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    Wall Mount Monitor WITH PC Attachment

    So I've seen the NanoPC's with the VESA mount so you can mount it behind a monitor. But what about wall-mounting the monitor AND the NanoPC? For my office I need to mount about a 19" LCD on the wall with a small computer behind it as well... so any thoughts. Does someone sell something right now?
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    Best Off-Site Backup Service

    First let me say i'm not looking for carbonite or anything like those... I have a home server in which I have a large storage array. I backup a customer of mines server to my own "server" using Vembu right now. It's a backup program that I run on my server at home and allows "clients" to...
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    Exterior Patch Ports?

    I'm wondering if anybody can help me with something. I'm building a "demo case" for our company. This demo case will be a pelican case with a monitor inside/small server/PoE switch. What I want to do is have the ability to connect "devices" to this from the outside. I'd like to install some...
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    Looking for 19" 4:3 Touch Screen w/HDMI

    I need a 19" Touch Screen, 4:3 ratio WITH HDMI... i know strange, but we're having source issues and need a touch screen that has HDMI. We need 4:3 ratio because this is going in a podium. Really my dimensions are 18" wide by 14.5" high because theres a bezel the monitor sits in and the...
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    Matrix Switcher + HDMI -> DVI Issues

    So here is the issue i'm having. The company I work for has a mobile cart division where we make mobile carts. One of the newer A/V carts we are working on is an A/V presentation cart. We have the following devices inside the cart that we're allowing to be switched back/forth: Mac mini...
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    Program to play audio transparently

    I'm in need of a program that will play a wav file behind the scenes. I have software that monitors panic/camera systems. The program allows me to launch a "program" when a certain action happens. Right now I have it launching the .wav file, which basically opens media center and plays the...
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    PoE Switch AND Injector

    Is this possible? Say I have a PoE camera that goes into my PoE switch. The PoE switch is already on a backup system but I'd like it install a PoE injector so should the PoE switch stop supplying power, the device powers on (don't worry about the data network side of things, its not an actual...
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    CompTIA A+ - Worth It?

    I've been in IT all my life, have had the same job now for 7+ years... but no certifications (other then Panasonic Phones). Is it worth my time/money to get CompTIA A+ certified? There are 2 tests about $179 each i'd have to take and pass to get it... what about MCTS cetficiation... wanst...
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    Keep Losing HDMI Monitor in Windows 7

    So Heres my issue. I have a computer. It has onboard VGA and then I have a Video Card with DVI/HDMI/VGA (typical). Im using a 3 monitor setup. LEFT monitor is the ONBOARD VGA (17" LCD) MIDDLE monitor uses the PCI-X HDMI (42" LG TV) RIGHT monitor uses the PCI-X VGA (17" LCD) MAIN...
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    APC Wants 30amp circuit, I only have 20amp... will it work?

    So I screwed up. I had ordered a battery backup for this rack and they are providing us with a 20amp pigtail from the breaker (we're putting electric box on). The APC I ordered requires a 30 amp outlet. Well thats easy enough, I can install a 30 amp outlet on my line. My question is...
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    How To Keep My Local Network When Joining A VPN

    So heres my issue. I'm on a domain here at my office. I have files stored on my server I need to access (client info). When I need to troubleshoot a client's system, I logon to their VPN and now I can access their server to do work. However, I no longer have access to my own network, because...
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    Need Program To Hide Windows

    So as some know I build DVR's for a living. We use Windows XP and in order to keep clients from using the DVR's as regular workstations, we install a small program called WinHide. It has two files (winhide.exe and winhide.ini). Its very simple. The ini has a password and when we run the program...
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    300Mbps Wireless-N or 100Mbps Wired?

    So heres the situation I'm in... I just got a new apartment and I have my office on one side of the house and my living room on the other. Running a wire is not going to really be possible, because of a vaulted ceiling issue and that side of the house being completely closed off in the attic...
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    Can't access Microsoft Websites

    So I have an issue. I had a POS system running Windows XP SP2 that I updated to SP3 via the downloaded file. The update worked fine, but now I can't access any microsoft website. I thought it was just something with that PC. Its a POS system so i gave up. Well I have a brand new Dell...
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    What Do Geeks Do When They Get Married?

    Well no my wedding isn't going to be geeked out, etc... its a classy wedding. But I did have to add my own little touch. While be dragged around to the various Wedding shows this company was selling an electronic card service. Looked neat, touch screen interface. But they wanted like $1500 for...
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    How to disable RDP "Login" screen

    So I do a lot of DVR's and I have a school that is giving us RDP access so we can login to our DVR for maintenance. Thats great. But problem is whenever we login via RDP, the end-users screen goes to that "locked" screen so they can't see anything. Then once we logout, the end-users screen is at...
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    My New Server

    So I've had a ton of DVD's for a while and being I'm moving in a few months, decided it is time to get rid of them. I didn't want to just sell them without making "backups" first, as I've been using Blu-Rays for the last year or two. So the DVD's have gone neglected. Well my HTPC has 3 HD's...
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    MyMovies + iPad

    Im not sure if anybody else knew this, I did not. But MyMovies now has an iPad app, that allows you to play movies from the iPad. I've been using Media Browser for years, but have clients with MyMovies. Well I just switched to MyMovies, they've come a long way since they first came out, much...
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    5400 or 7200 for NAS?

