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    AMD's Checkmate

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    GA-Z97N-Gaming 5 WiFi antennas

    Contact the manufacture.
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    What OSs are out there?

    +1 Linux Mint
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    Latest Firefox is disabling all extentions

    Very preventable issue yet Mozilla said it wouldn't ever be a concern. *eye roll*
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    New Gaming Build Behaving Strangely

    I suggest taking the GPU and placing it into a different system first. Easy and very conclusive. Almost every artifact issue I've dealt with has been related to GPU.
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC Catches Fire in Spectacular Fashion

    1. Buy House Insurance for crappy house 2. Buy 2080 TI 3. ??? 4. Buy new house
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    What is this error message?

    Don't forget to put it in the wash to get it really clean!
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    i7 8700k hitting 100c when booted up

    Sounds like pump is connected to a regular fan header.
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    $36 intel inside sticker

    Worth it. Makes your PC go faster.
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    Battlefield 1?

    I stopped playing a while ago. But I know there are still lots playin!
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    Holy mother of....

    Fancy words to confuse the normal's.
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    Firefox Quantum (FF 57)

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    Firefox Quantum (FF 57)

    I understand things need to be updated. I get it, I just wish they'd leave the appearance alone. Hate having to find work-around for addons that aren't supported yet, get things looking like the way they were before.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming K7 - Sound Popping Issue

    Small update: Ran Windows update which seemed to help address this issue. I've noticed the overall popping issue has reduced about 70% but the popping is still there however instead of "pops" it's stubble clicks. I'm thinking this weekend I'll do a fresh install and at this point I believe it's...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming K7 - Sound Popping Issue

    Attached is LatencyMon screenshot. Below is the report. If anyone has any thoughts on this it would be very much appreciated. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CONCLUSION...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming K7 - Sound Popping Issue

    If I post some of the DPC error logs can someone assist with explaining what they mean to me?
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    GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming K7 - Sound Popping Issue

    Yeah that's what I was reading. Downloaded a DPC latency program the other night and it did show problems. Can't recall what file it was specifically mentioning but it was one for the GPU. I'll try formatting this weekend to see if that works. If it continues I may just RMA the board or buy a...
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    GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming K7 - Sound Popping Issue

    Thanks for the reply. From what I can tell you're correct about the SB software. I may try a format to see if things get better but I'm really eyeballing the Z370 chipset and 8600k at this point.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming K7 - Sound Popping Issue

    Interesting idea. I think I may just go and upgrade to a 8700k and new chipset mobo.
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    GIGABYTE AORUS Z270X-Gaming K7 - Sound Popping Issue

    Hey - Ever since doing the build below I've had some random annoying popping sounds come through my speakers and headphones. It seems to happen mostly when launching Discord, Team-speak or League of Legends. The popping itself is very audible and is quite annoying as you can imagine. Below is...
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    World of Warcraft Classic

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    Can i put a cpu onto my gpu?

    You are so stoned.
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    Case fans being choked.

    very scientific.
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    Anyone know what these antenna connectors are?
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    Nzxt bld

    Gave it a quick look. Prices seem inflated a bit. Just built their highest end build for ~500 less with prices from Amazon, Newegg.
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    Now this is Extreme LOL

    Raising this thread from the dead... Those pics take me back!
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    CPU cooler too tight. Damaged CPU or something else?

    Highly doubt you broke the proc, but take it out and visually inspect it. I'd also recommend only installing 1 DIMM at a time.
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    Let's talk airflow - Corsair Obsidian 450D

    Good to know! What should I do for the top 3 spots for 120s? Intake or exhaust?
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    Let's talk airflow - Corsair Obsidian 450D

    Guys - Need some [H] wisdom on airflow.. Pieced together a new build and I'm curious if any corrections need to be made regarding airflow. Specs are below and my apologies for my horrendous drawings of my current configuration. Case: Corsair Obsidian 450D CPU: Intel 7770K - Not overclocked...
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    Extended warranties for your new laptop. Do you purchase them?

    Determined by how much the device costs.
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    The antivirus program becoming the virus

    Free products aren't free. You are the product.
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    Chrome Instability?

    Dude Chrome is like that fat kit at a party, always at the food tables eating ram.
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    Favorite games you've never actually beaten?

    Jurassic Park for SNES.
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    What are your favorite LAN party games?

    Drinking beer.
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    Don't Like Windows Update in 10?

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    GTX 1080's in SLI both cards not in full load

    Did SLI once, never again. The idea itself sounds cool but it's not practical and there are always issues. Not say technology won't improve and this concept may be used again in the future, but for right now it's a no-go for me.
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    How does your company manage their fleet of Ipads ?

    Enterprise Mobility Management | Devices | Workspace | Apps | Content | Email | Browsing | AirWatch