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    Western Digital WD2500ks Questions

    1. All 6 of my WD2500KS have black tops, but I just put a newer one into a customers PC, and it was silver. 2. They can get very loud on intensive seeks. Rubber grommets should help quite a bit in this area. 3. The SecureConnect doesn't provide power, it just locks all the components...
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    Valentines Day Gaming Stories

    Felt like it.
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    Remember battletech 3025? I've got the installer! EA game that didn't make it past beta? Why am I not surprised?
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    What have you learned through video games?

    Jumping on people shorter than you doesn't give you free money.
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    8800GTX & BF 2142

    There's a pretty good chance you just had to delete the video shader cache files in your Documents and Settings.
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    Whats a good TV Tuner for a notebook?

    My personal recommendation would be fore the AverMedia UltraTV USB 300. Your options are quite limited when dealing with USB TV receivers, unfortunately. Hauppage also makes a couple of USB ones, but they're not spectacular by any definition.
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    Looking for a Dual DVI Card

    7600GT or X1650XT (If you can find it at MSRP).
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    First Virtual Console games revealed!!!

    Come ooooonn, more SNES/64 games!
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    NFS carbon demo is out

    If anyone wants to do the good deed of uploading to a private mirror, let me know.
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    I am in a unique situation... Please Read.

    S-Video will only allow you to display a maximum resolution of 1024x768 (widescreen 1024x576 interlaced). Basically, what you need is a TV capable of displaying resolutions higher than 1024x768. Most new LCDs and Plasma TVs these days will offer a maximum resolution of at least 720p (1280x720...
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    BF2 will not work on XP Pro x64 plssss help

    It does sound like a conflict with SafeDisc. Tried using an image and DaemonTools? (pretty sure latest version of DTools runs in x64..?)
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    Run Starcraft in 800px on Widescreen monitor?

    First of all, Starcraft's native resolution is 640x480, not 800x600. Secondly, because it doesn't support any additional resolutions whatsoever, defining a custom resolution via registry/.ini/shortcut is impossible. The resolution is an integral part of the game coding, and can therefore only be...
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    Any gamecube fans here?

    Can't believe it took this long to be said. Stellar title.
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    At My Wits End!!!! HELP ME Please!!!! - Major LAG

    Tried replacing your PC>Router cable, or using a different ethernet port? Could be one of the culprits, cable has a fault, or your ethernet controller is dropping packets like mad.
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    No more "shortchanged" 20GB PS3

    Added to this, "HD" also includes the 720p resolution, which I am well aware (working in high-end home theatre) is the more common of the HD resolutions supported by televisions sold today. This is a resolution considerably lower than the 1080p that the PS3 is apparently supporting.
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    Is this awesome configuration possible?

    Should be possible. Completely different operating systems for completely different functions makes the problem all that much easier to solve. In XP64, disable the 7900 in device manager. In XP32, disable the Quadro in device manager. If the card is disabled, the nVidia drivers shouldn't detect...
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    Best looking game to date

    I'd probably have to say HL2 with the high-texture pack. It wasn't technologically advanced, or particularly impressive (graphically speaking), but it was artistically breathtaking. Everything in that engine
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    Warcraft III scroll problem

    Yeah, it's a PITA to find. I have to use search every time I want to refer someone to it. Good stuff, though. Hope it fixes your problem!
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    Warcraft III scroll problem
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    Ready for ATi Physics?

    Mother of God... /SuperTroopers
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    Unable to change permissions on hard drive

    Perfect! Worked flawlessly.
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    Unable to change permissions on hard drive

    So TakeOwn doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for, according to this info. Edit : Seems that I just need to be able to reset the SIDs on the drive to default (should be Administrators), and work from there. Anyway to do this? Another idea was to boot a Live Linux CD and see if it ignores...
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    Unable to change permissions on hard drive

    You can't access ownership properties at all when using simple file sharing, so the answer is yes.
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    Unable to change permissions on hard drive

    Yep, partition is NTFS. Following these steps - Problem is, the option to take ownership of child objects isn't visible (so I'm assuming it's not available), and selecting the ownership and clicking "Apply" or "OK" doesn't change anything. There is no current owner listed in the respective...
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    Unable to change permissions on hard drive

    I recently upgraded all of my hard drives in my PC, and sold all of the old except one, which contained important information. I put this hard drive back in my PC, and tried to take ownership of the drive, only to find that I am unable to edit the permissions or view the current owner, thus...
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    problem with COD 2. Gives message.

    You haven't changed your security settings for the .exe, or the "Run with different credentials" for the shortcut, have you?
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    Cool game in beta

    It's like a phishing email that isn't trying to take anything from you but intelligence... :cool:
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    Ants in WoW

    Very true. It's much more prevalent on nVidia cards, but changing to an ATi card is most definitely NOT going to fix the problem. Change "Image settings" in the nVidia control panel to "High Quality", and set "LOD Bias Clamp" to "0".
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    thinkign of much life is left?

    "ur" illiterate, aren't "u" ? :rolleyes:
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    CS:S strafing

    Maybe you need to increase the air control? I think the command is "sv_air_control (number between 1 and 800)". Don't quote me on that, though, it's been a while since I did the CSS thing.
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    Just got a DS Lite...couple of questions...

    :drool: Animal Crossing is nice, but a Harvest Moon would OWN.
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    x1900xt or 7900gt/x ? please read the details

    XTX runs at a higher voltage, though.
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    Video game ring tones

    Tetris /thread
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    Needs some [H] merchandise

    I'd buy multiple shirts that had " Get [H]ard| " written on them.
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    keyboard problem or mobo problem?

    What Catalyst version are you running? It sounds like a heat issue, though, so you could try downclocking the card, see if that fixes it up. Do you get the same lockup issues in DOS?
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    My Xbox360 Story

    That's....that's great, man.
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    Titan Quest = Diablo 3

    Oh, alright, off your high horse there, chap. It's great, and you were right. :D