    So im going to be setting up a NAS. I'll probably be doing harware RAID 5 but havnt decided on FreeNAS or just using something like WHS or Windows Server 2008 (since i want to use it for file storage but maybe printer sharing later down the road). Anyway... the WD Green drives (WD20EARX) 2TB...
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    FreeNAS or Hardware RAID

    Soo heres my question. Should I go with a FreeNAS system and run ZFS or should I just buy a hardware RAID card and stick with a plain ole windows server solution? What are the benefits to FreeNAS? My big concern is HD space. I want to start with 5 2TB drives but have the ability to expand...
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    FreeNAS + eSATA Enclosure Question

    So im about to embark on the wonderful journey of making a FreeNAS server. I have two options 1) An old shuttle PC i don't do anything with 2) My old PC (Q9550 processor, 8GB ram - just upgraded to an i7 so its collecting dust). I plan to use this NAS for my HTPC to store my movies. The...
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    Help Identify This Enclosure

    Can anybody help me identify this enclosure and who makes it? Vidabox is a company that makes home theater things. They use mostly iStarUSA cases from my hands on experience. I sold one of these to a client but I know i can do this myself, its just 4 DVD drives and a port multiplier card inside...
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    WiFi Hot Spots

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    Windows Time Sync Issues

    So I build DVR's for a living and one big problem im having is some of my clients have multiple DVR's on site, and the times are not accurate. Some clients are even off by minutes, hours, not sure why the systems time is so off, but its a problem. The built in windows time sync doesnt work...
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    Minecraft Server: New York Minecraft Server

    Figured i'd let everybody know about a server I've had running for a few weeks. Most of us came from another server that went down after the 1.8.1 update and never came back, so we started a new one. At any given time theres about a dozen people on. Friendly/helpfull admins, starting tools and...
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    New York Minecraft Server

    So I was playing on a server and recently when 1.8.1 came out, they went down for upgrades but never came back up. One of the owners decided not to bring it back as he couldnt deal with the drama/maintenance anymore. So we all moved to a new server. Its a fast server, nearly no lag and has a...
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    File Server Questions - Deleted Files

    I have a Windows 2003 Server... if one of my desktop users deletes a file from a shared folder, it goes "bye bye"... is there a way to prevent this, we don't care if someone deletes something, but is there a way they can go into a network "recycle bin" rather then just going gone for good...
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    What Certs To Get

    So heres my situation. I'm 30 years old, run the IT department for the company I work in. We're a very successfull computer company that does a lot of surveillance/security/alarm systems, its out main focus. I do pretty well but I have no certs. Ive been working fulltime in the computer industry...
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    iPad USB Hub

    So has anybody found a HUSB hub that will provide power to the iPad 2??? I know the power adapter is 10w compared to a lower wattage power adapter for the iPhone, and the standard power off a standard USB connection isnt enough, but anybody know of a powered usb hub giving enough juice?
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    Time is Slow

    So I build DVR's... and ive build hundreds of them, but im having a strange issue recently. The time is going slow. Everyday i login to a clients DVR and find the time is slow. Usually by about 1n hour and a half or sometimes more. Im not talking a DST issue where its an hour, im talking 1-3...
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    Minecraft Monster Killer Machine (Video)

    So ive been playing minecraft for a month or so now. On a public server with creaturebox mod. Figured id make a little mob killing machine that drops mobs from above. Its not the most efficient device but its sure fun to watch, check it out... still have a lot of work to do on it...
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    Need 19" LCD - THIN Bezel - No Widescreen

    So my boss has 3 samsung LCD monitors and one finally died. He got a replacement (for about $300) and its got a dark picture, its a refurb. So rather then dealing with samsungs repair we can just buy 3 new monitors for ABOUT the same if not a bit more... anyway.. he needs the smallest bezel...
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    Using Subnet in a /22 network

    I have a client who is currently seperated on two networks and connected via a VPN. One network is /24 The other is /24 They are moving one office soon to a space next door, so we'll be physically connecting the two networks. I dont want to have to change IP's of...
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    Wireless Issues At Service Shop

    So im having some issues lately at a client, maybe you guys can help me. Its a new car dealership. We used to have a Linksys Wireless Router in a closet that the public accessed while waiting for their cars to get serviced. Naturally this thing stopped working a while ago (wouldnt hand out IP's...
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    No Monitor Hooked Up = Must Reboot

    So heres the issue i'm having. I build DVR systems for clients. And most of my clients are government places so we don't hookup a monitor to the DVR, we usually install them in server rooms and the clients access them remotely over their vast network. But anyway regardless of where the DVR is...
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    iPad or Archos Tablet

    Sooo heres the question... xmas is coming should my GF get me an iPad or an archos tablet (if she can find one) Archos tablet is way cheaper, but runs android (lil sluggish compared to apples os) but its basically open source in a way... so lots of potential Downside is that no 3G modem...
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    My "New" Computer - Picture Inside

    My "new" computer just arrived today, check out this bad boy: This was my first computer as a young lad... back when you had to program your own games in BASIC 10 PRINT "KayPro II Rocks" 20 GO TO 10
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    Kindle or NookColor

    Sooo my GF wants an e-reader i think... im trying to decide wether to get the NookColor, which looked nice or the Amazon Kindle. Here is where i stand NookColor looks nicer. I like the touchscreen and the color (its great since i can get her cosmopolitan subscriptions which she likes). Great...
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    Amazon Kindle Offer

    Anybody else having issues getting that Amazon Kindle 2nd Generation for $90? I watched it count down to 0 on the timer, and now i cant even buy it, i hit add to cart and now it just shows a "Join waitlist" which i cant click and a timer that keeps counting down from like 3 hours
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    Amazon Kindle Offer