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    Planning a FM2 HTPC, worried about USB wake from S3

    My current HTPCs are from the 780g/760g era. One of them, an Asus M3A78-EM, to the best of my knowledge, is unable to wake from S3 sleep via USB. The other, a Biostar A760G-M2+, is able to wake from S3 sleep via USB, as long as you change some jumpers which enable standby power, and set the...
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    3 dead monitors in 2 months, the common link, a 4850x2

    In November I lost an HP LP2475w and a Samsung 2343BWX, I replaced them, along with a still working LP3065, with HP 3 ZR2740w monitors. Tonight, one of the new HPs just died. Everything is hooked up to an APC SUA1500RM2U UPS. Voltage looks good, currently 118.7 and 59.9Hz as measured by a...
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    ZR2740w $630 shipped at MacMall

    I just ordered my third and final one, for now. I'm not certain but I think this is it's lowest price yet. Previous low I could find was $648 in October. [strike=]*DEAD*[/s] *undead*, [strike=]now $499 after rebate, that's insane.[/s], [strike=]now $550 after $100 rebate, slightly less...
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    I need a quick monitor swap solution

    Monitor wise, I currently run a 30" 2560x1600 in the center, and two 27" 2560x1440 displays, one to either side of the 30". I've often toyed with the idea of adding a 23-27" 120Hz monitor for gaming. That new 23" 120Hz Planar has just about pushed me over the edge. The problem is, if I...
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    X79 Motherboards and ECC Support

    I've just looked over the specs page for most of the X79 boards. So far the only one I've found which lists ECC support is the: Asus P9X79 WS It's also the only Asus board which currently has a QVL available. But unfortunately, the QVL does not appear to actually list any ECC modules...
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    X79(LGA2011) dual socket motherboard news?

    I keep looking but the news is scarce. I know EVGA announced they were working on one. And that strange Asus LGA1336 + LGA 2011 concept board, probably points to them working on at least one. Supermicro and Tyan are probably working on some dual LGA2011 boards. Though they'll likely use...
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    Will AM3+ Bulldozer support more than 4 DIMMs?

    I know I can go with a C32 or G34 Opteron Bulldozer to get the extra DIMMs. But does anyone know, if there are any upcoming Socket AM3+ boards that will support more than 4 DIMMs? As far as I have been able to find, all the currently available boards have 4 or less.
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    Jamo S-606-HCS-3 5.0 speaker system - $350 at Vanns - 2011-07-22 only

    Normal price from Vanns for the past few months has been $400.
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    Norco hot-swap trays - Source for M3 screws for mounting 2.5" drives?

    I've been trying to cleanly mount an SSD in a Norco RPC-4224. I have been unable to locate a source for 3 to 5 mm length M3 screws, with heads that are small enough to fit properly in the bottom of the current model Norco hot-swap trays. Standard 4mm M3 screws typically have a head which is...
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    Source for LSI SAS3080E-R full height bracket?

    I purchased a used LSI SAS3081E-R ~2 years ago, and it only came with a half height bracket. I've tried contacting LSI twice, the first time they said that sometimes they have them, and I should try back later. The second time they said no they don't have them. I think I've had an ebay...
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    Eyefinity6+Non-Eyefinity6 Multi-GPU configs

    My best guess, if you have a 5870 Eyefinity6, 5870, you can crossfire it with a Non-Eyefinity6 card and still output to 6 displays. As long as the 6 display card is the "primary" card. True or false? And I'd guess the other way around also works, setting the Non-Eyefinity card to be the...
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    Link Aggregation, how do I make it work

    I have the following hardware: 1. My main file server, a Tyan Toledo i3010W (S5197) with dual Intel NICs, running Ubuntu Server 64-bit. 2. My main workstation, a Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4 with dual Realtek NICs, running Vista x64. 3. A Procurve 1800-24g switch. I currently achieve 90+% of...