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    HTC Droid Incredible $99.99

    FYI Android 1.6 and up has turn by turn navigation with spoken instructions..
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    New CPU or GPU ?

    :) enjoy
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    New CPU or GPU ?

    you can get about 10% more performance (in 3dmark) by getting that 5770 and almost double the framerates in some games,1697.html?prod[3251]=on&prod[3231]=on&prod[3293]=on
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    Need suggestions on new Gaming Mouse

    The switches in a mouse (where you click) are only rated for so many clicks. They're not designed for a lifetime of clicking. I've worn out a mouse's left click button about every 2 or so years using logitech mice (mx300, mx310, g3). Doesn't your G5 have a warranty?
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    Netflix- Free Month Trial

    More codes. M464697924565 M484687924555 M444677924515 M404627924595
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    IEEE/MSDNAA 2 copies of Win7 pro for $32

    thanks... still had my ieee membership from earlier in the year.
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    BFG 260 GTX 216 Core - Luke Warm Deal

    thanks.. will consider it
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    Best cheapest MB with HDMI for an HTPC? AMD or Intel?

    I bought this combo last week, and with 2GB of memory, it seemed to run Vista Media Center acceptably. If I were to do it again, I wouldn't skimp on the RAM. I plugged the HDMI into my Toshiba 51H84 TV (51" projection), and it worked first boot, no configuration. I installed all the important...
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    1 Year old Macbook with water spill

    I would check the power supply with a voltmeter, and if that works, start taking apart the computer. Remove the battery first, of course. If it's still wet inside let it dry, then try powering it again.
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    Halo 3 wireless xbox 360 controllers at cc for 29.99

    where? B&M ? state?
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    What is up with Frys

    bahah.. don't tell anyone i made that mistake
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    What is up with Frys

    59x2 is 108 ? Either that or there's a price mistake.
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    Upgrade advice

    Ok I jumped the gun and ordered the system :D $611 total 1 Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 Allendale 1.8GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E4300 - Retail Item #: N82E16819115013 Return Policy: Processors (CPUs) Return Policy $114.50 1 XFX PVT84JUDF3 GeForce 8600GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express...
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    Upgrade advice

    thanks again, does anyone have anything to say about the XFX 8600GT? I'm thinking about that one.
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    Upgrade advice

    bump.. anyone else have advice? or mwarps would u like to reply?
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    Upgrade advice

    Thanks for the fast replies. Seeing that I don't need a new PC right now, maybe I should hold off for quad core... but I'd like to play 2142 without it skipping around the place, and regular maps on CS:Source. If I keep things cheap now, I can sell the new parts when quad core comes in and...
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    Upgrade advice

    Howdy, I've been on AMD rigs since the thunderbird so I'm way behind on intel. I've decided to jump ship since AMD is sinking. My rig right now is: a64 venice 3000+, 1gb ddr400, 6600GT AGP. It's getting very outdated. So far, I selected these parts below, trying to keep costs down. I want...
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    Replaced Mobo - Now Windows Won't Boot

    Can't you boot in safe mode? Before windows starts check for any IRQ conflicts, too. Yes, you can still get IRQ conflicts. Strip the PC to barebones too. Just the video card, and 1 HDD. See if it boots then. If it works, you probably have IRQ conflicts.
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    How much is my Dimension 4100 worth?

    $75 would be OK. It's good enough for surfing the web, but maybe not for long. I would try craigslist because no one is going to want to pay for shipping it.
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    Microsoft Vista Express Upgrade.(USA/Canada)

    Apparently if you bought a refurb, you're ineligible. I was offered a $50 discount, very lame. If you're interested, talk to customer support and they'll email you a coupon.
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    HOT!!! iPod Video 30GB White $179 (Apple Refurb)

    My refurb had a dead pixel. I don't know if that matters to anyone but I thought I'd mention it.
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    is Barton too slow?

    Seeing that you can get an AMD64 chip for about $50 on this forum, you should really consider upgrading. The low end ones still support DDR so it'll be a cheap upgrade.
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    WD5000YS [HOT]!!! at newegg $150 shipped Samsung 500gb sata2 16mb cache.. 142 shipped ( 28 cents per gb).
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    ATI/AMD's Gift Buster Giveaway

    That was a good waste of time, thanks :)
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    Free PC Mag for 1 year.

    thanks :)
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    Salad.. lol funny

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    Walmart Free Samples (updating site)

    Thanks :) Nicotine gum is great for studying
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    8800GTX & 8800GTS @ ZipZoomfly

    nice links :rolleyes:
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    $10 Gas GC--Survey

    Thanks :)
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    Schick® Quattro® Titanium

    I received mine yesterday. Even though I didn't slice my face up like I did with the last free Quattro, I wouldn't say its better than the mach3/mach3p. ;)
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    WOOT.COM 2 pack of mice for $17.99

    23, dude.
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    1G iPod nano - 2GB for $99

    Karatebob, refurbs have new shells and new batteries. Ask anyone who's bought one. The 30gb 5G I bought did get scratched in the first 30 seconds of opening the packaging, though.
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    Video Drivers for a laptop

    Have you heard of the phrase, "If it works, don't fix it." ? Upgrading drivers can cause havok, I suggest if you have no problems, forget about it.
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    Problems burning CDs

    What speed are you burning at? Everytime I burn a music cd at 32x, it doesn't play as well. Try 4x or 8x.
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    Black Refurbished iPod 30GB Video, $199+tx shipped

    Just recieved the refurbed ipod video.. it was fine except it does have a dead pixel. Oh and wow do these things scratch easy! :eek:
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    Black Refurbished iPod 30GB Video, $199+tx shipped

    I bit... white tho. Sellin my 4g on ebay :p Thanks :)
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    *Wanted* Networking HOT DEALS

    lol, powerline networking isnt popular at all... im sure u can get cheap deals on a yahoo shopping website... look on froggle.
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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    $200 instant savings on select Inspiron Notebook over $999 Here is your Coupon Code to use at Checkout: 8CJ5W2LQSTBQL5 enjoy.