549 Free shipping
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    ditch 460GTx for Physx

    Just bought a MSI N780 Lightning to replace two 460 GTX in SLI. Should I just run the 780 with one 460 or ditch the 460. Power draw isn't a factor so I don't care one way or another in that regards or heat for that matter. Just wanting to know if I'll have any benefit with it at all...
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    Ebay Deals

    Wow just wow can't believe I just found this. Found a newly listed N780 MSI Lightning for $470 with free shipping on Ebay. New in box from a seller with over 650 items sold with 100% positive feedback. Hopefully the seller pulls through on this as it was a hell of a price. Amazon is...
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    HOT!!! Antivirus software for $4.99

    Several vendors at this price of $4.99
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    The Dead Linger

    Just saw this come up on facebook Nvidia feed. Graphics look like crap, but you can board up windows and doors. Not sure if I will get it just to pass time LOL
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    Looking for Case with rear motherboard air flow

    Looking for Case with rear motherboard air flow. Saw it somewhere last week, but for the life of me cannot find it. At the rear of the case, there was vents about 1/2 inch wide on the left rear of the case running from top to bottom.
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    Go with new upgrade or wait?

    I mainly game with my Desktop. Currently having the upgrade itch. :D Anyways I play BF3, BO2, Dishonered, DayZ, ARMA2. My current setup EVGA 780i board with 780FTW bios Q9550 @ 3.54 4gb DDR2 SLI ram 2x 460 GTX SLI stock clocks 1920x1080 128gb M4 SSD 256gb OCZ Agilty4 300gb Velociraptor 150gb...
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    Origin Cyber Monday 50% off even BF3 premium
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    Recommendations for a decent laptop

    Mainly just for browsing internet, no gaming except for facebook games the wife plays. Not looking to spend too much. My current HP 2.10 GHz AMD Turion X2 RM-72 Dual-Core with 4gb ram has been slow to even facebook apps which are known to be resource hungry. reinstalling win7 after format...
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    SSD Boor drive opinions wanted

    No luck in the other are for storage systems so I posted this here. :rolleyes: I have had a 60gb Vertex turbo used mainly for games and just purchased a 128gb crucial SSD. My Mobo is 780i EVGa in sig and was wondering if I should install the OS on the Vertex or install on the 128. since I am...
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    SSD Boot drive opinion wanted

    I have had a 60gb Vertex turbo used mainly for games and just purchased a 128gb crucial SSD. My Mobo is 780i EVGa in sig and was wondering if I should install the OS on the Vertex or install on the 128. since I am still on sata2 i dont think it would make a difference. thoughts, opinions., thanks
  16. QKSILVR73

    Kingston SSDNow V+ Series SNVP325-S2/128GB 2.5" 128GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid Stat Kingston SSDNow V+ Series SNVP325-S2/128GB 2.5" 128GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) $160 after Mail in rebate
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    Difference on 480GTX on differnet systems

    Let's say someone has a Q9550 with 4gb Ram and buys a 480GTX. How would that same card compare on a newer i7 on a comparable rig? I see reviews with 480's on NEW rigs all the time, but nothing on something older. I know this is a common problem, but maybe an [H] admin could help with this...
  18. QKSILVR73

    Nvidia's Blog about the 470/480 GTX

    Not really much there, but they say they are listening to us.
  19. QKSILVR73

    Nvidia being slammed on facebook page click on the fans tab It's not looking good for the big N on facebook. About 90% is about the negative crap on the Fermi.. I knew I should have bought a 295 a couple months ago. :( :mad:
  20. QKSILVR73

    Woth it to go from 8800 GTS512 SLI to 480GTX

    wondering if it would be worth it. I am sure it is but still want opinions. I think I may wait till the refresh though in June-ish Gaming at 1920x1080 specs in sig top one :)
  21. QKSILVR73

    where are all the Nvida cards

    Been looking on Newegg and they are losing stock on 285 and 295 :confused:
  22. QKSILVR73

    Anyone get SP3 again?

