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    Power Supply with USB-C Charging?

    Hey guys, I am looking to upgrade to a new laptop that can be charged over USB-C, but it would be nice to just leave the charger at work and charge at home via a port that can deliver the 80 watts needed to charge quickly. AFAIK a motherboard wouldn't be able to deliver that kind of power. I'm...
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    Solutions for direct die mounting?

    Hey guys, I have been looking around for a while but haven't really come up with an answer to this. I have taken the lid off my 6600K and redone the thermal paste, however I am really interested in mounting my waterblock direct to die. I don't have anything crazy right now (a Corsair H110) but...
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    New Corsair Carbide 400C

    Anyone else have this case yet? I just picked it up yesterday for my new build. I'm a big fan of not having spots for an optical drive as I never use it and only have 2.5" drives. Plus the whole side panel being a window is super cool! Cable management is so easy too. I don't think I have...
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    H110 Backplate Causing High Temps?

    I've had an H110 for a while and just recently picked up a 4690k to replace my G3258. On my G3258 the temps were great, 25C idle and mid 60s load at 4.7GHz. However with this 4690k the temps are atrocious, 40C idle and 90-95C full load at a measly 4.4Ghz. When I was remounting I found that...
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    Making Excel move page breaks automatically?

    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking to have my excel sheet automatically move the page breaks around depending on how the data works out. Currently I have a sheet that when a product is selected, it is added to a cover sheet. Then as more products are added, the cover sheet will expand as products...
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    Wireless display adapter?

    Hey guys, looking to get some suggestions for my setup.. basically I want my notebook to wirelessly clone my display to two TVs in other rooms. I don't care about extending desktops, I just want cloning. Is there any way I can do this easily? Running cable is out of the question because I...
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    Internet Explorer Taskbar Grouping Question

    Whats up guys, I have a quick question about how IE handles tabs and the Windows 7 taskbar. Is there a way to disable it just for IE? I like how chrome handles it, since I can click the icon in the taskbar and I am back to having chrome open just like it was. However with IE, I click the icon...
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    Nokia N8: Worth the wait time?

    I have read preview after preview for this device, and every one of them comes up the same. The hardware specs are fantastic, but the OS is half baked. I am looking to upgrade this year to a new phone, and really want to like the N8, it will do everything I want and will have no issues at all...
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    MX Revolution.. Worth Upgrading?

    Hey all, I have had my MX Revolution going on 4 years now, and it has treated me very well. It's still going strong although the battery only lasts 2-3 solid days as opposed to the weeks it used to, it isn't that bad. I noticed Logitech has a new MX Performance mouse now, would it be worth...
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    Audio Clipping With Any Music Program

    Hey folks, you might have seen my posts from another thread on a similar subject... Except now it is far worse. Whenever I am listening to music via any program, iTunes, Foobar, WMP it will clip the audio. This happens regardless of any EQ settings, or what is set in the creative control...
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    GTX 260 not going into performance 3D mode?

    Hey guys, I have tried a few different games but this is just baffling me. I just got this eVGA GTX 260 Superclocked a few days ago, and I have been enjoying my gaming lately. However, I tried overclocking today, and I started to notice, that even on stock clock settings, it won't leave the...
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    I need a subwoofer!

    Hey all, I had made a thread recently about speaker recommendations, and i Had picked up some MS-40s. They sound amazing to say the least (for me anyway) however there is no bass. whatsoever. At least for me anyway. So what I am wondering, is there a good sub that is relatively cheap (sub-200)...
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    New speakers?

    Okay before I get killed to death by FIRE, I did search, but as it would turn out "speakers" "computer" and "best" in any combination or on their own happen to be in.... well almost every thread. I currently have the Klipsch 5.1 Ultras, and much to my dismay, they are kicking the bucket :( They...
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    Reconfiguring Alt and Windows key in vista?

    Okay well I have tried to do a search for it, however I am either too broad or too narrow and I get nothing in return. back to the subject, I just bought one of the new Apple wired keyboards for my computer (which is awesome to type on by the way) but the only problem is that those two keys are...
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    Call of Duty 4 crashing?

    my multi player doesn't want to load up and I have no idea what is up. I just reinstalled windows, and it worked fine before that. specs are down there, and the drivers are 169.25, and latest for everything else. help? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <ExceptionReport Version="4">...
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    Need a 20 panel with component inputs!

    I would LOVE to find a 20" monitor with component/composite to make my life easier for buying video cards and such, but if I have to I will resort to a 24. also I do not want the NEC panel, that is way too much money.
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    Need a card for more SATA ports

    I am looking to buy a new card for my server because I don't want to upgrade my motherboard/case/CPU quite yet (I just bought it :P ) but I need more room for hard drives. No RAID support is necessary, I just need a PCI/PCIe (up to 16x speed) so I can hook up at least 2+ hard drives :)
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    AM2 mATX motherboard with 6 SATA ports?

    hey guys, I want to run a server in my house, but I want more SATA love in it. I don't really want to upgrade my case, as that would be a big pain in the butt shipping price wise. so help me out!
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    Help! P5K won't boot from DVD!

