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    Storage for Backup Target Server

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at bringing some of my clients backups internally using Storagecraft. I have some older (4-5 year) Dell Tower Servers (T310 & 410) models as well as spare licenses of Windows Server versions. I need a way to have some direct attached or network storage that can...
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    Need Projector for Business Presentation

    Hey all, I need to do a presentation for some perspective clients. I need a projector for this. I don't want to spend a boat load since I may not use it really after this use. However nothing to say I can't throw it in the basement and use it to play movies/game in the future. Even wanted...
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    Hard Drive for HP Onboard Raid

    A new client called me with SSD in Raid on a microserver. The previous tech purchased 2 SSD in Raid1 and 2 2TB in Raid 1. They are not drives from HP. The solid state drives keep dropping out of the array so I suggested we use raid specific drives. I was thinking Seagate Constellations...
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    What can I use to do this?

    I have about 30 or so hard drives that have been pulled out of brand new Dell Optiplex machines. This was due to installing aftermarket solid state drives. So I have a bunch of 500gb and 1TB drives. I have a Dell T310 server that I will be using with ESX or Hyper-V. I would like to...
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    Best Wireless Router with QOS

    My dad is building out a office with some other attorneys and they signed up for hosted phones. I just ran about 16 drops last night for them, but need a router for the job. I am putting a gigabit switch in and don't care about POE since they have outlets where the phones are. But I do...
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    Network Audits

    Client of ours need to have some network audits performed. Need logs showing: 1) Who has logged into the system - Hopefully username and PC name 2) When they logged in 3) When they logged off 4) What files those users accessed I know auditing can be enabled on the server but need...
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    Christmas Computer Build

    One of my clients wants to get his kid all the parts to build a computer. I got a newegg list going but not sure if a good setup. I had: Antec 300 Case GTX 660 TI from MSI Corsair CMPSU-650TX G.Sill Ripjaws 8GB MSI Z77A-G45 Core i7 3770 Crucial M4 256GB This is a 11 year that...
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    Search Exchage Database for Messages

    Client of mine for legal reasons needs to search the Exchmage 2003 database for all messages with Keywords Need to be able to export to PST or something that lawyers can use. What are my options? Trying to avoid search mailboxes and exporting that stuff
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    Cost Effective Web Filtering - AD Support

    What do we have for this? Have a client of about 30 workstations and wants to web filter. Normally we can do OpenDNS and be done but they want integrated with AD. Filter staff, no Filter for Management. Looking for the most cost effective solution. Also what about for smaller sites...
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    Sync files on server to Mobile Devices

    What is my best option for this? I have tried SugarSync and it doesn't seem to be reliable. I have 3 distinct users 1) Owner 2) Sales 3) Manager Owner wants to sync personal data and also access Sales/Manager Sales only access Sales folder Manager only Manager. Any other...
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    Microsoft Business Contact Manager - Convert?

    Anyone know how to convert out of this? Looks like you can only do CSV which is going to be a nightmare. Want to swap this client over to Exchange but last time I tried BCM was a total problem.
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    Microsoft Business Contact Manager - Convert?

    Anyone know how to convert out of this? Looks like you can only do CSV which is going to be a nightmare. Want to swap this client over to Exchange but last time I tried BCM was a total problem.
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    Windows Server, Workstation and Time

    I have a setup that is running Server 2008 R2 with Hyper-V Role and 2 Guest OS (DC and Exchange). I was under the impression that if time right is on Host, the Guest will have same time and any workstations join to DC will have those times. This setup is in two locations and tied in with...
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    Best Rugged Digital Camera

    What is the best rugged camera to get? A friend of mine suggested the Nikon Coolpix AW100, but was looking for suggestions. Want something that will take a few drops and still take great pictures.
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    Best Rugged Digital Camera

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    Hyper-V P2V Fail - Dynamic Disk

    A new client contacted me having issues with some old database program. They had some servers in the basement but said they were not being used since someone put in a WHS.. This old IBM server was powered on but no input, so I reset it to find a raid array in critical state, but once it booted...
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    Parental Controls and Web Filter Software

    I just got my nephew a Alienware and need to install parental controls on it as requested by his mother. In the past I have used K9 but wanted to know what is better now. Paid or free doesn't matter. Thanks!
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    Anyone using DFS?

    So if I have a client that has 2 locations and we use DFS to sync up a Sales folder, for what I have been reading if a employee at location 1 opens file abc.doc it will open up on Server @ Location 1. If employee 2 at location 2 opens up the same file they will be opening it on Server @...
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    2008/2012 Hyper-V Server

    If you are to run Server 2008 or Server 2012 Hyper-V Server how do you manage the system? I know it is all Command Line. So what I am asking: 1) How do you add virtual machines? I am still a noob at Hyper-V but I use the Virtual Machine Manager that is built in. How do you do this when...
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    Any Dell Switch Experts?