    Xp says I am installing sp3 again. Anyone else??
  23. QKSILVR73

    8800 GTS 512 SLI video playback issues

    I am having and issues playing Netflix videos online. After about 5 mins of play the video goes corrupt. Screen freezes, can't get a screenshot. PC freezes and have to reboot. I can play games fine with no problems. Just videos do this., I reinstalled drivers after using driver cleaner...
  24. QKSILVR73

    WD Raptor 150

    I bought one of those 150gb WD raptor bad boys and it only shows up as having 140GB in Xp. What's the deal??? I know a HD doesn't show the full capacity but I am missing 10gb!! :mad:
  25. QKSILVR73

    Hard drive speed

    I use my PC for gaming and would like faster game starts, next level loading etc.. Is it better to go for a RAID 0 with 2 hard drives? Or would I be better off getting a larger harddrive at 7200? I know about the WD raptor but for cost effectiveness it's moot considering the small size of the...
  26. QKSILVR73

    There need to be a complaint/ Flame Forum

    There really needs to be a forum to voice our frustrations with PC parts vendors, shippers etc... :(
  27. QKSILVR73

    CPU cooler on 780i boards

    ANy clearance issues with the northbridge?? And what are you guys using. I was thinking the butterfly looking one or the Thermalrite one. Any help is greatly appreaciated. Thanks
  28. QKSILVR73

    Modular PS for 2x8800GTS512 SLI

    anyone? Can't seem to narrow it down. will be running Intel Quad core SLI's 8800 GTS some overclocking 4 120mm case fans Water cooling a possibilty
  29. QKSILVR73

    anyone running 2x8800GTS on a 939 board?

    Just wondering if anyone is doing it and what there results are. Thanks
  30. QKSILVR73

    How sturdy are motherboards?

    Well anyways that's my question. I bought a brand new Asus Maximus off a private seller from Ebay. Well when he shipped it he didn't pack the box inside another box. Outside edge was a little mashed. And the copper fins on the one edge of the board were bent. I didn't notice any cracks on the...
  31. QKSILVR73

    Buy now are wait

    I am looking at buying a X38 Asus Maximus SE. Should I buy it now or wait till after the 1st of the year.THis is for a new system build and I really dont need it until the lower priced 45nm come out as well as a faster Nvidia card based on the G92. Any thoughts??
  32. QKSILVR73

    what card should I get

    Ok heres my question. I plan on a system build after the 1st of the year. So here is my question. Do I buy a 8800 GT 512 now, or wait for the new G92s? I play with a 1600x1200 lcd and plan on getting Crysis for Xmas from the wife. Thanks
  33. QKSILVR73

    Multifunction Printer

    I know this is forum is mainly for PC's. But I am looking at replacing my very old printer and scanner with one of those multifunction printer/scanner/fax/photo jobbies. Does anyone have and experience with these? I do take pictures and would like to print out photos like you would get via a...
  34. QKSILVR73

    To SLI or not to SLI is the question

    I currently am running A64 4000+ 2gB Ram 1-7800GTX 256 My max monitor resolution is 1600x1200. How much would I benefit from getting another card to run SLI. IS it worth the $ for the performance. I really only play BF2, AA and sometime soon, BF2142. Input, thoughts...
  35. QKSILVR73

    My BFG 7800GTX 256 1st benches 1600x1200

    Well, I bought a 1600x1200 LCD and had posted before about being able to play BF2 with it. After playing on my regular medium settings for online play, I wanted to see what I could do with her. Well I decided to crank everything all the way up in the Nvidia control panel. Except for the vertical...
  36. QKSILVR73

    7800GTX256 and 1600x1200 in BF2

    Ok I have a 7800GTX 256 and am currently looking to buy a new monitor. Been looking at the Samsung 204B with 1600x1200 native resolution. Will I have a problem using this monitor at that resolution in BF2? Not going to buy it if I can't run BF2 with at least medium seetings, Which I run...