    Okay, I just got this new mobo and I am having a serious problem. I need to install vista, but everytime I try and boot from the disk, it tells me it is invalid and press any key to try again. I REALLY don't want to have to use the old vista install with a whole new motherboard, what is wrong...
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    Where are my command prompt applications?

    hey guys, I have vista 32bit, and for some reason I have no tools for command prompt. I don't even have ping! Where can I get these again? I really need it to set up my network...
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    Went and sanded my Macbook, looks hot! (pics inside)

    just a cool shot showing how dull it looks now and this picture is with a dead on flash. To be honest the pictures really don't do it justice, it looks alot better in person, and believe it or not 1600 or higher really isn't needed, you can achieve a good look at as low as 320 grit (I had...
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    MacBook - Yellowing keypad AGAIN?

    Okay, this is the third time I have had to deal with the yellowing key issue, it's starting to REALLY annoy me. The first time was about 4 months after I got the laptop, took it in about 5 months after owning it. Got it replaced everything was good for about 2 months, then it started to act up...
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    Do I really need X38?

    Hey there everyone. I have been seriously considering upgrading my computer as of late. Even though it is very fast for what I want, I am always wanting more more more. So I am looking into investing in a quad core, but I really have no reason to wait for one other than to get stupid MHz out...
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    VX550 fan running after I shut the computer off?

    is this normal? I've never encountered a PSU that actually does this so I'm not sure, it shuts off after a while though, thats why I am asking if its supposed to do that but I dunno.
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    Macbook lid yellowing?

    hey guys, I have a Macbook that has a yellowing issue, I have ben reluctant to take it into the mac store for the keypad, it doesn't bother me that much because I have already done it twice and they still do it, but now the part of my lid behind the iSight, the entire way across the top is...
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    Color of cathode to make coolant more BOOM

    I am looking for a color of cathode in order to make my coolant stand out more, right now I have green coolant and a red cathode the cathode makes the coolant look like water, which is not what I want. what color should I get so it stands out more?
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    New info on Koolances new motherboard cooler

    this is a picture of how it mounts, took me a few emails, but Hard was down so I had nothing better to do.
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    Why is C&C3 not loading any of my maps?

    hey guys, my friends copy of command and conquer is not able to load any maps, skirmish, single player or online, what is up? I have tried reinstalling the game, drivers, and I am still confused about what is happening. please help me, thank you. btw, his actual specs are as follows: E6600 @...
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    Best air cooler for 8800GTS/GTX?

    just wondering, I want more clocks out of my GPU, but the stock cooler is killing me for that. I don't want water, just air. thanks!
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    Dinovo Bluetooth not working in Bios

    hey, I can't access the bios with my Dinovo installed, it worked fine before, but now it suddenly stopped letting me. I want to OC! please help.
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    Beyond Good and Evil and 8800GTS?

    hey guys, I just pulled out this game because I really wanted to play it, but when I try to get it up and running, it will hit the cut scenes and the sound and video will be completely out of sync, not to mention the graphical anomalies. Is there any way to fix this? I have already patched it...
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    Do I need heatspreaders if I am not overclocking?

    just wondering, I am going to buy some RAM today but I really don't need fancy RAM sinks, my house is AC cooled so I really don't need to worry about heat too much either.
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    USB overdrive type app for bluetooth mice?

    hey guys, I bought an MX5000 combo a whole ago in hopes that I could use the MX1000 with the inbuilt bluetooth and no need a reciever. it works, and it working great for me. But I want the back and forward buttons! I downloaded USB overdrive, but alas, I need to have a USB mouse! Is there a way...
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    Anyone have 8800GTX SLI with 2 connectors?

    Hey, I was wondering what happens if you grab a second SLI connector and slap it on the 8800GTX cards, is there any performance boost? I dont exactly have the cash for an 8800GTX let alone 2 so I really can't try this myself.
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    MB screen got broke....

    hey guys, I had to do a christmas concert last night, and after I packed up some smartass decided to move my laptop. needless to say, grabbing a handle was not easy, and it dropped right on the leg of the table. so basically, my screen has 3 cracks going from the right side to the bottom...
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    Photochop my friends friends friend.

    hey guys, I need your help on this one, I need a photochop, make her look funny. thats all the instructions I got, just nothing naughty, play nice boys and girls.
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    ditching the Z-5500s

    sup guys, I am getting rid of my 5500s. I have 2 reasons, one is that they are huge, and another is the bass is too "loose", it makes the bass sound too together in th pitches. for example, in "perfection through silence" by finch, the starting is all one bass note, and it makes it sound ALOT...
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    7950GX2 or 8800GTS?

    hey guys and gals, I am on the path to a new PC, and I am looking for some advice. The differnce in the product is pretty much 300 dollars, and all I will be gaming at for now, is 1024x768 (crappy CRT). after I get rid of the CRT it will be gaming at 1440x900 or at the max, 1680x1050. THe...
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    Who is the new nVidia girl?

    I was wondering, I haven't been following very close lately, but I went on there site, and all I saw was a little tiny flash video.
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    8800GTS fine for 1440x900?

    hey guys, I am looking to get back into PC gaming, and while I know my track record, I am going to make purchasing decisions on it. I typically say I won't upgrade for a while (but I know it is like 3-6 months for video cards) so I am wondering if a 8800GTS will be fine to last me until G71? No...