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    Need help deciding.....ITX mobo.

    Building a Prodigy build Uses will be for a triple boot system consisting of OSX/Ubuntu/Windows 7. I need a good and reliable motherboard. Will be doing a little overclocking as well with a 3570K and will of using a Corsair H80 or H100 WITH internal BR Drive. However I am stuck at the...
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    Lets see those Prodigy Builds!

    As the title says.....lets see those Bitfenix Prodigy builds/mods.:D
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    Problems logging in.

    I have had MAJOR problems logging into this forum regardless of browser or net connection. First off it would not let me log in it keep giving me a redirect error.....and would not log me in. Now I have cleared cookies and everything and same thing....would not let me log in. Now every...