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    HP 1GB DDR II - 667 MHz $7 AR

    Ordered five sticks, this along with a new E2200 to replace the aging P4 640 will make for a nice VMWare server.
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    can't get 800mhz speeds w/ E6400

    JEDEC lists PC6400 memory to run at 5-5-5-15@1.8 volts. I suspect he is buying JEDEC complaint memory but the motheboard is not liking what it is seeing. A BIOS update may be in order if there is one available and it offers better memory compatability.
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    E6300 Overclocks - Please Share Yours

    I think this will speak for it's self.. Build pics at
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    BFG After Xmas Deals!

    I got the 7600GT OC to replace my 6600GT, great price for what you get. :)
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    Intel Retail Edge 2006!

    Mine should be on the way on Wednesday. :)
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    4200+ revE4 vs revE6 ?

    CPUz will give you your core revision.
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    How do you pronounce Thermaltake?

    Garbage will also fill in just as well. :p
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    [H]ot! Black Ice Pro 3 radiator for $29.99 + shipping

    Ordered, going to use externally with the BIP 2 that is inside of my case. Five 120mm fans shold cool a the water a bit.
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    Oem Sempron 3100+ & ECS Nforce3 combo for $79 + S/H (no rebates)

    Been running D2OL now for over twelve hours and it seems to be jumping between 46 and 48 degrees. Now that I know everything works I will pull the chip out and lap it down to 1,500 grit and use some AS5 on it.
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    Oem Sempron 3100+ & ECS Nforce3 combo for $79 + S/H (no rebates)

    I got mine in yesterday and let Prime95 run all night. Not a bad little combo for the money. Results below... :)
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    Mobile P4 in a desktop board?

    A Mobile Pentium 4-M will work on most Socket 478 motherboards, but only at 1.2GHz. You will want a 800MHz FBS to bring it up to 2.4GHz.
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    Sempron Is Hot Hot Hot

    Quite the opposite in fact, all AMD Athlon MP CPUs save for the 2800+ were 256Kb parts, just like the Sempron. Regarding the voltage, you are giving it way to much for the clocks speed it is running at. Assuming you have a B0 stepping T-Bred core (which you should have) you should not need...
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    sempron 64 support cool and quiet?

    Sempron 3000+ and higher for Cool n Quiet. :)
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    Help Identify Sempron: 64bit or 32bit?

    I picked up the same combo for a friend of mine last week, got a 32-bit cpu. You got a D0 stepping, which is a Winchester based Sempron. Origionally these were 32-bit only but AMD flashed the CPUs to be 64-bit and repackaged them. The Venice based Semprons were 64-bit enabled from the start...
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    Maxtor SATAII and Nforce 4

    Strange, I have two Maxtor DiamondMax 10 drives on a stripped RAID array on my K8N-DL using the nVidia RAID controller. No problems.
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    Socket 754 Crossfire?

    I doubt there will be any Socket 754 SLI/Crossfire boards released. Socket 754 at best is a value oriented platform which by definition is not going to receive this type of technology. Besides Socket 754 will be heading out the door soon as Socket AM2 (DDR 2) comes into being and Socket 939...
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    Presenting the AMD 586

    That is not an AMD 586 CPU, rather the 5x86. The AMD 586 class CPU was the K5. I had a couple of the AMD 5x85 133 CPUs clocked at 160MHz via a 40Mhz FBS. They were certainly faster than a 75 or 90MHz Pentium CPU. O and you do realize that Evergreen was just an upgrade CPU company right?
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    good non sli mobo for under 100$?

    I have had very good luck with the Asus A8N-E. I think it is just around $100.
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    Celeron D 340 Socket 478

    A week ago I started to play with one of my old Celerons again. I had a certain limit on the amount of voltage I wanted to give it so I ended up being stable at 3.96GHz, but I did get a run of SANDRA at over 4.0. :)
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    How do you use MBM?

    Works fine with my Asus A8N-E, but not with my Asus K8N-DL
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    Reseat with AS5?