    Need to talk to someone regarding configuration.
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    Dell Level 3 Switches - GUI?

    Do the Dell Level 3 switches have a GUI? What about the Level 2 (not web managed ones, the 55 series).
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    Hosting Own Online Backup

    What software is out there? Gettig tired of swapping providers. Have a few calls scheduled this week for reselling a service and if no winners then I want to roll my own. Either lease a server and put in data center or roll something on Amazons server Needs - simple file backup for...
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    MSP - Online Backups?

    So what are people using? We have used Mozy, Intronis and now Nine Technology. So have about 100-200 users, 1+ TB. Nine is being discontinued. Need some ideas.
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    Hyper-V and Server Standard

    So started looking more at specs and since Standard Server 2008 is only limited to 32GB, I assume even with Hyper-V role added you can only have only 32GB total on the system. So really for Hyper-V you need to use Enterprise?
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    3 Companies Under 1 Roof - Setup Ideas

    I have a small contractor client that has an office and shared with 2 other companies he works with. Company A - Contstruction - 4 Employee Company B - Oil Company ( 2 Domain Names) - 5 Employee - 2 From Company A - 1 of these does the QB for them Company C - Design Company ( 1 Domain...
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    Build for Photoshop User

    So client of mine has a old custom machine that needs to be upgraded. We are looking to do a i7, 16GB or more, 1GB VideoCard, 256GB SSD with 2-3TB data drive. Client does photoshop and other photo maninipuation. Case needs to have multiple front USB Ports, USB 3.0 and 2.0. Or I can try to do...
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    SAN for Small Business Recomendations

    What is the most bang for the buck SAN? I have a few companies that plan to go virtual and wondering what is the best model to look at. We are a Dell Reseller but they seem to start in at around13-15k with SAS Drives. Just curious thanks!
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    EnGenius ESR750H?

    Anyone use this? I have a house that I am putting in an Engenius Outdoor unit and want to keep the main wireless router the same make. Anyone use any Engenius Routers? I like the Access Points haven't used the routers
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    Windows Login Tracking

    Seems like you either need a script or a program to do this. What programs are you using to keep track of user login, log off's, etc.
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    Overnighted Servers?

    Does any place stuck some common configurations of Dell servers that can be ready to be overnighted?
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    Exchange Sharing

    Any easier way to handle Exchange sharing of mailboxes/calendars/contacts? I have a service company that has 4-5 admins in teh office and 10 field guys. They just added a new admin employee so I need to log into all 10 field users outlook and then share it out to the new girl. Can this be...
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    So every video I see shows it RDP into a Win7 session. So if you do RemoteFX, you have to create abunch of virutal win7 VM for users to connect to? I am still new to the whole VM thing, but with RDP normally you have a server and they just RDP into the server and have a profile for...
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    Employee Monitoring

    What ya using? Client of mine in the financial world wants to monitor 10 machines. Spectorsoft was my first option and they have a network based version for $1150. Anyone using something else?
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    Wholly Spyware

    Anyone else battling with this last week and this week? Calls from home users and businesses. Its the hard drive one that removes all the desktop and start menu. So far having less than 50% cleanup rate on this. Having to format machines when Combofix and TDS dont run, or can't restore...
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    Help me understand storage

    Sorry this is probably dumb but I am so use to the physical server route. Normally with physical servers I have a C Partition (usually a raid 1 array) and then a D Partition (usually Raid 5 or Raid 10). Now I keep reading "putting the vm on this array and having a zfs array" Now when I...
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    UniFi - Guest Access?

    Do you need any special router for UniFi if you want to have your office network and then a guest network? Normally you would need to do a VLAN and then have another DHCP server.
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    SBS 2011 - Hanging on Welcome - Any Ideas?

    I do not want to format a server this weekend and re-do a domain on Monday. I have a client that has a newer Dell T310 - 8GB - Xeon 2.4, SBS 2011. Just went to a clients to move the office from one building to the other, couldn't log into the server so went to the terminal and saw the...
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    When to use thin clients over PC?

    I have a municipality that is spread over 4 buildings - Police, Court, Fire, and Village. We currently have a server/servers at each location handling the needs. I am wondering when do you pick thin clients over full pc? I would like to start virtualizing some of these buildings, and...
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    SBS 2003 to Vanilla 2003

    I have a site that is running an SBS 2003 (getting to be very old) and a Server 2008 machine. SBS 2003 isn't running exchange or sharepoint or anything, just being used as a DC, File Server, and has a old Cold Fusion Application. The Cold Fusion App developer hasn't been around in some time...
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    Zyxel Users?

    I know a few others here use Zyxel. How is the paid content filter? Can you link to active directory? I need to be able to filter by users. And are you using the utm ones or just usg? I think all I'd want is the content filtering and antivirus. I generally use the usg models and the...