    One would think that the reason we use thermal transfer compound would be to fill in these irregularities. If there were no irregularities and both the CPU die and the heat sink were perfectly flat there would be no need for any thermal transfer compound. Also any irregularities on the CPU...
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    the x2 stock boxed heatsink, pure crap

    This is the silliest thing I have ever heard of, and you not conceding to the facts only makes your arguments sound dumber. You complain about the quality of the heat sink included with the X2, yet AMD has sent you a heat sink that is obviously been tested with said CPU and has found to be...
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    What OS is on Your Dually?

    Windows XP x64
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    Arctic Silver Installation Mistake

    My God you guys make cleaning off thermal compound to be a task. Wipe if off with a paper towel and finish off with some isopropyl alcohol on another piece of paper towel. See, was'nt that easy. If you are talking about the bubble gum TIM applied to chipsets and GPUs then I can see using...
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    New AMD s939 Opteron Information

    Why? These CPUs should of never of been offered to anyone but VARs from the very beginning. Selling these CPUs to us is a loss to them and they are loosing money left and right over it. The whole point of the Socket 939 Opterons was to get the likes of HP and Sun to have an entry level...
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    Monarch Computer slowest shipper EVER

    Ordered an Opteron on Friday and paid for ground shipping. It went out that afternoon two day FedEx and I had it Monday, a day ahead of scheduled delivery. :) Cheers to Monarch and FedEx. and why is this in the AMD Processors forum? :confused:
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    How long does an ibooks battery last?

    I am down to about an hour with my two year old 800MHz G4 iBook. :(
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    Any way to kill the noise of SLI chipsets?

    um ok. Since this is your first posting in this thread how exactly was I suppose to know these things? Bitching at a suggestion when you did not ask for the suggestion is just wrong. Much less I don't really care what kind of card you have, the thread started asked for a suggestion, I in turn...
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    AMD 939 Mobo X2 compatibility

    If you already have the 250s then grab an Asus K8N-DL for $220 and pop them in. Down the line you will have the option for dual core dual cpu.
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    Any way to kill the noise of SLI chipsets?

    Cooler Master Blue Ice I have one of these on my A8N-E and it fits fine. They were able to get it to fit on the SLI board with some a little bit of time playing with it.
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    Purchase NOW or LATER (Opteron 170)

    Opteron 170 ccbwe 0534 Seems to be stable at 2.5GHz with 1.38 volts as reported by MBM5 on an Asus A8N-E. Temps were maxing out at 53 degrees running two instances of P95 x64. Trying 2.6GHz now, but it is taking a bit more voltage. :(
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    Opteron 165's Cancelled?

    Yea, I just got my 170 in and the new beta bios for my A8N-E supports it, so never mind. :o
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    Purchase NOW or LATER (Opteron 170)

    The shipping gods were nice and the Opteron came in today. :) ccbwe 0534 We shall see what it does tonight.
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    Purchase NOW or LATER (Opteron 170)

    Ordered an Opteron 170 OEM from Monarch on Friday for $356.00, should be here Tuesday. Unless the wireless ISP site survey guys actually install the hardware Tuesday I should be able to test it that evening. Replacing the Athlon 64 in the sig.
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    Opteron 165's Cancelled?

    The reason why no consumer Socket 939 board is allowed to offically support an Opteron is because AMD will not let the motherboard companys do so. Socket 939 Opterons are marketed towards low cost but high uptime workstations. AMD will allow only certain boards to officially support these...
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    Tell us about your first overclock

    AMD 5x86 133Mhz overclocked with a 40Mhz bus speed to 160MHz. :) 160MHz 486 was bitchen fast back in the day.
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    939 Sempron gimme some info

    yay, a 5% performance increase due to dual-channel RAM. get a Socket 754 Sempron 64 and be happy. :P
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    Opteron 275 >55C WTF

    Is it not stable? Because you never said anything about it not being stable. Close up the case so it can perform as it was designed. Also make sure the airflow is enough.
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    Opteron 275 >55C WTF

    Well does the machine with the better temps have better airflow in the case?